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 County: Galveston County, TX
 Collection: Texas Patents
Patent for Core Holding and Dropping Device For Cotton Presses.
Lumber Door for Railroad Box Cars
Patent for lumber door on railroad box cars.
Patent for new and useful improvement to pruning shears, including illustrations.
Shoe-Lace Fastener.
Patent for a new and improved shoe lace fastener, including illustrations.
Portable Dressing-Cabinet.
Invention for a portable structure to be used as a dressing-cabinet that is easy to set up and take down, light enough to move on rollers, conveniently accessible, and containing mirrors and folding shelves.
Patent for improvements in the support structure wooden or metal tanks (portable or permanent) though sets of internal support composed of uprights, diagonal brace-rods, transversely curved plates, and tension rods, with descriptions of the structure and illustrations included.
Cotton Compress
Patent for improvements to the cutting mechanism in cotton compresses to "provide positive and reliable means for severing the full-grown or completed bale from the remaining column of compressed material and yieldingly supporting the said remaining column of compressed material under pressure to permit the baling operation to continue" (lines 21-27).
Tool For Withdrawing Casings From Wells.
Patent for tool for withdrawing casings from wells that is "easy to apply and convenient to manipulate while in use" (lines 15-17).
Retort Hydrocarbon-Burner.
Patent for improvements in retort-burners, to be used for any suitable and desired purposed and for any kind of oils by providing a "direct-combustion retort-burner that the combustion will be perfect and complete and the oil and air may be supplied thereto under a uniform pressure of high or low degree." (Lines 20-27) The retort-burner will be "readily assembled without the necessity of having special machinery for their manufacture or skilled workmen to put them together." (Lines 31-34) Illustration is included.
Patent for a burner that uses crude petroleum as well as kerosene, or gasoline. This device works in a way to prevent the jets from clogging and produces a steady flame.
Fiber Separating Machine
Patent for machines for separating the textile fiber of various plants, and has for its objects generally to simplify such machines, perfect their product, and avoid waste (lines 11-15) with illustrations.
Patent for improvements in paddle-wheels by transferring the combined power of the outer paddle-wheel and the inner drum to the shaft thus increased the driving power of the wheel. Illustration is included.
Patent for "a device adapted for persons making a great number of small collections, such as railway conductors" (lines 8-10).
Device for Enlarging Negatives.
Patent for a new or improved device to enlarge negatives; that is simple, portable, and ready to use, including illustrations.
Paper-Holder for Enlarging-Cameras.
Patent for an improvement in holders attached to enlarging-cameras to hold the paper being exposed: "The object of the invention is to provide a simple and convenient form of paper-holder in which the paper may be readily inserted and removed and from which the light will be effectually excluded" (lines 15-19).
Comb Cleaner.
Patent for a new and useful comb-cleaner. "This invention is an improved construction of comb-cleaner, the object being to provide an exceedingly cheap, simple, and efficient device by means of which a comb can be quickly and effectively cleaned" (line 10).
Machine for Separating Fiber from Stalks.
Patent for a machine that separates fibers from the stalks and leaves of a variety of plants, including ramie, flax, pineapple, and sisal.
Patent for indicator "for vessels by which to show accurately and readily the draft of the vessel, as well as any list and pitch that may exist" (lines 8-11) including instructions and illustrations.
Adjustable Hame Fastner
Patent for "new and useful Improvements in Adjustable Hame-Fastner" (lines 6-6), including instructions and illustrations.
Lighting Apparatus for Vehicles.
Patent for a useful lighting apparatus for vehicles in general by using a power-transmitting belt properly mounted on to the car-wheels to “which energy may be drawn from the wheels of the car and supplied to a lighting-dynamo.” (Lines 12-14) Illustration is included.
Changeable Gearing.
Patent for changeable gearing by using an axle, bevel-gears, stub-shafts and a crank-axle to construct the changeable gear, so that the “sprocket is locked to rotate with the crank-axle in one direction, while it may rotate freely of the axle in opposite direction, and, furthermore, that the sprocket may be locked to rotate with the axle or may be caused to rotate at a higher-speed than the axle.” (Lines 8-14.) Illustration is included.
Patent for "a frog for crossing rails at switches or railway-crossings" (lines 8-9).
Steam and Water Separator.
Patent for improvements in steam and water separator to “eliminate water, entrained moisture, grease, or other impurities from steam at any pressure and automatically discharge the water of condensation and other impurities from the trap and permit the steam to pass in a thoroughly-dry condition to the point of use.” (Lines 13-19) Illustration is included.
Steam-Separating Trap
Patent for a steam eliminator for engines or other machinery to deliver steam with as little moisture as possible including illustrations.
Patent for a Bicycle-Gear meant to rotate the sprocket or other gear wheel on a bicycle, Including Illustrations.
Patent for "a clutch wherein the members composing the clutch are adapted to transmit motion from one to the other by frictional engagement thereof " (lines 12-15) including instructions and illustrations.
Patent for "a simple and compact index in which the available space will be utilized as perfectly as possible". (lines 10-13) including instructions and illustrations.
Railroad-Rail Joint.
Patent for new and useful improvements in railroad rail joints, including instructions and illustrations.
Patent for a new and improved bicycle lock for "application to bicycles and comprises the novel features hereinafter described and claimed" (line 11-13).
Patent for cotton compress that can continuously form cylindrical bales.
Acetylene-Gas-Generating Lamp.
Patent for a new and useful acetylene gas lamp, including instructions and illustrations.
Grain-Trimming Machine Used In Loading Vessels.
Patent for new and useful improvements in grain trimming apparatus, including instructions and illustrations.
Steam-Separating Trap.
Patent for a new and useful steam separating trap, including instructions and illustrations.
Patent for certain new and useful improvements in tires for "use with bicycles" (line 10).
Acetylene-Gas Generator.
Patent for a new and useful acetylene gas generator, including instructions and illustrations.
Nailless Horseshoe.
Patent for a certain new and useful improvement in nailless horseshoes, including instructions and illustrations.
Dredge For Hard Or Soft Mud.
Patent for certain new and useful improvements in dredges for hard or soft mud, including instructions and illustrations.
Electrical Furnace.
Patent for
Method of And Apparatus for Manufacturing Gas.
Patent for a new and useful method of and apparatus for manufacturing gas, including instructions and illustrations.
Sewing-Machine Attachment.
Patent for a new and useful sewing marching attachment, including instructions and illustrations.
Packing for Piston-Rods.
Patent for certain new and useful improvements in packing for piston rods and the like, including instructions and illustrations.
Road-Grading And Ditching Machine.
Patent for a new and improved road grading and ditching machine, including instructions and illustrations.
Patent for a new and useful gas machine, including instructions and illustrations.
Valve for Engines.
Patent for certain new and useful improvements in valves for steam engines, including instructions and illustrations.
Patent for certain new and useful improvements in hose nozzles, including instructions and illustrations.
Patent for certain new and useful improvements in station indicators, including instructions and illustrations.
Game Apparatus.
Patent for a certain new and useful improvement in game apparatus, including instructions and illustrations.
Folding Cot or Bedstead.
Patent for certain new and useful improvements in folding cots or bedsteads, including instructions and illustrations.
Patent for certain new and useful improvements in the construction of wheels for vehicles, including instructions and illustrations.
Patent for certain new and useful improvements in fly screens.
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