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 County: Grayson County, TX
 Collection: Texas Patents
Composition of Matter for Manufacturing Calcium Carbid.
Patent for a "new and useful Composition of Matter for Manufacturing Calcium Carbid" (lines 5-7) that will aid in the commercially successful production. Patent includes specifications for the composition of matter.
Patent for a railway car that runs close to the railroad tracks, to prevent damage should it become derailed or in another accident. Includes instructions and illustrations.
Wire-Stretching and Staple-Pulling Device.
Patent for a tool "which is adapted for stretching wire for fencing purposed and which may also be used for drawing the staples from the posts and splicing between posts when such action is necessary." (Lines 9-13) Includes instructions and illustrations.
Releasing Device For Brakes Of Drive-Wheels.
Patent for "releasing devices for the brakes of drive-wheels of locomotives, whereby the brakes are instantaneously released at the time the train is in motion and before the braked drive-wheels are on the point of sliding on the rails, also before the triple valve acts to release the brakes." (Lines 15-21) Includes instructions and illustrations.
Screen Attachment for Suction or Exhaust Fans.
Patent for a screen attachment that protects fan blades from damaging and being damaged by debris. Includes instructions and illustrations.
Device for raising water.
Patent for device for raising water. "Our invention relates to water-elevators in which a bucket or like receptacle is periodically lowered into a well and then raised to be emptied."
Bicycle Attachment.
Patent for "a new and improved bicycle attachment arranged to serve as a foot-rest for the feet of the rider while coasting and adapted to be lowered to support the bicycle in a vertical position when not in use and to securely lock the wheel and support together to prevent the machine from being stolen" (lines 7-14), including illustrations.
Patent for a tool that allows a boiler flue to rotate while not letting any steam out of the flue. This allows for the projecting end of the flue to turn without damaging itself and makes taking the flue apart easier for workmen.
Patent for an improved locomotive or traction-engine, with a series of water-shells, each containing "a series of fire-flues, a feeding-water heater, a pipe discharging steam" (lines 118-121), and a double-action plunger-pump.
Quilting Attachment for Sewing-Machines.
Patent for an improvement on a quilting attachment for sewing-machines previously granted to the inventors (no. 529,518). This patent is an improvement on "the general construction of the device, to provide simple means for adjusting the elevation of the track at its extremities to vary the inclination thereof and for securing the upper ends of the supporting devices to a stationary object, such as the ceiling, and to provide means for adjusting the inclination of the traveler-bar of the hanger to suit that of the track" (lines 14-23).
Automatic Car-Switching System.
Patent for "a system of switching where the cars of a train are pushed up an incline and placed successively on an elevated annular revolving platform, by which they are automatically distributed to their respective receiving-tracks" (lines 9-14).
Pot Holder or Hanger.
Patent for a pot or boiler hanger that is simple and inexpensive and is meant for hanging a pot or boiler above a fire. The hanger is light, easily transportable, compact, and adjustable.
Train-Marker and Signal-Lamp.
Patent for a train-marker and engine signal-lamp meant to "provide a lamp in which the light may be differently colored and the change of color may be effected in an expeditious and convenient manner without the necessity of opening the lamp" (lines 10-14). It also provides "a guard or slide, whereby the opening through which the adjusting device passes may be closed, so as to prevent the wind from entering the body of the lamp and interfering with the flame" (lines 15-20). The lamp is meant for railroads and has two or more lenses, and is durably and inexpensively constructed. One color of light can be shown from the front and back and another from the sides.
Self-Closing Cock or Faucet.
Patent for an improved self-closing cock or faucet that is made up of a pipe with an elongated chamber, a nozzle that is attached to the upper part of the pipe, an inner pipe within the chamber that has apertures in the upper part, a cylindrical valve in the inner pipe, a spring-actuated plunger-rod attached to the cylindrical valve, a handle attached to the plunger-rod, and a drop-valve that closes the lower end of the cylindrical valve.
Press-Box for Horizontal Oil-Presses.
Patent for a press-box for horizontal oil-presses that produces "a cake of even thickness and density, and without strain on any part of the box" (lines 11-13) that has "a box fitted with a strainer that will be more lasting, which can be cleaned without removing it form the box, or the box from the press, and to which the cake will not adhere; [and] to provide a box fitted with effective and economical means of raising the cake out of the box after it is pressed" (lines 13-20). This box is made out of metal.
Patent for a simple, practical, and reliable car-coupling with a side latch. It is "adapted for automatic connection in pairs, when two cars having the improvements are brought together on the same track, which will be capable of a ready release from the side of either coupled car, and also that will be adapted by its peculiar formation to receive support from one part of the improvements, when a coupled drawhead is partly detached from its connections to the car, and which if not so sustained might fall on the track, derail the car having the disabled coupling, and occasion the wreckage of said car and others of a train" (lines 14-27).
Surgical Instrument.
