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 County: Callahan County, TX
 Collection: Texas Patents
Apparatus for Stretching Fence-Wires.
Patent for a portable manually operated apparatus that is designed to stretch wire-fence strands at right angles to tighten the full length of the strand without "kinking or twisting the fence-strand or driving staples or analagous fastenings into the fence-post" (lines 16-21) while the fence strand is tight. Includes instructions and illustrations.
Fence-Wire Stretcher.
Patent for an efficient, compact, and durable fence-wire stretcher that works on any size fence-post. It is an "easily and quickly applied means for clamping and drawing together the ends of a broken fence-wire" (lines 14-16).
Preparing Fruit for Canning and Preserving.
Patent for a process of skin removal from various fruits that leaves the peeled fruit in "good condition" (line 12) for making preserves or for use in other preparations.
Patent for a bell ringer for use in locomotives, with instructions and illustrations.
Hanging Bed.
Patent for improvements in hanging or hidden beds by having “hangers pivoted at their upper ends to fixed supports and having upwardly-opening angular hooks at their lower ends, of a bed-frame, legs pivoted to the ends of the end bars thereof, pitman-rods extending inwardly from said legs, a piece to whose ends said rods are connected, an outward projection between the ends of said piece detachably engaging and closely fitting one of said hooks, and a pivot passing through the projection and piece and into the end bar, as and for the purpose herein before set forth.” (Page 2, lines 26-36) Illustration is included.
Patent for improvements in “a compound for the removal and prevention of dandruff;” (lines 7-8) formula of the compound is listed and instructions on how to mix the compound are included. No illustration.
Patent for improvements in harrows which can be “adapted to be reversed for pulverizing and leveling the surface traversed, to avoid evaporation as far as possible, and place the ground in the best condition for the travel of harvesters and other machines in gathering crops” (lines 9-14), illustration is included.
Vehicle Wheel.
Patent for a new and improved vehicle wheel. This design features "the construction and combination of parts whereby the spokes may be adjusted radially outward, and also forced tightly around the axle-box, to compensate for shrinkage" (lines 11-15).
Patent for washing-machines that "employ a circular corrugated or fluted bed with a conical roller revolving about a central post" (lines 12-14).