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 County: Bell County, TX
 Collection: Texas Patents
Curtain-Hanging Apparatus.
Patent for an apparatus to hang curtains in pairs, designed in a way so that the curtains "may be simultaneously moved in opposite directions to open and close the same" and "to provide improved means for adjustably connecting each curtain to the supporting-pole, and also to provide improved means for hanging the pole" (lines 13-19), including illustrations.
Patent for invention to "improve the construction of elevating-trucks and to provide a simple and comparatively inexpensive apparatus adapted to be readily moved from one place to another and capable of enabling bales, boxes and the like to be readily lifted from the ground or other supporting-surface and raised to a convenient position for loading such freight upon a wagon or other conveyance" (p. 1, lines 10-18).
Air-Brake Mechanism.
Patent for "a new and useful air-brake mechanisms in relation to a pressure controller and distributer designed to perform the several independent and joint functions of a triple valve, a pressure-retaining valve, and a pressure relief or reducing valve."
Tongue Bar Adjusting Mechanism.
Patent for "a new and useful tongue-bar-adjusting mechanism for piano" (line 2) including instructions and illustrations.
Patent for an improved version of a cotton press that forms cylindrical bales.
Mailless Horseshoe.
Patent for certain new and useful improvements in horseshoes, including instructions and illustrations.
Buggy-Top Attachment.
Patent for a new and useful buggy top attachment, including instructions and illustrations.
Patent for a new and useful thill coupling, including instructions and illustrations.
Patent for a new and useful clamp, including instructions and illustrations.
Planter Attachment for Wheel-Cultivators.
Patent for certain new and useful improvements in planter attachments for wheel cultivators, including instructions and illustrations.
Patent for certain new and useful improvements in fireplaces, including instructions and illustrations.
Patent for a new and useful caster to be "applied to light and heavy furniture" (line 13-14).
Land Bedder And Cultivator.
Patent for a new and useful land bedder and cultivator, including instructions and illustrations.
Cotton-Seed Separator.
Patent for a new and useful cotton seed separator, including instructions and illustrations.
Plano Attachment.
Patent for a new and useful piano attachment for "facilitating the adjustment of the means employed for producing said tones and for locking said means in operative position" (line 11 - 14).
Plano Attachment.
Patent for a new and useful piano attachment.
Clothing - Boiler
Patent for a new and improved clothing-boiler. This design is to "provide a device of this character in which there is practically no danger of the water or suds-boiling over to the exterior" (line 8 - 11).
Patent for knee pads that are "simple, inexpensive, and durable, and which is so constructed as to hold the knee of the user in an elevated position above the ground or other surface upon which the pad may be placed, thereby preventing the knee contacting with the ground or other surface and causing injury to the knee (lines 10-17).
Patent for a new and useful cotton chopper. The invention "relates to cotton-choppers, and has for its object to provide a simple and efficient device of this class whereby grass, weeds, and the like may be removed from the spaces between stands of cotton, corn, and similar vegetation" (line 8 - 13).
Patent for improvements in beehives: "invention is to improve the construction of beehives and to provide a simple and efficient one, which will permit food to be readily supplied to the bees when desired and enable the apiarian to have him to cut bee entrances to the same." (lines 9-15).
Patent for "an automatic clothes washer and soaper whereby the clothes are soaped and cleansed by one and the same operation." (Lines 18-20) Includes instructions and illustrations.
Tongue-Bar-Supporting Clamp.
Patent for a clamp that holds the hammers in a piano. Includes instructions and illustrations.
Patent for an improved turning plow. Includes instructions and illustrations.
Patent for a quilting frame "pivotally attached to a suspending-bar, whereby either part may be brought beneath the arm of the sewing-machine without requiring the shifting of the goods to bring a new part into position to be quilted until after the exposed portions of the two parts have been quilted." (Lines 24-30) Includes instructions and illustrations.
Window-blind and awning
Patent for a pair of swinging window blinds.
Refrigerator or Cooler.
Patent for a refrigerator that has an "arrangement of parts whereby the articles to be cooled are protected from moisture while the space in which said articles are arranged is inclosed by a film of moisture, which is designed to cool the inclosed atmosphere by evaporation" (lines 11-16). The covering is absorbent and the shelves inside are perforated.
Vehicle-Wheel Scraper.
Patent for a "device adapted to be readily applied to a vehicle to prevent mud from clinging to the wheels, and thereby make the draft lighter on a horse or team, and at the same time prevent mud from being thrown upon the body of a vehicle and the occupants thereof." (Lines 12-17) Includes instructions and illustrations.
Patent for "devices for tightening the tires on new wheels, as well as wheels that have been in use, and upon which the tires have become loosened, and the object of the invention is to provide a tightener which will be exceedingly simple, durable and economic, and wherein the tightener may be expeditiously and conveniently applied without altering the shape of the felly and at the same time maintain a true circular shape for the tire." (Lines 7-17) Includes instructions and illustrations.
Piano Attachment.
Patent for "an attachment for upright pianos designed to produce a harp, mandolin, of cithern tone, and the object in view is to provide an attachment having an improved construction of strikers." (Lines 8-12) Includes instructions and illustrations.
Printing Attachment for Letter-Boxes.
