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 County: Cooke County, TX
 Collection: Texas Patents
Floating Body.
Patent for improvements to balloons or floating bodies in order to provide for a floating body "consisting of a flexible air or gas receiver, made to imitate or resemble animate or inanimate objects, so as to assume when inflated the shape of a human head or bust, birds, statues, animals, or any other desired object" (lines 14-19), including illustrations.
Means For Automatically Inflating Pneumatic Tires.
Patent for new and improved means for "pumping air into the tires and actuated from the wheel when the latter is in motion" (lines 18-20), including illustrations.
Patent for vehicle-axle "with removable spindles which when they become worn may be easily and quickly removed and replaced by new ones." (lines 13-15); including illustration and instructions
Gymnastic Apparatus
Patent for "improvement in aerial revolving ladders for gymnastic purposes for use in theaters, circus-tents, etc." (lines 13-15) including instructions and illustrations.
Fan Attachment for Bicycles.
Patent for an overhead fan that attaches to a bicycle and derives power from the front wheel including illustrations.
Grain-Door For Freight-Cars.
Patent for a new and useful grain door for freight cars, including instructions and illustrations.
Patent for certain new and useful improvements in churns, including instructions and illustrations.
Patent for a new and useful improvement in hame fasteners, including instructions and illustrations.
Patent for a new and useful improvement in motors, including instructions and illustrations.
Patent for certain new and useful improvements in rag joiners, including instructions and illustrations.
Patent for certain new and useful improvements in rag joiners, including instructions and illustrations.
Device for Heating Sad-Irons.
Patent for certain new and useful improvements in devices for heating sad irons, including instructions and illustrations.
Patent for a new and improved gang plow, which employs "disks turning in the soil and serving to form the furrows therein"(line 8 - 10).
Quilting Attachment for Sewing-Machines.
Patent for a support for quilting frames that can be attached to a sewing machine. Includes instructions and illustrations.
Fishing-Tool for Oil-Wells.
Patent for improvements in fishing tool for oil wells: "in connection with oil well drilling and pumping apparatus" (lines 9-10).
Patent for "a sleeve-tablet adapted to be applied to a cuff or wristband for ready access in making notes and referring thereto." (Lines 8-11) Includes instructions and illustrations.
Suspender Device.
Patent for a suspender device that is "a [rear] fastening device having a central loop, a coil, a keeper and a pin extending from the coil and engaging the keeper all formed from one piece of wire, in combination, with a slide having a linked portion surrounding and vertically movable on the central loop, and having a pair of ends or prongs projecting upward between the loop and the linked-portion of the slide to form tongues" (lines 81-90). The forward fastening devices attach to the ends of webbing.
Expansible Pulley.
Patent for "expansible pulleys, or pulleys of that character or description which may be expanded or contracted, so as to increase or decrease the circumference thereof." (Lines 15-18) Includes instructions and illustrations.
Fire-House Supporter.
Patent for a fire-hose supporter that can be stretched out, washed, and dried easily. The invention also has a hose-carrying frame that elevates the hose and allows for the hose to be quickly and easily used.
Patent for a car-coupling that has a draw head with a link opening, a pin opening that goes across the link opening and has two side recesses, a sliding head in the link opening, a spring that holds the sliding head in place, two lever arms in the side recesses, a catch block that the lever arms move, and an apparatus for raising the coupling pin.
Paint Compound.
Patent for "a fire and water-proof coating material adapted for application to wood and metallic roofing, boats, &c., to preserve the material from corrosion and render the same impervious to water." (Lines 9-13) Includes instructions and illustrations.
Patent for a cot that "may be easily and quickly applied to wagons, cars, and to all other places where beds are inconvenient" (lines 8-10). It attaches to a vertical wall.
Book-Holder for Reading-Stands.
Patent for "a book holder especially designed to receive large books for reference, such as a dictionary for example, and to so construct the mechanism of the holder that a cradle will be provided for the reception of the book, which cradle will be adapted to be carried upward and outward from the holder in a manner which will bring the book in proper position for consultation, and which mechanism will also act to lower the book, without jar or injury to it, within the holder when the book is no longer required." (Lines 14-26) Includes instructions and illustrations.
