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 County: Cherokee County, TX
 Collection: Texas Patents
Patent for "a simple and inexpensive fire-dog adapted to be used in any ordinary open grate and capable of affording convenient means for cooking in an open fireplace." (Lines 10-13) Includes instructions and illustrations.
Patent for a dumping-car that "can be operated by two men to discharge its contents with a comparatively small amount of exertion on the part of the operators" (lines 14-17). The car is developed to hold gravel, &c., and can be easily dumped.
Nail-Holding Attachment for Hammers.
Patent for a durable and simple nail-holding attachment for hammers that can be used with any hammer. It holds the nail in place to drive it home.
Patent for a fence-post for wire fences and allows for the wires to be removed once secured. This invention allows for the fenced-in area to be changed and adjusted.
Combined Plow, Chopper, and Planter.
Patent for a simple, durable, and economic combined plow, chopper, and planter that provides "a machine which will open the land, plant and fertilize at the same time, and which may be quickly adjusted for chopping cotton plants and at the same time cultivate rows of plants" (lines 10-13). The parts can be attached to a common frame.
Patent for a cotton-chopper that cultivates "the rows of plants simultaneously with thinning them out; and a further object of the invention is to provide such a machine which will be durable and simple" (lines 11-14).
Patent for an improved, strong, durable, and simple churn that produces butter quickly and with much use of power. It has a slide rest with a rotary driving spindle on one end and guide pulleys on the other end, a slide-block that slides on the end of the slide rest, a turn-peg with a ratchet-head on the slide-block, a pawl, and a chord that attaches all these parts.
Patent for an improved safety valve for boilers that consists of a valve chamber with a socket at its bottom, a valve seat with a steam outlet, a valve in the socket, a steam inlet tube that passes through and below the valve, a piston mounted in a guide chamber, a spring that holds the piston, a guide chamber with a valve seat, and a steam cylinder.
Patent for light, strong, and inexpensive bale weighing scales that "employ a truck or sulky frame, suitable for transporting goods; furthermore, means combined with said frame whereby the goods may be readily weighed; furthermore, means for supporting the goods on the truck independent of the weighing mechanism" (lines 13-19).
Cotton Feeder and Cleaner.
Patent for feeders and cleaners for cotton gins: "provide a combined feeder and cleaner for cotton gins which is not only thoroughly and effectually cleans cotton before it passes to the gin, but at the same time it regularly and positively feeds the cotton to the gin in such cleaned condition" (lines 10-15).
Patent for an improvement in a device to hold brooms and items with handles by simplifying the design and making it more resistant to strain.
Patent for an improved music-holder. The music-holder is comprised of a base adapted to be secured to a music rest with a standard pivoted on the base. The standard is fixed with a spring-pressed shaft in order to press the book to the music stand.
Patent for improvements in derricks or machines for hoisting heavy objects, which can be easily erected and operated; this device “can be manipulated with ease and by which the article being elevated or lowered may be changed in position without moving the support.” (Lines 20-23) Illustration is included.
Patent for improvements in automatic car-couplers by providing "the means for automatically coupling cars without exposing the operator to the risk and danger of going between the cars when coupling,” (lines 12-15) includes illustration.
Hand Support for Use in Writing.
Patent for a new and improved writing aid. This design "is an improved device to rest the hand and give ease and fluency thereto in writing; and it consists, essentially, in a support made of glass, rubber, or other similar suitable material, and having very smooth edges to travel without friction over the writing-paper, in combination with a hand-rest pivoted and capable of a certain degree of motion thereon, and having connected to it the handle of the pen" (lines 18-27).
Patent for a new and improved buckle. This design consists in "[t]he combination, with [a] frame, having [a] hook on [a] cross-piece and [a] tongue on [another] cross-piece, of a loop or keeper, arranged on the under side of frame and between the two cross-pieces" (lines 69-73).
Horse Detacher.
Patent for a new and improved device for detaching animals from vehicles. This design "relates to horse detaching devices, the object being to provide a device of this character of simple, inexpensive, and durable construction, and adapted to readily disengage the traces from the single tree. [The] invention consists in the improved construction and combination of parts" (lines 10-16).
Improvement in Wrenches.
Patent for furnishing "an adjustable wrench for holding and turning bolts, pipes, taps, &c." (lines 7-9). Includes instructions and illustration.
Improvement in Cotton and Corn Planters.
Patent for a new and improved cotton and corn planter design with an axle that has agitators, including illustrations.
Improvement in Plows.
Patent for "an improved plow, which shall be so constructed that it may be readily adjusted for use as a subsoil-plow, as a turning-plow, as a scraper and cultivator, and as a scraper, cultivator, and hiller, and which shall be simple in construction and effective in operation in either capacity." (Lines 11-18) Includes instructions and illustrations.
Improvement in Cultivator and Chopper.
Patent for an improvement in cultivators and choppers which will allow for the adjustment by height and width.
Improvement in Propelling Devices for Street-Cars and the Like
Patent for and improvement in propelling devices for street cars and the like, includes illustration.
Improvement in Machines for Destroying Cotton Worms.
Patent for a machine to distribute poison to destroy Cotton Worms, including illustrations.
Improvement in Beverages and Sirups from Mustang Grapes.
Patent for manufacturing a syrup by mixing brown sugar, water, and Mustang grapes.
Patent for a machine that cleans cotton by placing the seed into a rotating cylinder it is carried and removed using air presser through spiral fan blades and pins to rid impurities, including illustrations.