Patent for a printing attachment for letter-boxes where people can postmark the mail they want to be sent. It fist on any street letter-box. The attachment is a case with stamps for every day of the month and the location of the town, city, or post-office the letter is being collected to, and there is a pocket below where one slips the package or envelope to mark it. An inking-pad is also in the pocket for the stamps, which can be used by pulling a lever.
Patent for a plow that has a revolving moldboard and the driving-wheel can be adjusted "relative to both the plowshare and moldboard" (lines 21-22). The moldboard is unique in how it is supported and operated. This patent is similar to a previous patent (no. 549,827) which was also granted to the inventor.
Patent for a walking seed-planter that has a wheel which is hooked up to a mechanism that lets seed out when the wheel is turned. The wheel is turned when the machine is walked. The mechanism that lets seed out is a rotary seed-plate and a series of gears, bolts, and belts.
Printer's Galley.
Patent for an "invention to dispense with the usual quoins for locking up the printed matter in a galley and to provide in lieu thereof an adjustable lock-up device of novel construction." (Lines 14-18) Includes instructions and illustrations.
Patent for a plow that has a revolving moldboard and parts for using and cleaning the moldboard.
Mode of and Means for Baling Fibrous Materials.
Patent for a mode of and means for baling fibrous materials, especially materials that can be made into a lap or web. The invention doesn't have the issues that other balers have and uses a core, supported by the base, to wind the material around. The bale it forms is square so it can be easily shipped and the risk of fire is decreased. Caps for the bale are secured before the bale leaves the compress.
Harvester-Platform and Carrier.
Patent for a harvester-platform and carrier that carries forward and elevates the grain. It has toothed bars, a framed, a crank-shaft that is connected to the toothed bars, a cross-rod loosely connected to the crank-shaft, and it is pivotally mounted on grain.
Patent for a strong, simple, and easily-operable lifting-jack meant for use in railroad car-axle boxes. It is a lifting bar with ratchet teeth, a lever that pivots against the lifting bar, a mechanism that holds and releases the bar, a pawl, and a double-arm spring connected to the pawl.
Surgical Instrument.
Patent for "a tractor device...especially adapted for use in vesico-vaginal fistula operations, but which may advantageously be employed in operating upon other fistulas." (Lines 14-19) Includes instructions and illustrations.
Patent for a simple thill-tug that can be easily connected and disconnected, and is strong and durable. It does not use spring latches, and the device attaches to the harness.
Cotton-Baling Machine.
Patent for a cotton-baling machine that compresses cotton between two pressure-rolls and rolls it around a core. This invention improves "the mode of applying pressure to the pressure rolls, and [improves] the manner of mounting the core-roll in position within the compress, and for facilitating the removal of said core-roll; and the elevation therefrom of the compress-roll" (lines 15-21).
Patent for a cotton-compress in which the "cotton is fed to the compress direct from the gin, and is wound into a dense cylindrical bale, and the said invention consists in certain novel means for adding additional pressure to the bale as it is being rolled up, in readily detaching the finished bale from the machine, in providing a reservoir for the surplus cotton, when the gin is running and the machine has stopped" (lines 14-22).
Patent for a refrigerator that cools dairy and other food products by evaporating water. The cooler is a chest with water in it and containers with absorbent material around the bottom of the containers that sits in the water. The outer chest is metal, and a container sits underneath to catch drips.
Patent for a combined lock and door hinge for a door where it "is automatically locked or held in a set position without special adjustment or manipulation, and by which, by the adjustment of a member provided for that purpose, the door may be locked permanently in any desired position" (lines 12-17). It is especially meant for screen doors, coach doors in railway cars, shutters, &c.
Patent for a simple and durable latch hame-hook that holds trace links in place. It is two plates, one of which is slotted to hold the tongue of the other plate.
Patent for an improved, inexpensive, and simple cotton press that is "adapted to compress cotton at the initial point of ginning and in a continuous operation with that of ginning, whereby [the inventor] avoid[s] the expense and labor occasioned by the handling of the cotton during its storage and transportation to the neighboring compress and the expense of said compression, and at the same time produce such compression or condensation of the cotton that I am enabled to secure the cheap rates of transportation accorded cotton which has been compressed to the standard degree of density" (lines 11-22).
Patent for an improved and inexpensive swing that is foot-operated. The swing is built into a frame, and connects to the frame on two points on each end of the swing.
Patent for an improved, inexpensive, and simple hay press that "alternately feed[s] the hay into the chamber, and press the same, the two mechanisms being operated from the same source; to provide for increase of power, and for regulating the tension or mouth of the press at the point of exit of the completed bale" (lines 12-18).
Patent for a vertical hook car coupling that also couple air-brakes. In the invention "the drawheads are provided with interlocking tongues to prevent the disconnection of the drawheads by vertical movement; the interlocking faces of the drawheads are provided with sockets to receive a plug for completing the air passage for the train pipes; the drawheads are provided with means for receiving the ordinary hose-coupling on cars not provided with [the] drawhead, and finally other features of [the] invention are the means for securing the drawhead to the car and for uncoupling" (lines 14-25).
Patent for a beehive that is meant "to provide for the ready or convenient "robbing" of the hive without subjecting the bees to injury , as experienced in the old way, by smoking the bees out of the hive" (lines 16-20).
Patent for a simple and inexpensive cotton press that gets cotton from a gin, forms it into a soft bat, and compresses it into a bale. The operator can tie a band around the bale. It consists of a frame, rollers, and gears.