Patent for a surgical instrument meant to help examine and treat the urethra and similar internal canals and passages. It can easily be cleaned and taken apart.
Main Slide-Valve and Throttle-Valve for Steam-Engines.
Patent for a simple main slide-valve and throttle-valve for steam-engines. The throttle valve is a flat plat and slides in a channel between the valve seat and the cylinder head. The twin engine cylinders are horizontally placed at the same height as the throttle valve. The main slide valve "affords a complete and superior valve mechanism for a quick speed steam engine" (lines 29-30).
Patent for a quilting-machine that is meant to "improve the construction of quilting attachments for sewing machines, and to provide a simple and inexpensive one, which will be capable of lateral vibrations, longitudinal movement, and a rotary motion, in order that any form of design may be worked" (lines 12-17).
Patent for a simple and durable punching-machine for metalworking that punching metal and feeds it forward. The invention is made up of " a carriage adapted to support the sheet to be punched, and provided with a toothed bar, a rock shaft carrying a pawl adapted to engage the said toothed bar to move the carriage forward, and a punch lever adapted to receive a swinging motion from the said shaft, the said lever being connected with the punch to move the latter downward to punch the sheet" (lines 14-22).
Quick-Speed Steam-Engine.
Patent for a simple, efficient, and high pressure quick speed steam-engine that maximizes power with the minimum amount of steam.
Steam-Engine Governor.
Patent for a governor meant to be used with a double cylinder single-action steam engine of Devoissaud's invention. It has "a plate-like governor valve having suitable steam ports, is introduced within a vertical channel formed in the single head plat that closes one end of two steam cylinders, which are located in the same vertical plane on a bed-plate; said valve being directly attached to, and controlled by the governor, for the alternate introduction of steam directly through the cylinder head into the two cylinders, for the actuation of working parts of the steam engine" (lines 17-27).
Automatic Damper-Regulator.
Patent for an automatic steam damper-regulator that is simply constructed, and can quickly close and open its damper in the flue of the boiler or furnace.
Patent for a picture-hook that improves on a commonly used picture-hook that easily becomes dislodged. The patented hook fits over molding with spurs that go into the molding.
Patent for a "device which will lock the sashes of a window when they are closed and which will secure them in any desired adjustment," (lines 11-14) including instructions and illustrations.
Patent for improvements to churns, "and has special reference to what are known as 'vibrating-dasher' churns." (lines 11-12) Includes instructions and illustrations.
Patent for improvements in car brakes, "wherein the ordinary brake-beams are dispensed with and wherein the several brake-shoe-carrying levers will be self-adjusting." (lines 8 - 11) Includes instructions and illustrations.
Patent for "a step-ladder adapted to travel upon a track and be moved to any desired place by the person using the ladder," (lines 16-18) including illustrations.
Patent for improvements in animal-traps that would be capable of catching two animals; to set the trap, bait is placed upon the hooked ends of the bait-hooks, the jaws are elevated and retained in a position by the link-catches, which have the lower hooked ends engaging the trigger, which has its free end engaging the eye at the inner end of the bait hooks, thus setting the trap, (lines 66-73) ready to catch animals. Illustration is included.
Patent for improvements in hand-stamps which “comprised a polygonal block or disk having some of its edges provided with rubber type-strips securely fastened thereto, its other edges cut away to form shoulders, spring-metal guides or holders secured the cut-away portions, and type-strips removably secured in the guides or holders,” (lines 75-82); includes illustration.
Quilting-Frame for Sewing-Machines.
Patent for a quilting frame for sewing machines in which the frame would support the quilt in desired position, the frame is designed to move freely in any direction so that any pattern can be quilted on the article held by the frame. This frame can be easily adapted to the feed of any sewing machine. Illustration is included.
Patent for a new and improved motor. This design "relates to improvements in motors in which a screw or spiral operates in conjunction with suitable gearing; and the object of my improvement is to convert a vertically-reciprocating motion into a rotary for driving any light machinery" (lines 15-20).
Patent for a new and improved pouch. This design "is to provide for the use of ladies and others a sheet-metal pocket lined with soft material and provided with a pin by means of which it may be secured to the garments" (lines 7-11).
Pitman Rod.
Patent for a new and improved pitman-rod. This design "consists in the combination of the flywheel, made heaviest upon one side, with the wrist-pin, connecting-rod, and the part which is to be attached to the reaper or mower knife" (lines 14-18).
Sliding Gate.
Patent for a new and improved sliding gate. This design "consists in the combination of the two posts between which the gate moves back and forth, the roller placed between them and upon which the gate moves, the gate provided with an extension on its rear edge, a top rail, and pulleys on the top rail, a post provided with rollers, and through which the extension passes, operating-cords provided with stops, and the posts provided with guides for the ropes to pass through" (lines 13-22).
Wire Stretcher.
