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 County: Collin County, TX
 Collection: Texas Patents
Folding Car-Step.
Patent for "a supplemental folding step which may be lowered into position for use when passengers are boarding or leaving a [railway] car and which may be folded back out of the way when the train is about to leave the station." (Lines 12-17) Includes instructions and illustrations.
Patent for "a novel form of baling-press which will be readily transportable and owing to its peculiar construction can be manipulated by hand, a still further object being to provide such an improved baling-press that the wire ties can be wrapped around the bale after its formation easily and quickly and the bale can be readily removed from the press after it has been wired." (Lines 16-24) Includes instructions and illustrations.
Patent for "a hand-car with an auxiliary spring-actuated mechanism which can be used with or without the lever mechanism to propel at a rapid rate of speed." (Lines 12-15) Includes instructions and illustrations.
Patent for improvements in extension-steps which attach to vehicles and "do away with the boxes used to assist in getting up to the first or lower step" (lines 10-12). When not in use, the steps can be swiveled up. They are raised, lowered, and locked into position with a mechanism operated using a handle.
Patent for "surgical instruments which are used for stopping the flow of blood during an amputation or other similar operation." (Lines 12-15) Includes instructions and illustrations.
Patent for "a moldboard adapted to any plow constructed of a series of spring-loops, sundry of which are movable at the top and sundry others having movement at the bottom of the board, the moveable loops being kept in motion by the earth passing over the board, whereby portions of the board are rendered vibratory and the earth is effectually prevented from clinging thereto" (lines 8-17).
Hand-Support for Writers.
Patent for "a support especially adapted for the use of those learning to write, and by which the hand may be accustomed to the proper position for writing from the beginning of the study." (Lines 11-15) Includes instructions and illustrations.
Patent for an adjustable plow-scraper that attaches to the plow and scrapes soil from the moldboard.
Patent for a car-coupling that has a draw-bar attached to the car, a hollow draw-head with a flaring opening that sits horizontally to the draw-bar, a spring that holds the draw-head in the horizontal position, a bar that raises and lowers the forward end of the draw-head against the spring, a coupling-pin that sits in the draw-head, a chain that connects the draw-head to the bell-crank lever, a cam that supports the chain, and a device that turns the cam in either direction in order to tighten the chain.
Patent for a clothes pounder used in washing clothes. It is a pyramidal vessel that is open in the bottom and has perforations on the top of the inside of the vessel, a cap covering the top of the pyramid with an air-hole, a sleeve that goes through the top of the vessel and through the cap, a handle in the upper portion of the sleeve, a diaphragm with perforations in the base of the vessel, a rectangular box secured beneath the diaphragm, and inclined tubes open at both ends of the angles of the vessel.
Patent for an umbrella-stand. It is meant to display umbrellas, parasols, walking-canes, etc. The frame is made from tubing secured by wire, a channeled plate along the sides of the frame, and the base is adapted to support umbrella tips.
Patent for "a very cheap and simple tire which may be conveniently applied to any ordinary wheel, but which is especially applicable to wagon wheels, which when applied to the wheel has a perfectly smooth surface, and which has mechanism operated by the simple turning of a nut and adapted to tighten the tire to any desired extent." (Lines 9-16) Includes instructions and illustrations.
Vault Cash-Indicator.
Patent for a vault cash-indicator meant to "provide a new and improved indicator, designed for indicating an amount of money, commercial articles, &c.; for instance, indicating the amount of money contained in a safe or vault" (lines 7-11).
Patent for a clock level that is made up of a wall-plate that is attached to the wall, arm braces that are attached to the wall-plate, thumb-screws in the lower shelf-plate, a shelf-plate, levels, plates secured to the edge of the shelf, and leveling nibs.
Combined Stalk-Cutter and Rake.
Patent for an improved combined stalk cutter and rake that has a main frame, a rake frame, a hanger attached to the axle-bar under the frame, arms at the back of the frame, a transverse rod in the hanger and slots in the arms, a rock-lever, connections for operating the frame, a rake at the end of the frame, and an operating lever.
Stovepipe or Flue Cleaner.
Patent for an improved stovepipe or flue cleaner. It is a four-bladed fan that sits in an insert in the flue. The fan is operated by pulling on a rope which is situated between two pulleys. The cleaner sits right before the hot air goes into the chimney.
Patent for an improved and practical stalk cutter that cuts corn or cotton stalks at their roots "while the machine is drawn along a row of the standing stalks, and simultaneously reduce[s] the latter to small pieces which can be plowed under the soil and serve as a fertilizer, the complete reduction of the stalks to fine fragments adapting them for quick decomposition and prevent them from becoming and obstruction to a plow or harrow used to till the soil" (lines 12-20).
