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 County: Coryell County, TX
 Collection: Texas Patents
Patent for an improved thill coupling, one meant to "prevent the annoyance of nuts coming off, allowing the thill to come out of place" (lines 55-57). "It is also for the purpose of facilitating the changing of a pair of shafts for a tongue or a tongue for shafts" (lines 59-61).
Combination Wire-Fence Tool.
Patent for a tool that combines pincers, a hammer head, jaws, etc., to be used for fence construction. Includes instructions and illustrations.
Combined Cradle, Swing, and Clothes-Drier.
Patent for "a cradle which may be easily and quickly converted into a child's swing or into a clothes rack or drier." (Lines 10-12) Includes instructions and illustrations.
Electric Railway.
Patent for "a new and useful improvement in electric railways, and particularly to such railways as are adapted to use underground conduits, and has for its object to so construct such conduit and the line-wire connections therefor as to insure a constant connection between the line-wire and the motor of the car, and, further to greatly simplify and increase the efficiency of such systems." (Lines 8-17) Includes instructions and illustrations.
Patent for a brake lever that is locked by an arc-shaped ratchet-bar. There is "a pawl loosely mounted on the rear side of said lever and bearing against said side when the brake is set, said pawl being spring-actuated to move parallel with said side and project beyond the same and contact radially with the ratchet-teeth between said yoke" (lines 25-30).
Patent for "new and useful improvements in plows; and it has for its object the production of simple and highly-efficient means for regulating the depth and penetration of the plowshare in all kinds and conditions of soil." (Lines 10-15) Includes instructions and illustrations.
Patent for improvements in chemises which would relieve wearers “the annoyance of having the garment gather about the limbs while walking which often produces great embarrassment in public places.” (Lines 42-45) Illustration is included.
Patent for improvement in plows by using a “combination of mold-board, land-bar, and share, which will effectually shed the land and prevent the latter from adhere to it.” (Lines 15-18) Illustration is included.
Car Coupling.
Patent for a new and improved car-coupling. This design represents "improvements in coupling railroad-cars where any of the ordinary drawheads requiring the use of the link and pin are used; and the object of [the] improvement is to make a complete, simple, and durable car-coupler. . . . by means of a strong adjustable drop ring or link and catch-pin" (lines 13-20).
Artificial Leg.
Patent for a new and improved artificial leg. This design "consists in certain improvements in the construction and arrangement of parts in artificial legs, so as to make them more durable, easier of repair, and more comfortable to the wearer" (lines 11-15).
Stock for Plow Trucks.
Patent for a new and improved stock for plow-trucks. This design "provide[s] an improved stock and suitable devices for connecting a plow to any pair of wheels and axle forming a part of a wagon, by which simple additional connections a farmer may construct a sulky-plow in a cheap and simple manner" (lines 8-13).
Improvement in Photographers' Bath-Warmers
Patent for keeping photographers' chemicals and bath water the same temperature throughout the liquids. The patent contains instructions and illustrations for the creation and use of the invention.
Improvement in Seed-Planters.
Patent for a new and improved seed-planter. Illustration included.
Improvement in Cotton-Seed Planters.
Patent for an improvement in cotton-seed planters, including illustrations.
Improvement in Pulverizing Subsoil-Plows.
Patent for an improvement in subsoil plows to pulverize soils, including illustrations.
Improvement in Bale-Ties.
Patent for improving the way that hay bales are tied and bound. This bale tie is an addition to a previous patent (number 152,138).
Improvement in Corn and Cotton Planters.
Patent for a new cotton and corn planter, including illustrations.
Improvement in Apparatus for Wiring Picket-Fences.
Patent for a new improvement in apparatus for wiring picket-fences to hold the wires tight, including illustration.
Improvement in Medical Compounds or Bitters for Treating Chills and Fever.
Patent for a new medical compound to treat chills and fevers which lists the ingredients and dosages.
Improvement in Apparatus for Stretching Wire Fences.
Patent for stretching wire from post to post in the construction of wire fencing, which includes directions how to secure the wire, includes illustrations.