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 County: Dallas County, TX
 Collection: Texas Patents
Bale-Tie Machine.
Patent to for a machine to make and count bale-ties, " manufacture at small cost machines which will be compact, not taking up much space, and which will e simple in construction and durable" (lines 10-13). It includes an extensive explanation and illustrations.
Fan Attachment.
Patent for an automatic fan that attaches to a rocking chair or cradle and rotates as the chair or cradle rocks. Includes instructions and illustrations.
Protecting Alarm-Circuit.
Patent for a circuit to be connected to a security alarm so that when the circuit is broken, the alarm will sound. Includes instructions and illustrations.
Patent for improved grain separators or threshing machines "whereby vibrating straw-racks will be entirely dispensed with and the machine so simplified as to obviate the heavy jars and jerks of most grain-separators or threshing machines, while at the same time providing a construction of machine that will effectually separate the grain from the straw and will also keep the feeding end of the machine entirely free from dust, which is often a serious drawback to the operation of most machines of this character." (Lines 11-21) Includes instructions and illustrations.
Marking Tag
Patent for marking tags (price tags) for garments and/or fabrics for sale. The design is meant to reduce missing, torn, or frayed marking tags. Illustrations and instructions included.
Acetylene Gas Generator
Patent for improving acetylene gas generator designs with the use of an added specification in the form of a new apparatus. Illustrations and instructions are included.
Braiding Attachment for Sewing-Machines.
Patent for an "attachment to the pressure-foot of sewing machines to carry a tinsel or braid in proper position relative to the needle" (lines 15-17) to ensure the tinsel or braid is fully attached to the desired outline on the cloth. Patent includes instructions and illustrations.
Trolley Wheel For Electric Cars
Patent for improvement to trolley wheel design for electric cars, specifically the addition of friction-disks to prevent the wheel from running off the wire while moving. Instructions and illustrations are included.
Patent for the operating gear in planters. Includes instructions and illustrations.
Electric-Arc-Light Reflector.
Patent for an electric arc light reflector, including an annular band to support the reflector on the arc-light cone, and a reflector with an aperture.
Patent for an "apparatus for protecting or guarding electric circuits; and it has for its object to protect or guard electric circuits, such as burglar-alarm circuits, from interference by unauthorized or mischievous agencies." (Lines 9-14) Includes instructions and illustrations.
Cabinet for Blanks.
Patent for"cabinets, cases, or boxes designed for use in hotels, post-offices, and other places where stationery is required by guests or other portions of the public." (Lines 10-13) Includes instructions and illustrations.
Cotton-Seed Conveyer.
Patent for "an efficient and economical cotton-seed-conveyer system for the removal of cotton-seed from gins or linters by the exclusive and unimpeded action of an air-blast through the exhaust-flue of the fan that is ordinarily employed in connection with the usual elevator from conducting cotton into the gin-feeders." (Lines 9-15) Includes instructions and illustrations.
Primary Battery.
Patent for a simplified primary battery "whereby the parts thereof may be readily removed and replaced without special tools by unprofessional persons, while at the same time providing a construction of primary battery involving new and useful connections for the positive and negative elements thereof." (Lines 10-16) Includes instructions and illustrations.
Patent for "nut-locks especially adapted for use in securing nuts upon bolts at the joints of railway-rails." (Lines 10-12) Includes instructions and illustrations.
Gas-Generating Machine.
Patent for " improved method of and means for generating hydrocarbon vapors for heating and lighting purposes; and it consists in the novel manner in which the process is carried out and in the novel construction and combination of parts comprising the generating apparatus..." (lines 18-24) including instructions and illustrations.
Patent for "a high-speed rotary engine wherein the steam-impelled wheel shall revolve in a horizontal plane within an upright open cylinder." (Lines 10-13) Includes instructions and illustrations.
Patent for "a construction of propeller-wheel that will permit a large reduction in the wheel-diameter without impairing its effectiveness, and which will thereby bring the resistance nearer to the crank-range of the motive power, and also to increase the bucket or blade surface of the wheel and at the same time afford such clearance at the center of the wheel as will relieve resistance to easy operation of the engine or motive power." (Lines 18-27) Includes instructions and illustrations.