Patent for "a self-registering scale which shall be composed of but a few parts, and which will be accurate and reliable in use, and not liable to get out of repair from constant employment" (lines 10-14).
Cotton-Seed Planter.
Patent for a cotton-seem planters that has a frame with a bar bent to make handles, supporting wheels, a hopper, a feed drum, guides, and pins that feed seed along the hopper.
Artificial Tooth.
Patent for an artificial tooth with an improved crown so that "it can be attached to the gold cap that has been made to fit the end of the root that is to be crowned, the manner of attaching being materially facilitated" (lines 15-19).
Patent for an inexpensive, strong, and simple wire stretcher that can be used quickly to stretch and secure wires. It also connects wires of different heights, and stretches wires to different tensions.
Apparatus for Burning Garbage, &c.
Patent for an improved apparatus for burning refuse and consists of a roasting chamber, a garbage grate, grates that slope and carry the product away after combustion, flues that open above the grates, and the wall partly closes on one end to let the products away after combustion.
Patent for a simple, durable, and economic reading stand that has two desks, one of which is adjustable so that a person can read while sitting at any angle. The second desk is capable of holding heavy books. Both stands are vertically adjustable. The stand can be constructed to hold a lamp in addition to books.
Mandrew Attachment.
Patent for an improved, simple, inexpensive, durable, and efficient mandrel attachment that can be easily attached, detached, and adjusted. It has "a bar at one end with a plate for its attachment and at the other end with a cam and eccentric for detachable connection and adjustment the support carrying the cam and eccentric being hinged so as to drop down so that cylinder work can be slipped over the mandrel and then the eccentric and cam raised up and tightened to the bar to hold the work to be performed" (lines 18-27).
Cultivator and Scraper.
Patent for improvements in cultivators and scrapers: "The object of our invention is to provide a cultivator and scraper of simple and economical construction" (lines 15-17).
Patent for improvements in car-couplings known as “automatic” by providing actuate means to “throw the pin downward and locks the link in a horizontal position.” (Lines 24-25) For uncoupling the cars from either the top or either side of the car; “a spring-actuated device is provided for keeping the link in a horizontal position with a yielding force.” (Lines 27-29) Illustration is included.
Patent for an improvement in stirrups by using the horns of animals to make an ornamental serviceable stirrup. Illustration is included.
Patent for an improved lawn mower by having a cutter-bar and finger-bar work together to cut grass that close to trees, fences and or other obstructions, including illustration.
Combined Inkstand and Pen Rack.
Patent for a new and improved inkstand and pen rack. This design "is to provide one or more inkstands with pen-holding attachments which will be adapted to close the lid of the inkstand when the pen is in position on the rack-frame and permit the lid to open by gravity of attached parts when the pen is removed for use" (lines 8-14).
Tire Adjuster.
Patent for a new and improved wheel adjuster. This design consists in "[t]he combination, with the terminal tire-lugs having right and left screw-threaded sockets, of a right and left screw-stem, a turning block of substantially the same cross-section as the rim of the wheel, connected to the screw-stem so as to slide thereon but revolve rigidly together, and means . . . for locking the turning block to the terminal lugs" (lines 8-16).
Combined Torch and Gas Burner Key.
Patent for a new and improved combined torch and gas-burner key. This design "relates to a device for lighting gas-burners and operating the cock of the gas-burner, and has for its object to provide a combined torch and key by means of which the gas may be lighted without the flame of the torch coming in contact with the globe surrounding the burner and the cock of the gas-burner readily taken hold of and operated" (lines 8-15).
Patent for a new and improved wheel. This design "is to obviate the . . . great difficulty . . . experienced in the construction of wheels in putting the axle-box in the hub and getting it true. . . . and [to] improve and strengthen the construction of wheels, and especially the manner of securing the spokes in the hubs" (lines 9-17).
Device for Twisting Wire Cables of Suspension Bridges.
