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 County: Galveston County, TX
 Collection: Texas Patents
Trussed Axle for Wheeled Vehicles.
Patent for improvements in trussed axle for wheeled vehicles: "The invention relates to that class or type of axles for wheeled vehicles wherein a metal truss rod or bar running longitudinally under the axle body has its end portions extended through the axle skeins and secured by screw nuts which abut the outer ends of the skeins." (lines 9-14).
Composition of Matter for Manufacturing Calcium Carbid.
Patent for a "new and useful Composition of Matter for Manufacturing Calcium Carbid" (lines 5-7) that will aid in the commercially successful production. Patent includes specifications for the composition of matter.
Folding Cot or Bedstead.
Patent for "cots and bedsteads wherein the side and end rail parts are permanently connected mediately of their length in a manner to permit of the folding thereof to form a compact bundle for handling when not in use and a strong and firmly-braced structure when set up to support the sacking bottom for the bed." (Lines 10-16) Includes instructions and illustrations.
Stop Attachment for Cotton-Gins.
Patent for "automatic stop attachments for cotton ginning and condensing apparatus; and it has for its objects to provide a new and useful attachment of this character operated in connection with a gin-condenser and gin-feeder to provide positive means for automatically stopping the ginning operation and the feed of cotton in the event of the condenser becoming choked, which choking often wrecks the gin-brush, ruins the saws, and creates fire by friction." (Lines 9-19) Includes instructions and illustrations.
Patent for a wrench that can be adjusted without the use of screws. Includes instructions and illustrations.
Patent for a more durable bicycle tire. Includes instructions and illustrations.
Vacuum Electric-Arc Furnace.
Patent for "an improved electric furnace having means to positively insure the thorough fusion or reduction of the substances placed therein without loss due to combustion or the oxidation of such substances, while at the same time providing an effective distribution of the heat and the prevention of the loss of carbon by combustion" (lines 17-25). Includes instructions and illustrations.
Railroad Weed-Burner
Patent for "a railroad weed-burning device in which a large sheet-iron shield is suspended underneath and between the trucks of any ordinary railroad car for the purpose of confining the flame and heat produced by oil-atomizing burners or other means to direct and maintain continued contact with grass and weeds on the ground between and along the outside of the rails" (lines 9-18).
Patent for a bottle that has a mechanism near its opening, and when the cork is pulled out, it becomes impossible to refill the bottle and use it again. The point of this bottle is so that after it has been sealed, it cannot be opened and emptied without apparent evidence that it has been opened.
Back-Band Buckle.
Patent for an improved back-band buckle and an improved hook that connects the buckle with the trace-chain. The lever-hook snaps "into position and is held secure in a pane substantially flush with the lower portion of the buckle-frame when the buckle is closed by the forcing down of the lever" (lines 15-19).
Patent for a saw-cleaning attachment for cotton gins. Includes instructions and illustrations.
Automatic Type-Writing Machine.
Patent for improvements to the type writer which allow for automatic, proper spacing between letters and words; will automatically return the carriage to the beginning of the page; and will automatically feed the inking ribbon so that the entire surface is used. Includes instructions and illustrations.
Machine for Sealing Newspapers, &c.
Patent for a machine to seal "the open edges of folded newspapers or other periodicals at the place of publication to prevent their return for redemption by the publishers when the seal is broken." (Lines 10-14) Includes instructions and illustrations.
Type-Writing Machine.
Patent for improvements to the type writer "to provide a simple and effective mechanism for automatically operating the type-bars of such a machine under the control of the keys in such manner as to require but light action of said keys." (Lines 11-16) Includes instructions and illustrations.
Patent for "a stirrup having an improved turntable spring-support which will permit the stirrup to turn readily, so that the foot can assume any desired angle toward or from the horse and so that the stirrup will be yieldingly upheld, whereby certain advantages are attained in mounting, particularly when employed in connection with a wild or unmanageable animal." (Lines 14-21) Includes instructions and illustrations.
Patent for improved tire-tighteners "capable of ready adjustment to contract and expand a tire, to permit the tire to be tightened when a wheel becomes loose in dry weather, and to expand in wet weather to prevent the same from becoming dished." (Lines 13-17) Includes instructions and illustrations.
Molding Sash-Weights.