Patent for "a perpetual calendar embodying such a construction that the movement of a finger device will turn wheels, so as to successively display the names of the days of the week, the numbers of the days of the months, and the names of the months, the mechanism being such that the name of a month will be displayed until the numbers of all its days have been displayed, when the name of the succeeding month will be displayed, and so on." (Lines 13-22) Includes instructions and illustrations.
Mirror Attachment for Dressers.
Patent for a mirror attachment for dressers with an improved clamping mechanism so that it can be easily adjusted when in use and easily put to the side when not in use. Includes instructions and illustrations.
Patent for an apparatus for generating gas from light hydrocarbons. Includes instructions and illustrations.
Air-Compressor for Water-Elevators.
Patent for "an improvement in air-compressors for water-elevators, and it consists in the novel mechanism for compressing air, by which water is designed to be raised from a cistern, or other reservoir." (Lines 13-17) Includes instructions and illustrations.
Patent for a hunting trap that will "effectively prevent the escape of the captives." (Line 17) Includes instructions and illustrations.
Fire-Kindling Cartridge.
Patent for an improved fire-kindling cartridge which "consists, essentially, in a cartridge made in two sections, each composed of coiled wire, with their outer end tapering or contracted, forming a conical point, a sleeve of coiled wire with which the inner ends of said sections engage, and a filling of asbestos or other material." (Lines 25-31) Includes instructions and illustrations.
Composition of Matter for Saving Coal During Combustion.
Patent for cheap, effective compound to sprinkle on coal to render it more combustible so that it burns more cleanly and soot is not emitted.
Patent for "an improved freight car door so supported that it will not be shaken or jarred off and can be easily opened and closed at all times no matter how heavily loaded the car may be." (Lines 16-20) Includes instructions and illustrations.
Patent for an "apparatus adapted for continuously compressing and baling cotton in juxtaposition to the ginning machinery, by conducting cotton from the condenser to compressing rolls operating to progressively compress the fluffy mass into a compact bat or sheet which is laid in folds or laps and subsequently moved or transferred to a suitable baling press and subjected to final pressure to expel the air from between the folds or laps and enable the bale or package to be tied while under pressure." (Lines 9-21) Includes instructions and illustrations.
Machine for Handling and Cleaning Seed Cotton.
Patent for improvements in machines for handling and cleaning seed cotton: "For uploading cotton from wagons and for transferring it from place to place, for example, from wagon to storehouse or from the wagon or the storehouse to the gin house when it is to be delivered to gins or gin feeders, pneumatic apparatus has advantages over other devices" (lines 12-18).
Design for a Badge.
Patent for design for a badge.
Patent for gas compressors for ice and refrigeration machines, with instructions and illustrations.
Patent for car-coupling. The object of this invention is to provide an improved automatic car-coupling of simple, durable, and effective construction that will permit the necessary longitudinal and lateral play of the coupling-link to correspond with inequalities of the track, facilitate the turning of curves, and enable the coupling to accommodate itself to draw-heads of unequal height.
Cotton-Ginning Apparatus.
Patent for an improvement to cotton gins, allowing them to be constructed from a series of continuous shafts instead of pulleys, belts, and bearings. Includes instructions and illustrations.
Device for Measuring and Folding Dress Goods, &c.
Patent for a device on which textiles can be "quickly and accurately measured and folded upon a revolving reel." (Lines 14-15) Includes instructions and illustrations.
Patent for an adjustable plow, with instructions and illustrations.
Patent for improvement in annunciator by “providing a circuit-closing attachment for annunciators by means of which an electric lamp will be lit when the annunciator-drop falls.” (Lines 15-18) Illustration is included.
Patent for improvement in car-couplings by using many separate parts to work together to connect cars; and it can be operated without the operator going between the cars. Illustration is included.
Weight for Horses' Hoofs.