Patent for a simple and reliable folding ladder that is meant to assist someone in escaping a fire. It folds compactly and conveniently, and is adjustable. It sits away from the wall and another ladder can be attached to it when it is in use.
Shade and Curtain Fixture
Patent for invention of new and useful Shade and Curtain Fixture of which a complete, clear and exact description is provide. The invention provides a simple practical, and efficient device which will afford adjustable support for a window shade and for a current -pole, whereby the curtain and shade may be together lowered and permit the free entrance of light above these screens or the admission of air through a lowered upper sash (5-14).
Attachment for Plows.
Patent for an attachment for plows, which "may be utilized as a cutter or the plow converted into a double-shovel plow," (lines 18-19) with instructions and illustrations.
Machine for Dressing Surfaces of Pavements.
Patent for improvements in machines for dressing surfaces of wooden or block pavements that may be operated by a traction-engine of known construction, including illustrations.
Wooden Bridge
Patent for a wooden bridge with a focus on increased durability of the structure and effective drainage for moisture from the timbers and for the free circulation of air between, around, or through the structure.
Patent for “improvements in grain-scales, especially adapted for location at the rear end of a trashing-machine and for receiving therefrom the thrashed grain, weighing and subsequently bagging the same in predetermined quantities” (lines 7-12), includes illustration.
Patent for an improvement in plows by using a series of spring-tines that are secured above the mold-board, when in operation these independently-moving tines “serve to jar and break the clods, thus not only pulverizing the clods to a certain degree but also insuring the freeing of the tines of all dirt” (lines 90-93), including illustration.
Stalk and Weed Cutter.
Patent for a new and improved stalk cutter for plows. This design "consist[s] of the beam having rearwardly, downwardly, and forwardly curved standard, the arrow-point, having the stem or shank formed entire or open at its bottom, rear side, and top to receive the said standard, and the diamond-shaped cutter consisting of two wings inclined upwardly from their front to rear edges, and curved inwardly at their outer ends from their cutting-edges to their back edges" (lines 72-82).
Harrow or Rake Attachment for Plows and Cultivators.
Patent for a new and improved harrow and rake attachment for plows and cultivators. This design consists in "[t]he combination, in a rake or harrow attachment for plows, of a clamp provided with a curved perforated shoe, and adapted to be secured to the standard of one beam, a rake or harrow secured at one end to said shoe, a bar, means for connecting the same to a second beam, the lower end of said bar being connected to the other end of the rake or harrow" (lines 94-102).
Ink Fountain for Printing Machines.
Patent for a new and improved ink fountain for printing machines. This design consists in "[t]he combination of the shell-shaped frame having an inclined bottom, a hole in the lower part of the front end wall, and a socket provided with a thumb-screw, a vertical arm passing through the said socket and provided with a clamp at its lower end, a roller for distributing ink, journaled at the front of the shell and vertically adjustable therewith, and the removable reservoir having a gate, an inclined bottom, and an opening corresponding with the hole in the shell" (lines 17-27).
Patent for a new and improved plow. This design consists in "[t]he combination, with a plow, of the landside share attachment, provided with the horizontal blade, sloping outward from the point of the plow, made sharp on the said sloping-edge, and having the flange projecting upward from the horizontal blade, and the bolts for securing the said flange and plow together, and the removable landside attachment" (lines 81-89).
Plaiting Apparatus.
Patent for a new and improved plaiting machine. This design consists in "[t]he combination, of a plaiting apparatus, of a fixed transverse bar, a second transverse bar adapted to be adjusted relative thereto, and means for securing the said adjustment, each of said bars being provided with a transverse metallic strip bent to form inclined ribs" (lines 98-103).
Patent for the invention of new and improvements in plows (1). Provide a plow specifically adapted for use in rich heavy soil.
Hollow Auger.
Patent for a new and improved hollow auger. This design "consists in an adjustable hollow auger and an adjustable fore-auger, which are combined together for use with an ordinary brace, and constructed in such a manner that when applied to use the end of the spoke or other article is first beveled by the fore-auger, and the tenon then formed by the hollow auger. The cutters of the fore-auger are formed upon pivoted arms, which are automatically released, and then thrown open by a spring when the spoke is pointed, in order to give opportunity for the hollow auger to act" (lines 16-28).
Printer's Galley.
Patent for a new and improved printer's galley. This design consists of a novel arrangement of the galley parts that "dispenses with the time, labor, and expense incurred in manipulating quoins and side-sticks, mallet, shooting-stick, &c." (lines 60-62).
Cotton Stalk Cutter.