Patent for a new mold design for sash-weights which describes "a mold of simple and improved construction whereby a number of weights can be cast at the same time" (lines 14-17), including illustrations.
Cotton Elevator and Distributer.
Patent for cotton elevators and distributors "whereby the cotton and air shall be separated in a simple and efficient manner and the air discharged from the suction-fan with the least possible degree of friction and back pressure." (Lines 11-15) Includes instructions and illustrations.
Patent for envelops "used to inclose articles of value, and provision of means and structural conformation whereby any surreptitious handling thereof will be detected." (Lines 11-14) Includes instructions and illustrations.
Composition of Matter for Manufacturing Calcium Carbid.
Patent for a compound for use in commercial manufacturing of the product calcium sodic carbid claiming to reduce time and expense of production process.
Patent for rail-joints that are a "firm and secure support for the abutting ends of rails to maintain their treads in the same horizontal plane and prevent them from being mashed down at the ends" (lines 13-17). This makes train passengers more comfortable and lengthens the rail's and the fish-plates' lives, and makes fish-plates more stable.
Patent for an expansible coupling-bolt designed to not rattle and to "provide a simple but effective means for taking up the play between the coupling-pin in the lug-bearings" (lines 17-20).
Gas-Generating Apparatus.
Patent for a gas-generator, especially generating acetylene, "with uniformity of flow of gas and at a uniform pressure" (lines 15-16). It is simple and can be constructed in many sizes. "This apparatus is especially adapted for generating gas and mixing it with air from that class of chemicals that generate gas from water by decomposition thereof and by affinity for oxygen or hydrogen" (lines 25-30).
Coach and Car Step.
Patent for an attached coach and car step "to render it unnecessary to carry stools or stepping-boxes, as are now used to facilitate passengers to get on or off the car or coach from an extra height between the ground or depot-floor and the main bottom tread of the step, thus avoiding dangerous and fatal results from overturning of stools and boxes." (Lines 14-21) Includes instructions and illustrations.
Patent for a machine that transplants small plants while avoiding "clogging of the mud in soft soil" (line 20). It has a cylindrical cutter and a cylindrical plunger that fits just inside it. The plunger is usually away from the base of the cutter, and an adjustable rod extends from the plunger.
Rocking-Chair Fan.
Patent for a rocking chair fan that spins when the operator begins rocking in the chair. It easily adjusts to any model of rocking chair and is noiseless.
Patent for a new and improved boot-jack. This design is for an addition to existing boot-jacks that allows for wet or tight boots to be removed completely after the heel of the foot is loosened, all without the use of hands. This additional apparatus can be adjusted to different angles by way of eye-holes and screws.
Patent for a cotton-press with "new and useful roller-compresses for making bales of cotton into a cylindrical or roll-form, and also having simple and efficient mechanism for continuously forming a bale all the time the compress is in operation, which result has heretofore been impossible in presses of that character employing only one pair of compressing-rolls" (lines 9-17).
Patent for "a compress having a continuous operation, whereby one bale of cotton is being formed by the compress all the time the same is working, and thereby rendering it unnecessary to completely stop the working of the entire press for every single bale made until the bale can be wrapped and discharged out of the press." (Lines 15-22) Includes instructions and illustrations.
Mergenthaler Linotype-Machine.
Patent for an improvement "to the elevator-arm of the Mergenthaler linotype-machine, and its object is to prevent the rubbing of the matrices against the inner walls of the channel-plates when being raised therefrom." (Lines 9-13) Includes instructions and illustrations.
Patent for an improved rear bicycle-wheel. It has one hub, two rims, two sets of spokes and tires. This invention is meant to be safer and has the qualities of a tricycle. It is meant for a woman's bicycle.
Patent for a simple and durable dumping-wagon that "consists principally of a body made in two pivoted parts and a lever fulcrumed on the wagon-frame and adapted to impart a swinging motion to the said parts to the dump of the body" (lines 12-16).
Cotton-Cleaning Apparatus.
Patent for a cotton-cleaning apparatus made up of "a stationary foraminous case or drum having an inlet-opening in the upper side of its small end, a rotary shaft extending centrally through the case or drum and having a plurality of spirally-arranged at the large end of the foraminous case and having a discharge-pipe for conveying the cotton to the point where it is to be deposited or discharged - as, for instance, into gins or gin-feeders" (lines 9-19). The cotton goes in one end, the cotton is elevated, beater-arms move the cotton along, and fans drive the cotton to the gins.