Patent for improvement in weights for horses’ hoofs by providing “a toe-weight or side weight which will adjust itself to the inclination of the hoof to which it is applied, and further, to provide a weight that will be self-locking, be effectively held against rattling, and be readily attachable and detachable.” (Lines 9-14) Illustration is included.
Patent for improvements in Tills or cash-drawers by using “a combination-lock to prevent its being opened by unauthorized parties, and which will give an alarm with manipulated by any one unacquainted with the secret of its management.” (Lines 14-18) Illustration is included. Corrections in Letters are also included.
Patent for improvements in shoe-fastenings by using a “pivoted clasp-lever which has a tail-piece acted upon by a leaf-spring for holding the lever in its closed or open position.” (Lines 11-13) Illustration is included.
Machine for Handling and Cleaning Seed-Cotton.
Patent for improvements in machines for handling and cleaning seed-cotton by “taking seed-cotton from wagons or storehouses through pneumatic tubes and delivering it freed from dust and other extraneous matter to any number of gins. It includes devices for imparting flexibility to the feed-section of the tube for distributing the cotton and for disposing of the surplus when the cotton is supplied faster than it can be ginned.” (Lines 15-22) Illustration is included.
Apparatus for Handling and Cleaning Seed-Cotton.
Patent for improvements in apparatus for handling and cleaning seed-cotton that “use a pneumatic tube, through which cotton is drawn by an exhaust-current.” (Lines17-19) Illustration is included.
Apparatus for Handling and Cleaning Seed-Cotton.
Patent for improvements in apparatus for handling and cleaning seed-cotton by “conveying cotton through a pneumatic tube and for automatically delivering therefrom to each of a series of gins an amount of cleaned cotton graduated at all times to the need of each gin. The flow of the main current in the tube is not interrupted by the several subtractions.” (Lines 17-23) Illustration is included.
Automatic Track Sweeping and Oiling Attachment for Street-Cars.
Patent for improvements in automatic track sweeping and oiling attachments to street cars by having a transverse shaft carries a hub which has a series of brushes. When “the street car moves forward, the brushes on the transverse shaft are revolved, which sweep the rails and keep them clean.” (Lines 90-93) Illustration is included.
Cotton Conveying and Cleaning Apparatus.
Patent for improvements in cotton conveying and cleaning apparatus by using the combination of “a rearwardly-open feeder and a conveyer in position to receive cotton discharge at the rear of the feeder” (lines 103-105), as a result when a conveyer bring “cotton to the feeder, it would provide a branch in position to take up the cotton delivered by the conveyer” (lines 106-108) thus preventing undue accumulation of excess cotton and continuous movement of the cotton in all the parts. Illustration is included.
Patent for improvements in baby-walkers by using the combination of a circular base, standards, a rim connecting the tops of the standards, a rotating plate having runners on its lower side engaged with the rim, a guide-flange, a rigid central shaft having a ratchet-wheel, and a pawl for engaging the ratchet. Illustration is included.
Patent for a fish-harvester by providing “a floating device adapted to be anchored in a stream or other body of water and carrying the mechanism for taking fish from the water and delivering them to a suitable point on the shore, the whole operating either by steam, by wind, or by the current of the water.” (Lines 10-15) Illustration is included.
Patent for an improved garbage-furnace which consist of a chamber having a grate for the reception of the garbage, a fire-box at each end, and a sand-box between the fire-boxes below the grate, grate-bars are arranged over the fire-boxes and extending from the bridge-wall, when the fire-boxes are ignited, garbage is introduced through the feed holes, the smoke, gases, fumes & etc. from the burning fuel and the garbage passed through a channel leading to the chimney. Illustration is included.
Patent for an improvement of harness and shaft-tugs by providing a sleeve to fit the tug closely, a bolt to secure the tug and a strap clamps to the shaft; for the purpose of limiting the movement of the tug. Illustration is included.
Electric Belt
Patent for improvements in electric belts.
Design for a Badge.
Design patent for a badge that has a near-rectangular body with additional ornamentation.