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 County: Fannin County, TX
 Collection: Texas Patents
Patent for wind motors that has new and useful improvements," is simple and durable in its constructions, very effective and powerful in operation, transmits the force of a series of wind-wheels to a common shaft for driving pumps or other machines" (lines 11-16).
Patent for washing machine. Objective is to make the machine inexpensive and capable of washing clothes with rapid cycles without any harm to the fabric.
Patent for a "new and improved wind-motor" (line 10) including illustrations.
Patent for improvements in spring-scales by providing novel means for measuring and indicating the quality of liquid left in or drawn from a container. (Lines 9-10) Illustration is included.
Appliance for Protecting Oil-Wells from Fires.
Patent for an appliance for protecting oil-wells from fires. As stated within the patent, "this invention relates to certain new and useful improvements in appliances for protecting oil-wells from fires; and to this end it consists of the novel combination and arrangement of parts hereinafter more specifically described in the accompanying drawings, and particularly pointed out in the claims herein appended" (Lines 9-16).
Specific-Gravity Scale
Patent for a type of weighing-scale, "designed for determining the specific gravity of any body, be it solid, liquid, or a gas" (lines 14-15) including illustration.
Patent for adjustable-height lamp hanger primarily for electric lamps, including description and illustration.
Patent for improvments to barrel stands and related to the "object in view being to provide a simple, and convenient stand for holding barrels and casks and permitting the same to be readily turned with slight exertion from a vertical to a horizontal position and vice versa" (lines 9-12) including illustrations.
Farm Fence
Patent for fence constructed of barbed wire and smooth guard-wire enclosed in the fence wires to prevent livestock of injury.
Patent for an improved version of the speculum, a gynecological instrument, including illustrations.
Rein-Holder For Cultivators
Patent for a rein-holder for field cultivation.
Buggy-Top Attachment.
Patent for improvements in "the construction of buggy-top attachments and to provide a simple, inexpensive, and efficient device adapted to be easily and quickly attached to and detached from the top of a buggy or other vehicle and capable of forming a complete extension of the same to protect the occupants of the vehicle from the weather" (lines 11-18), including illustrations.
Patent for a "pounder" washing machine that can be easily repaired and operated with little effort. Illustrations included.
Box for Presses.
Patent for a box used to house heated metal presses to extract fluid from cotton seeds.
Patent for a new cotton chopper with improvements that have the ability to raise or lower the height of the blades and keep them nearly horizontal to the ground, including illustrations.
Patent for a new and improved well pulley, including instructions and illustrations.
Post driver
Patent for a portable post driver.
Driving Mechanism For Gins.
Patent for a new and improved driving mechanism for gins, including instructions and illustrations.
Patent for new and useful improvements in coffee plots for "hot water to drain through the coffee" (line 11 - 12).
Foldable Crate or Coop.
Patent for a new and useful fordable crate or coop, including instructions and illustrations.
Combination Plow And Stalk-Chopper.
Patent for certain new and useful improvements in a combination plow and stalk chopper, including instructions and illustrations.
Patent for an improvements in cultivators, including instructions and illustrations.
Patent for a new and useful plow, including instructions and illustrations.
Patent for a simple and efficient match safe device to "deliver the matches singly to suitable aperture through which they may be withdrawn and ignited during the withdrawal" (line 10 -13).
Jeweler's Stone-Setting Instrument.
Patent for new and useful improvements in Jeweler's Stone Setting instruments.
Water - Tank.
Patent for a new and useful improvement in water tanks.
Improvement in Cotton-Hoes.
Patent for improvements in cotton hoes: "such as are employed in thinning cotton and other plants" ( lines 16-17).
Patent for "a simple transmitter in which the greatest volume of sound may be transmitted without causing grating or rattling." (Lines 8-11) Includes instructions and illustrations.
Patent for a seed planter which utilizes a dropping-wheel that has pockets. Plungers take in and release a certain number of seeds into the pockets.
Patent for a granulated-electrode phone transmitter that is designed to be simple and "constructed so that the granulated-electrode cannot become displaced from the cell" (lines 10-12).
Non-Refillable Bottle.
Patent for non-refillable bottles "which in order to obtain access to its contents will have to be sufficiently mutilated or altered in appearance so that it cannot be again used as an original package for the fraudulent sale of an imitation liquid." (Line 13-17) Includes instructions and illustrations.
Patent for a telephone-transmitter "with a diaphragm and carbon button carried thereby, of a spring-supported flaring conical carbon-cell provided with a flange covered with soft material and resting on the carbon button carried by the diaphragm, the carbon-cell being filled with granulated carbon resting in contact with the carbon button" (lines 13-19). This is meant to optimize the volume of sound being transmitted.
Revolving Cabinet.