Hydraulic Compresor.
Patent for a hydraulic compressor meant to press cotton using the minimum amount of weight and the maximum amount of strength.
Patent for a compound with preservative qualities for protecting submersed wood from the destructive forces of water, whether sea or fresh, and from shipworms.
Tuning Device for Pianos.
Patent for "a means whereby the strings of a piano may be easily and deliberately tuned, and when tuned they will be held absolutely rigid and unyielding under all circumstances while the pins are set in wood, thus avoiding any possibility of the jarring of the parts." (Lines 36-42) Includes instructions and illustrations.
Apparatus for Handling Lint-Cotton.
Patent for an apparatus for handling lint-cotton that allows air to move freely without back pressure while putting the fiber into a bat. It has a "trunk into which a series of gins deliver, of a primary condenser having a high surface speed, so that it will rapidly remove the fiber and prevent the bat from building up of such thickness as to check the escape of air, and a second condenser having a slower surface speed and arranged to receive the lint from the first condenser and form it into a thicker bat" (lines 29-37).
Rotary Engine.
Patent for "improvements in rotary engines by which a flanged or bladed disk is made to revolve in a steam tight chamber or chest." (Lines 7-10) Includes instructions and illustrations.
Patent for a "cotton bale provided with a fire-proof covering in the form of a box or casing of sheet metal, and to have the same so applied to the bale in the process of compressing the cotton in forming the bale, that the said covering will of itself form the entire means for holding the bale intact and in its tightly compressed condition, while serving its additional function as a shipping case which will protect the bale of cotton from fire, and from all possible damage incidental to transportation and storage." (Lines 16-27) Includes instructions and illustrations.
Patent for "a simple, safe, and practical coupling for cars, arranged to couple at one time as many cars as may be desired, and to operate automatically so as to avoid all necessity of going between the cars, and adapted to use the ordinary link and to couple with cars having a higher or lower draw bar than itself." (Lines 7-14) Includes instructions and illustrations.
Machine for Cutting Stick-Candy.
Patent for a simple and durable machine for cutting stick-candy that is "capable of traveling over a table or other support upon which stick candy in given lengths may be laid, and to so travel over the table that the lengthy sticks of candy will be made to slide over the bed of the machine, under a knife or its equivalent; and a further object of the invention is to provide a means whereby the knife may be manipulated at predetermined points in the travel of the machine to cut the lengthy sticks into shorter predetermined lengths" (lines 11-21).
Patent for a swing that consists of a frame, a wooden horse to ride on, a U-shaped hanger that is attached to the seat in the back and front, a pulley-like rocker attached to the top of the frame, a bolt that is securing the rocker to the hanger, two bars that go from the horse seat to the pulley, and a chord that attaches the two bars and goes around the top of the pulley.
Patent for a seed planter with a combined "furrow opener and seed dropper" (lines 15-16) with adjustable row width and furrow depth. Includes illustrations and instructions.
Patent for "a combined hand-blotter, ruler, paper-cutter, and pen-rack... especially for the use of book-keepers and accountants," (lines 12-15) with instructions and illustrations.
Patent for "a machine upon which a dress-skirt or similar article may be easily placed and which is adapted to secure the plaits or folds in the skirts and hold them so that they may be conveniently ironed." (Lines 10-14) Includes instructions and illustrations.
Patent for signs that are to be mounted to the roof of a car, and can be illuminated and read from any angle. Includes instructions and illustrations.
Patent for an improved type of keel construction, "of which the distance between the keel and covering-boards is equalized throughout the length of the vessel and a vessel of exceptional strength and advantageous construction is afforded." (Lines 16-20) Includes instructions and illustrations.
Two-Wheeled Delivery-Vehicle.
Patent for "a light and convenient vehicle for the use of mail-collectors in cities, and for the transportation and delivery of parcels, milk, or other articles," (lines 8-12) with instructions and illustrations.
Apparatus for Baling Cotton.
Patent for improvements to an apparatus that softens and compresses cotton, and prevents clogging and breakage. Includes instructions and illustrations.
Patent for "a globe adapted to serve simply for the purpose of illumination and furnishing a pure white bright light for general purposes, or to serve as an illuminated show-globe for druggists," (lines 10-14) including instructions and illustrations.