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 County: Dallas County, TX
 Collection: Texas Patents
Electrical Attachment for Movable Object
Patent for "a means to prevent the retarding of a movable element, such as shovel or disk plows, road rollers and rotatable and reciprocatory devices, when the said element is traveling through or upon an adhering earthy electrical conducting substance" (lines 7-12).
Patent for improvements in the construction and design of reed organs.
Design for a Music-Indicator
Patent for an "ornamental design for a music-indicator" (lines 11-12).
Patent for the invention of gate which can be opened inward and outward by certain features such as supporting brackets and a spirally grooved shaft that can rotate between brackets.
Patent for a device to keep a coat from sagging or becoming wrinkled as a "garment-stiffening device" [Lines 83-84].
Patent for Laundry Bag, This patent is about a unique form of laundry bag which can be used as a typical laundry bag while handing it to Laundry and can be then treated as a wrapper while returning it to customer.
Patent for an electrical alarm system based on a protected circuit that alarms at any tampering or interference.
Patent for asuspenders-type undergarment supporter.
Dry Ore-Concentrator.
Patent for a dry ore concentrator with illustrations included.
Ore-Conveying Surface for Electrical Separators.
Patent for “ore-conveying surface for electrical separators, and particularly to a structure adapted for use with static electricity.” (lines 11-14) including illustrations.
Patent for a new device, which is a rounded, weighted base placed in a doll that allows the doll to raise itself when turned over on any side without external assistance by lowering the doll's center of gravity. Descriptions of materials used and illustrations are included..
Distributer or Conveyer Belt.
Patent for belt related "to distributer or conveyer belts and more particularly to that type of belt used in gin-distributers. The object of the invention is to provide a belt of this character which is strong and simple of construction, extremely durable in use, and in which the spikes or fingers will be securely fastened to maintain their proper relation and to prevent their being pulled out" (lines 12-21)
Buttonhole and Button Location Marking Machine.
Patent for an improvement on machines that create buttonholes and mark buttonholes. Includes illustrations.
Patent for a new and improved burner for use in fire-boxes of boilers and other apparatus.
Patent for improvements to embossing machines. specifically machines for embossing saddle leather, including an illustration.
Electrically-Protected Structure
Patent for an electrically protected structure which improves upon previous electrically protected structures and their wiring.
Acetylene-Gas Generator.
Patent for an acetylene gas generator, which is chiefly operated by the fall of a gas-bell.
Rotary Steam-Engine.
Patent for an invention that "relates to rotary engines in general, and more particularly to that class wherein a piston is disposed eccentric to the cylinder and is provided with radially-movable heads disposed to travel against the inner periphery of the cylinder and receive the steam-pressure, the object of the invention being to provide a simple and efficient construction which will develop a high speed with a minimum consumption of steam" (lines 12-21). Illustrations are included.
Patent for Car brake. Improvements in street car brake system which is based on the concept of physical force applied on the fender or apron which in turn forces the shoe on the rim.
Patent for a device that accomplishes cold-tire shrinking, in order to assure a snug tire fit onto any size cart wheel.
End Support for Spiral Conveyers.
Patent for "spiral conveyers, and more particularly to end supports for the flights or to means for securing the flights to the shafts of the conveyers" (lines 10-13) including illustrations.
Patent for an improved burglar alarm to attach to a door or window with a "simple locking device for the hammer" so that the alarm can be transported and reinstalled safely (lines 15-16).
Patent for a "draft even or equalizer...for various cultivators, and particularly for disk plows" (lines 10-12).
Patent for "...a bicycle-frame so constructed that it is adapted to yield automatically...thereby doing away with the necessity of using pneumatic and puncturable tires..." (lines 10-11, 15-17) including illustrations.
Cotton-Gin Feeder.
Patent for improvements in cotton-gin feeders by employing an adjustable friction-wheel to operate and control the picker-rollers and the feeding-rollers. Illustration is included.