Patent for a new and improved cable twister. This design consists in "[t]he combination, with the casting having grooves and openings therein, of the semicircular disks . . . having grooves therein and openings extending through the same, the bolt for binding the several parts together, and the arms extending out from the disks" (lines 1-7).
Needle Beam for Bridges.
Patent for a new and improved needle-beam for bridges. This design "relates to needle-beams for bridges; and its objects are, first, to provide them with appliances whereby to maintain wire cables in proper position and conduct them between the termini of the bridge; second, to provide for interweaving the strands of the cable during the progress of the construction; third, to adapt the parts to coact so that they will maintain the cables permanently in their pristine condition; fourth, to provide such correlation of the parts that they shall uniformly conduce to invariable results" (lines 15-27).
Patent for a suspension bridge which functions are to "transmit a given pressure equally in either direction therefrom to the piers or abutments; second, to balance a given pressure irrespective of its location; third, to provide an elastic yielding road-bed or flooring which will transmit the pressure of an incumbent weight or strain; fourth, to increase the length or span over an existing conditions; fifth, to dispense with piers, except on the shore margins; sixth, to facilitate the construction and increase the life of bridges, and, seventh, to accomplish these aims with structural simplicity and economy" (lines 16-28).
Thill Coupling.
Patent for a new and improved thill-coupling. This design is "compris[ed of] perforated checks . . . a coupling-bolt, a locking-lever hinged to said bolt, said lever being provided with knob and notch, a cover -plate having groove and catch, and a spring-pin adapted to hold the lever and cover in engagement" (lines 81-87).
Portable Flour and Meal Bin.
Patent for a new and improved bin for flour and meal. This design "consist[s], essentially, of the casing having compartments provided with contracted curved bottoms, the spouts in said bottoms, the spirally-grooved shafts in said spouts, the chambers the bottoms of which are hinged to the casing and provided with the sieves, and the stirrers on the ends of the shafts and within the hinged chambers" (lines 81-89).
Hay Pitching and Stacking Machine.
Patent for improvement to hay pitching and stacking machines "to provide a device for pitching and stacking hay, the parts of which can be easily and quickly taken apart or adjusted, and which may be employed in making stacks of hay or straw" (lines 18-22).
Apparatus for Forcing Beer from Kegs.
Patent for a new and improved apparatus for forcing beer from kegs. This design "relates to an improved method of keeping atmospheric pressure upon beer or other aerated liquid contained in a keg or similar receptacle, so as to prevent the same from becoming stale or flat from the evaporating of its dissolved gas. It consists in improvements in the apparatus by means of which the above-stated result is accomplished; and it further consists in the construction and novel arrangement of parts" (lines 16-25).
Burglar Alarm.
Patent for a new and improved burglar alarm. This design "consists in the combination of the door provided with a rod for catching under the spring, a cylinder for receiving powder, a spring-actuated cover for the end of the cylinder, and a spring which explodes the cap . . . The object of [the] invention is to provide a burglar-alarm which will make a loud noise when the door is opened, and in which a spring-actuated cover is made to take the place of a wad or ball" (lines 13-24).
Patent for a new and improved churn. This design consists "[i]n combination with the standard and bracket, the hinged arm having [a] bearing, oscillating driving-wheel, belt, belt-tightening wheels, dasher-wheel, and socket" (lines 94-98). It facilitates churning.
Patent for invention a new and used varnished to be used is on wood, metal etc.
Animal Power.
Patent for a new and improved engine. This design has a "tread-wheel on which the animal is placed, and which is provided with a cog-wheel on its under side to mesh with a pinion placed on one end of the crank-shaft, a connecting-rod which is attached at one end to the crank and at the other to a pivoted lever . . . a second connecting-rod which is fastened to the upper end of the pivoted lever . . . a balance-wheel, and the main driving-shaft provided with a number of arms, each one of which carries a planet-wheel for the purpose of moving around a fixed wheel" (lines 15-29).
Churning Device.
Patent for a new and improved churn. This design consists "[i]n a churning device, the combination, with a base and a spring-bar held therein, of a cross-bar hinged to the said base and a churn-carrying bar secured to the said hinged and spring-bars" (lines 69-73).