Patent for a revolving cabinet that "shall constitute a counter or a part of the same, or that may be used as a kitchen-table, and at the same time serve as a convenient receptacle for the safe storage of general articles of merchandise and household supplies, which shall be maintained in a clean and fresh condition and be easy to access" (lines 12-19). There is an opening on the counter to access the trapezoidal trays that can rotate underneath.
Patent for a pin-and-link car-coupling that allows "cars to be readily coupled and uncoupled without going between them, and by which a link may be readily guided into the mouth of a draw-head without necessitating a person going between the cars" (lines 11-16). It also has a durable link lifting or guiding device.
Patent for an axle-skein. Its purpose is "to improve the construction of axle-skeins, to increase their strength and durability, and to decrease the wear of the same at the bottom thereof" (lines 10-14).
Patent for a simple and efficient churn where "the process of churning is rendered easier, the resultant product firmer, and butter obtained in a shorter space of time than heretofore, while at the same time the milk is left in better condition and rendered free from water" (lines 12-17).
Sliding Gate.
Patent for sliding gates "which will open automatically and close in a like manner after a person, team, or the like has passed through it. A further object of the invention is to provide means whereby the gate will be prevented from being accidentally opened by stock." (Lines 12-18) Includes instructions and illustrations.
Patent for "wire fenders or protectors for trees, [the] purpose being to provide a simple and inexpensive guard capable of being readily applied to trees of any size and having such construction that it shall be held by its own elasticity at such a distance from the trunk that rabbits or other rodents shall not be able to gnaw the bark, and the fender shall not chafe or wear the tree by continued use." (Lines 8-17) Includes instructions and illustrations.
Patent for a coffee-roaster for family use, and the roasting-cylinder may be rotated automatically or manually. A pendulum swinging below the table attached to a ratchet is how the cylinder can automatically rotated.
Combined Quilting Frame and Table.
Patent for a quilting frame which can be quickly set up and collapsed, which folds up to occupy a minimum amount of space, and which can be converted for use as cutting and ironing table. Includes instructions and illustrations.
Apparatus for Cooking Cotton-Seed Meal.
Patent for an apparatus for cooking cotton-seed meal meant to get the maximum amount of oil for the meal used and puts moisture into dry meal and evaporates excess moisture in meal. Meal is continuously supplied through the machine and water-bath. The steam does not burn or harm the meal.
Patent for "improvements in coffee-pots, and has for its object the provision of an improved coffee-grounds holder, together with a device of improved form for spraying the water thereover, the latter device operating in conjunction with a condenser; and a further object is to provide the pot with an adjustable handle." (Lines 12-19) Includes instructions and illustrations.
Patent for a simple and expensive knee-pad used while picking cotton, berries, &c. The invention affords "the most perfect protection to the user by protecting his knee against contact with objects which would tend to bruise and injure it, and by preventing the dampness of the ground from being transmitted to the knee, which, as is well known, results in various diseases, such as rheumatism" (lines 13-20).
Patent for a quilting-frame that holds "the quilt in position to be sewed with an ordinary sewing machine" (lines 13-14). The frame has rollers on it.
Saw Gummer or Sharpener.
Patent for an apparatus "which may be easily applied to a gang of gin saws, which is arranged in such a manner that the grinder may be quickly and nicely adjusted so as to properly fit the teeth of the saws and to enter between them to any desired distance, also to provide a simple and efficient feed mechanism which moves the saws tooth by tooth as they are ground, to provide a simple means of regulating the pitch of the grinder, and in general to produce a machine which enables the saws to be rapidly and nicely ground so as to leave the teeth their full, original length and openness." (Lines 13-25) Includes instructions and illustrations.
Patent for a trawl-line that is supported so that it "can be caused to travel continuously in the same or reversed directions at will" (lines 12-14). The invention prevents "the choking of the line supporting pulleys with grasses and other foreign matter, and also to enable the ready adjustment of the pulley son the posts to change the elevation of the trawl-line and the depth of dip of the hooks in the water" (lines 16-21).
Design for a Fire-Screen
Design patent for a ornamental fire-screen
Patent for a quilting frame that has "a novel means of supporting and tilting the track, and also other features" (lines 15-16). The frame is suspended in a track, and the track can be tilted so the frame can run in bot directions on the track.
Patent for a copy-holder that is "especially designed for type-writing machines, of any of the prevalent forms, and it has for its object to facilitate the holding of the copy; also to aid the reader or operator to readily retain his "place," in reading the copy line by line, in the usual way, to insure accuracy in copying the same; also to provide for its adaptation to the machine, irrespective of the size of the latter" (lines 16-24).
Patent for a coffee pot that has "a movable handle whereby the same may be placed on the opposite side of the pot from the spout or to one side thereof as may be preferred" (lines 18-21). It also has an acting slide or valve that keeps the spout closed when liquids are not being poured out of it.
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