Plaiting Apparatus
Patent for improved apparatus for plaiter, to increase efficiency and ease of use with durable and simple design.
Bale-Band Applying and Tightening Device.
Patent for " applying and tightening device for bale-bands..." (lines 11-12) including illustrations.
Horse-Collar-Blocking Machine.
Patent to improve machines for manufacture of horse-collars, specifically by addressing the shaping of the horse collar, or “blocking.” The patent specifies a collar holder that “conforms to the finished outline of the collar” (line 20), a binding mechanism “brought firmly about the rim of the collar and there held while pressure is brought upon the body of the collar to properly shape it” (lines 21-25), and independent control over the “degree of strain of the binder about the collar and the degree of pressure upon it” (lines 26-27). Includes illustrations.
Stop and Waste Cock
Patent for improvements in the construction and design of stop and waste cocks.
Patent for new improvements in seed-planters that will drop one seed at a time at different spacings, improve the force-feed operation, adapt to different kinds or sizes of seed, cover and pack the soil, and create a simpler and more efficient machine, including illustrations.
Spring Hinge
Patent for providing a "door-hinge of simple and durable construction swinging freely either way from a spring which is fast at one end, but adapted at the other to ride freely up and down the doorjamb" (lines 9-12) including an illustration.
Crude-Oil Burner.
Patent for a crude oil burner used for fuel.
Patent for an adjustable easel.
Patent for a scaffold-bracket.
Patent for improvement to strainer that contains a detachable connection for a culinary strainer for tea or coffee pots, including illustrations and instructions.
Machine for destroying cotton-boll weaver.
Patent for a machine that aids in pest control of cotton boll weevil and other insects including including illustration.
Suction cotton harvesting and cleaning apparatus.
Patent for "a suction cotton harvesting and cleaning apparatus for harvesting cotton" (Lines 10-11) with illustrations.
Patent for the Process of Magnetically and Statically Treating Ores to separate the valuable metal, during its passage through a single machine.
Condenser for Cotton-Gins.
Patent for a new means of separating air from cotton, expelling the air while the cotton is condensed and released for baling.
Patent for a conventional truck designed to lift heavy freight above the ground.
Syringe Attachment
Patent for an attachment to connect syringe to liquid container for increased efficiency
Patent for a trace-fastener "which will admit of the trace being readily applied to the singletree and quickly and easily detached therefrom and which will prevent displacement of the trace when in position" (lines 13-17) including instructions and illustrations.
Patent for an improved hame fastener, including illustration.
Knockdown Tank
Patent for a sheet metal tank that is created in sections, able to be dismantled or "knocked down" in sections, and able to be transported in sections, including illustration.
Dental Apparatus
Patent for "a novel and convenient construction of apparatus for supplying medicine, hot air, and water for treating decayed, and abscessed teeth" (lines 12-15).
Piano Attachment
Patent for improvements in the medium with which the piano creates notes in correlation with the striking of the strings so that the notes may be "produced alone or in concert with the bell-like tones at the will of the performer" (lines 15-17).
Patent for improvements in projectiles for use in smooth-bore guns of any caliber, the same being so grooved or rifled as to insure rapid rotation and great accuracy and range in flight. (Lines 8-11.) Illustration is included.
Patent for separating oil or grease, grit and water of condensation from steam, either live steam or exhausted-steam, as it passes to or from an engine or steam-pump (lines 10-14).
Attachment for Coffee or Tea Pots.
Patent for "attachment for coffee or tea pots or other receptacles" (lines 5-7) designed to materially improve the construction of the pot or urn, whereby the same will be simple and effective and the process of treating the coffee or tea by the action of the boiling water or steam materially enhanced.
Patent for "a draft-equalizer that the draft will be equally distributed among each of the animals attached thereto, so that one may travel in the furrow, if desired, and the remainder permitted to move over the unplowed ground" (lines 22-27).
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