Patent for a new and improved cotton stalk cutter. This design "is to facilitate the operation of cutting down of cotton-stalks in preparing the ground for a new crop. The invention consists in the combination, with the sled provided with a series of holes, in its upper surface, of the hinged perforated bars, the cross-bar, the pins, and the knives; also, in the combination, with the sled carrying the hinged perforated bars, cross-bar, and knives, of the platform secured to the rear part of the sled and the standards secured to a cross-bar of the sled in front of the platform" (lines 17-29).
Fire Place.
Patent for a new and improved fire place. This design "consists essentially in the improved construction of the back plate and the combination therewith of side plates or jambs" (lines 20-22).
Feeder for Cotton Presses.
Patent for a new and improved feeder for cotton presses. This design "consists in a feeder for cotton-presses, constructed with a box to receive the cotton from the gin, the said receiving-box being provided with a movable top board to force the cotton into the packing-box placed beneath the said receiving-box, and from which the cotton is forced into the baling-press by a follower" (lines 23-30).
Stalk Cutter.
Patent for a new and improved stalk cutter. This design "consists in certain improvements in the construction of [devices for cutting corn and cotton stalks] . . . [and] [t]he object of the invention is to simplify and cheapen the construction and arrangement of means for adjusting the pitch of the sides without affecting the usefulness or efficiency of the device; and to that end such means consist, essentially, in a single-rack bar, an operating-lever, and two links connecting said lever with the side bars" (lines 15-28).
Stalk Cutter.
Patent for a new and improved stalk cutter. This design consists in "relates to machines for cutting corn and cotton stalks; and it consists in certain improvements in the construction of the same" (lines 18-21).
Car Coupling.
Patent for a new and improved coupling for railroad cars. This design "consists in the construction and novel arrangement of the rack-bars seated in ways recessed in the sides of the draw-head, toothed segments engaging therewith, a shaft carrying said toothed segments, and also bearing within the cavity of the draw-head a vibratory arm and a setting-lever, from which the coupling-pin is suspended, connected to said vibratory arm" (lines 24-32).
Cotton Packer.
Patent for a new and improved cotton packer. This design is "to provide means for taking the cotton from the gin and packing the same in the bale box, ready for the action of the press-follower, without manual labor" (lines 22-26).
Sewing Machine.
Patent for a new and improved sewing machine. This design calls for a clamp and a needle with a bend toward the eye so that the needle may easily be adjusted and changed out, depending on the task at hand.
Cotton Stalk Cutter.
Patent for a new and improved cotton-stalk cutter. This design utilizes a frame with two small, curved blades, which, with the assistance of pins, can be locked in place either in two corresponding recesses or outwardly when in use.
Game Board.
Patent for a new and improved bowling alley. This design calls for depressed gutters running along either side of the elevated alley, with cushions running along the lengths of the other sides of the gutters.
Stalk Cutter.
Patent for a new and improved stalk cutter. This design has "the combination of the A-shaped frame, consisting of side pieces hinged together at their forward ends, and provided with lateral projecting knives or cutters and horizontal slots, in which work set-screws for adjusting the cross-braces, tongue or pole, hinged at its rear-end to a bracket, vertically adjustable on the front side of [the] cross-brace, and the seat-bar hinged or otherwise secured to the underside of [the] cross-brace" (lines 76-85).
Shingle Gage.
Patent for a new and improved gauge for the installation of roofing shingles. This design utilizes a set of metal brackets and joined metal bars to guide in the nailing of shingles to the roof. This eliminates the need for marking in advance the target of the nail.
Cotton-Planter Attachment.
Patent for improvements on cotton or other seed planters with a new design that allows for "simultaneously adjusting-i.e., raising and lowering-the plows in front and in rear of the seed-dropping drum " (lines 29-31) including instructions and illustrations.
Improvement in Photographic Backgrounds.
Patent for a new way of "holding and manipulating photographers' backgrounds" (line 19) including illustrations.
Attachment for Wheel-Plows.
Patent for "invention has relation to improvements in attachments to sulky and other horse-plows" (para. 3). Combines a circle-plate, transverse clamp-ridge, clamps, a bearing plate, a king-bolt, a transverse sleeve, an axle, adjusting collars, and transporting-wheels on said axle.
Improvement in Solutions for Preserving Meats.
Patent for preserving perishable foods. The "Texas Meat-Preserving Process." (lines 9-10)
Improvement in Bale-ties.
Patent for "an improvement on the patented bale-tie" (lines 15-16) which includes lugs to "lock" the tie (line 22) including instructions and illustrations.
Improvement in Riding-Plows.
Patent for "an improved riding or sulky plow which shall be so constructed that the plow may be readily lowered into, raised from, and adjusted to run at any desired depth in the ground, and which may be adjusted to take or leave land, and to hold the carriage level when both wheels are running upon unplowed land, and when one wheel is running in a furrow." (Lines 14-22) Includes instructions and illustrations.