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 County: Falls County, TX
 Collection: Texas Patents
Musical Hoop.
Patent for "a musical hoop or wheel which is intended to interest and amuse children." (Lines 12-14) Includes instructions and illustrations.
Saw Cotton-Gin.
Patent for "cotton-gins, and more particularly to pneumatic means for removing the lint from the gin-saws, [the] object being to provide a constructions by the use of which the cotton will be taken from the saw-teeth in the condition of down and not in a tufted or ropy state." (Lines 10-16) Includes instructions and illustrations.
Breast for Cotton-Gins.
Patent for improvements in breasts for cotton gins: " My invention relates to certain improvements in the construction of gin breasts for cotton gins and consists in providing in conjunction with a gin breast an adjustable "up-per circle" to facilitate the formation of the roll, to prevent the seed cotton from overflowing from the gin breast as the roll rotates, and preserve the proper degree of contact between the gin saws and the roll" (lines 12-20).
Patent for carriage and wagon couplings, with instructions and illustrations.
Patent for improvement in corn-shellers; in which “it consists in a perforated casting provided with radial teeth or projections which extend toward its center and which is to be secured to a support having an opening through it, combined with a double-ended handle which has an opening through its center and teeth projecting from the opening.” (Lines 13-20) Illustration is included.
Patent for improvements in lamp-burners “is to provide means whereby the wick-tube may be parted longitudinally or vertically to permit the wick being laid in at its open side and means to keep the wick in place until the tube is closed upon it, and at the same time to avoid weakening the tube materially and to guard against leakage along the joint of the tube.” (Lines 13-20) Illustration is included.
Patent for improvements in trace-carriers in which it would “provide each with a buckle or similar means that can be attached to the back-band of a harness for horses. The purpose is to provide means to a trace-chain which may be readily inserted in the carrier to prevent from removal, either accidentally or otherwise, so long as the carrier remains in position for service.” (Lines 12-20) Illustration is included.
Patent for an improvement in a churn-dasher by constructing the head of a dasher with a series of spirally-slanting blades, the front and rear edges are curved inward forming vertical openings with lancet-shaped ends. So that it would meet with less resistance when churning with the upward stroke.
Patent for improvement of plows; and it consists of a combination of two plows, which are attached to separate beams of their own, and which run upon opposite side of the growing plants for the purpose of cutting away weeds and dirt from around them, with two culitivators or shovels, which run immediately in the rear of said plows, and which clutivators are attached to beams of their own and serve to throw the dirt back toward the plants, as will be more fully described hereinafter.
Improvement in Cotton-Gins.
Patent for improvements in the manner in which cotton is separated.
Improvement in Brick-Molds.
Patent for improvement in brick-molds, with description and illustrations.
Improvement in Car-Couplings.
Patent for car-couplings.
Improvement in Portable Fences.
Patent for "a simple, cheap, and portable fence...which can be readily folded up for transportation from place to place." (Lines 11-13) Illustration included.
Improvement in Brick-Machines.
Patent for the improvement of brick-machines, consisting in the arrangement, with the molds, of one or more valves of flood-gates in the bottom of the pugmill, for the purpose of controlling the flow of the clay into the molds, and a roller and knife upon each side of the mill for pressing the clay into the molds and dressing the tops of the bricks. It includes a description and illustration.
Improvement in Cotton-Pickers.
Patent for "new and useful Improvements in Hand-Machines for Gathering Cotton in the Field" (lines 3-5), including instructions and illustrations.
Improvement in Cotton-Seed Planters.
Patent for covering cotton seeds by using a hoe transversely with cams and slides with the main axle of the planter, including illustration.
Improvement in Cultivators.
Patent for the improvement of the rotary cultivator with adjustable thinning-points and rotating cutter, including illustration.