Patent for a new and improved wire stretcher. This design "relates to that class of wire stretchers or tighteners which are adapted to be applied upon the strands of wire forming a fence, and are used to tighten or stretch the same by winding the strand about one end of the device and engaging the other end of the latter with the strand" ( lines 11-17).
Patent for a new and improved gate. This design consists in "[t]he combination, with a gate, one of the rails whereof is about thrice as thick as the remainder of said rails, and is provided with a central groove along its upper face, of three supporting-posts, each having a recess furnished with a roller in its lower part, upon which the aforesaid rail may travel, a tongue projecting from the upper edge of said recess into the groove of said rail, and an upright attached to the central post, so as to form a guide retaining the gate in an erect position" (lines 47-57).
Churn Power.
Patent for a new and improved churn power. This design "relates to improvements in churn-powers in which suitable gearing and frame-work operate in conjunction with a vertically-reciprocating dasher; and the objects of [the] improvements are, first, to provide a spring-power and suitable gearing for operating the dasher, with a view to rendering the same in a high degree effective, convenient, and especially adapted to the requirements of service; and second, to afford facilities for the easy winding of the powerful spring required for such service" (lines 8-19).
Water Gage.
Patent for a new and improved water gauge. This design "consists in the arrangement of a chamber attached to the lower valve of an ordinary water-gage; and the object of [the] improvement is to prevent the foam and sentiment of steam-boilers from accumulating in the glass, stuffing-boxes, and valves of water-gages" (lines 8-14).
Patent for a new and improved gate. This design "relates to improvements in gates that are balanced by a weight and opened in either direction by ropes operating in conjunction with circular inclined tracks and rollers; and the object of [the] improvement is to provide a gate that may be readily opened and closed by a person seated in a vehicle" (lines 7-14).
Patent for a new and improved churn. This design "relates to improvements in churn-powers in which suitable gearing and frame-work operate in conjunction with a vertically-reciprocating dasher; and the objects of [the] improvements are, first, to provide for the quick and convenient detaching of the churn from the driving mechanism; and, second, to afford facilities for the proper adjustment of the device to the different sizes of churns" (lines 7-16).
Patent for a new and improved saddle. This design "consists in a rubber or other elastic seat having a thick central portion with tapering thin edges and a leather covering for the same" (lines 9-11).
Cotton Packer.
Patent for a new and improved cotton-packer. This design "relates to an improved machine having for its object to convey the lint or cotton from the gin-house to the press, and to subject it to a preliminary compressing or packing process, the object being to dispense with the manual labor usually called into requisition for this purpose" (lines 24-30).
Bedstead Fastening.
Patent for a new and improved bedstead fastening. This design "consist[s] in the locking-pin, the sections which are . . . provided with the laterally projecting alternating studs . . . having aligned vertical perforations to receive the said locking-pin, and their faces provided with the outer beveled flanges at the base of the studs, extending the entire length of the sections, so that when the sections are connected together they will meet each other in angular form, whereby the strain on the locking pin and the lateral studs is equalized" (lines 59-70).
Churn Power.
Patent for a new and improved churn-power. This design is "to provide a spring-power and suitable gearing for operating the dasher, with a view of rendering the same in a high degree effective, convenient, and especially adapted to the requirements of service; [and], to afford facilities for the proper adjustment of the device to the different sizes of churns, and to provide for the quick and convenient detaching of the churn from the driving mechanism" (lines 12-21).
Car Coupling.
Patent for a new and improved coupling for railroad-cars. This design "relates to car-couplings; and it has for its object to provide improved devices whereby the cars may be automatically coupled; and further, to provide improved devices for this purpose which shall be simple in construction and thoroughly effective in operation" (10-16).
Wheel Scraper.
Patent for a new and improved wheel scraper. This design "is to provide a . . . device for scraping mud and adhesive soil from the outer edges and sides of the fellies of vehicle wheels to prevent an accumulation of mud or adhesive soil on the wheel rim or felly and between the spokes" (lines 7-13).
Cotton Seed Planter.
Patent for a new and improved seed planter. This design "consist[s] of the hopper, the tapering feed-tube, the distributing-chamber provided with inwardly-projecting radial pins, the discharge-spout, and the shaft provided at its upper end with stirrer pins, at its middle part with a tapering feed-screw, and at its lower part with distributing pins" (lines 9-15).
Bale Band Tightener.
Patent for a new and improved bale-band tightener. This design "is to produce a device by which one person may with ease draw a band tightly around a bale of cotton or other merchandise, in place of one that has by accident been broken" (lines 12-16).
Pressure Device.
Patent for a new and improved compacter. This design "has relation to portable pressure-devices for use in casks, boxes, barrels, or other receptacles; and the invention consists in the construction and novel arrangement of the pointed dogs and cam-levers pivoted together, and in the combination therewith of a pivot-bolt having its nut secured by means of a locking-key" (lines 20-27).