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 County: Harris County, TX
 Collection: Texas Patents
Improvement in Thill-Couplings.
Patent for improvements in thill-couplings "whereby provision is made for the easy connection and disconnection of the shafts or pole of the vehicle without any unscrewing or removal of bolts or pins" (para. 2).
Patent for an improvement in spring wheels in which "a maximum of resiliency or shock absorbing power is obtained, with the employment of comparatively few elements" (lines 11-14). The spring wheel has multiple spokes that are telescoping sections of coil spring, held in a distended position to eliminate lateral strains upon the wheel.
Vending Machine
Patent for improvements in vending machines.
Patent for a new design "in armor or protectors for pneumatic tires" (line 13) including instructions and illustrations.
Floor-Surfacing Machine.
Patent for a new floor-surfacing machine that is "pivotally mounted upon supporting carriers and carrying an abrading roller which may be forced into contact with the floor to be smoothed, or withdrawn from said contact by operating the machine upon its pivoted support" (lines 11-18), which includes illustrations and instructions.
Patent for baling-presses to prevent the inward-drawing or centripetal movement of the fiber in a press of the roller type (lines 96-97) by “disposed intermediate of the rollers and within the plane of the baling-cylinder for opposing resistance to the inward movement of the fiber and overcoming to a greater or less extent the tendency of the upper layer of cotton to form waves or billows in advance of the rollers.” (Page 1, lines 101-102, page 2, lines 1-6.) Illustration is included.
Apparatus for Cleaning Bottoms of Ships.
Patent for apparatus for cleaning the bottom of ships "to provide a simple and practical apparatus for removing barnacles, seaweed, mud, and other adhesions from the sides and bottom of a ship" (line 10).
Stock- Weaner.
Patent for " and useful Improvements in Stock-Weaners..." (lines 6-7) including illustrations.
Combined Cotton Chopper and Cultivator
Patent for combining both cotton choppers and cultivators. This will create a more easily operated piece of machinery.
Cinder Guard.
Patent for a detachable cinder guard to be used with car panels. This cinder guard prevents cinders and other items that may cause combustion from entering a car window.
Patent for an invention that relates to locks. "The prime object of the invention is to provide a supplemental locking device for the holding element, which is entirely separate from the usual locking mechanism, so that should one unacquainted with the lock attempt to open it in the ordinary manner by operating said usual mechanism the holding element will still be securely locked and the attempt would thus be frustrated." (Lines 14-21) Illustration is included.
Patent for a desktop paper weight that not only sits atop paper, but also serves as a calendar, memorandum pad, and a container for small office articles.
Pole or shaft.
Patent for poles and shafts for vehicles with the objective of providing "simple and inexpensive means for dispensing with the singletree ordinarily employed with a pair of shafts or thills in a one-horse vehicle or the usual doubletree in a two-horse vehicle." (Lines 10-15)
Bale-Band Fastening
Patent for "a simple and thoroughly-practical form of bale-band fastening or cotton-tie buckle easily fitted to the band and comprising positive and reliable means for effectually preventing the band from slipping or rending without injuring or fracturing the band, so that the original strength of the latter may be maintained" (lines 19-26).
Patent for a canopy frame for any kind of drapery, including mosquito nets. The design is purported to be inexpensive and strong, using a thin metal support for the crossbeams.
Apparatus for Making Cotton-Bales.
Patent for improvement in apparatus for making cotton-bales from continuous sheets or bats by “employing only a single press and which permits the ginning and bat-forming devices to be operated continuously which accumulated the cotton in light and fleecy condition during the covering and removal of the bales, which feeds the cotton from the accumulator to the baling apparatus whenever this is desired.” (Lines 68-75) Illustration is included.
Patent for improvements in "gaskets or packing rings for steam-cylinders, and is designed to prevent the gasket from becoming broken or spread apart at the port-openings therein" (lines 7-10).
Patent for device to securely hold a pane of glass on roofs, skylights, etc. without the use of putty.
Turning-Tool for Bale-Band Fasteners.
Patent for a new and useful turning-tool for bale-band fasteners “which can be readily applied to and removed from the fastener, while at the same time providing positive means for exerting a powerful leverage upon the turning or winding element of the fastener to insure the taking up of a maximum amount of slack in a bale-band with a minimum movement.” (Lines 15-22.) Illustration is included
Coin-Bank or Toy Safe
Patent for "coin-banks or toy safes for containing hoarded coin" (lines 8-9). To provide a simple mechanism which "can be manufactured at an extremely low cost, which shall be of marked simplicity in construction, and in which coin will be securely contained..." (lines 11-14) including illustrations.
Ventilating Apparatus
Patent for a ventilation apparatus that prevents the accumulation of dust in the interior of passenger coaches on railway-trains, while also cooling the coach.
Turning Tool for Bale Band Fasteners.
Patent for "novel construction of turning-tool having simple and efficient means for exerting a powerful leverage upon the turning or winding element of the fastener, whereby all of the slack in the bale-band may be readily taken up and drawn very tight, thus insuring the manipulation of the bale-band fastener in a way to provide for taking up a maximum amount of slack with a minimum movement" (lines 16-25). Includes Illustrations.
Patent for improvement in cotton-compresses by employing two compressing rolls, so that while one compress is finishing a bale the other would continuously carry out the feeding operation; making it unnecessary to stop the condenser or any part of the ginning apparatus. Illustration is included.
Patent for "a frog for crossing rails at switches or railway-crossings" (lines 8-9).
Patent for improvement in coin-holder “to be use on a belt to be worn by a person or on a stand placed on a counter, desk, or the like, and arranged to hold coins of desired denominations and to permit the user to conveniently and quickly remove coins of various denominations for making changes.” (Lines 10-16) Illustration is included.
Bale-Band Fastening.
Patent for "a new and useful bale-band fastening or bale-tie for an object to provide a simple and efficient device for taking up a maximum amount of slack in the band with a minimum movement, while at the same time serving to tightly secure the band about the bale and preventing the same from loosening or the ends thereof from rending apart ." (lines 5-15) including instructions and illustrations.
Incandescent Hydrocarbon-Lamp.
Patent for "a new and useful incandescent hydrocarbon-lamp employing an easily-evaporated oil for fuel which transformed into gas before burning." (lines 5-10) including instructions and illustrations.
Patent for " a improved steam-separating trap or steam-eliminator for obtaining a supply of dry steam to an engine or like machinery" (lines 7-10 including instructions and illustrations.
Combined Writing and Advertising Desk.
Patent for a desk that "combines writing and advertising desks or cabinets." (Lines 9-10) Illustrations included.
Folding Poultry-Coop.
Patent for certain new and useful improvements in folding poultry coops, including instructions and illustrations.
Patent for a device used with metal-working machines that provides more efficient finishing.
Bale-Band Fastener.
Patent for a new and useful bale band fasteber, including instructions and illustrations.
Attachment for Type-Writing Machines.
Patent for a new and useful attachment for type writing machines, including instructions and illustrations.
Tightening Device For Spring Bed-Bottoms.
Patent for certain new and useful improvements in tightening devices for spring bed bottoms, including instructions and illustrations.
Extension Car-Step.
Patent for a new and useful extension car step for "use on street cars and railway coaches". (line 13 - 15).
Winding-Tool For Bale-Fastenings.
Patent for a new and useful winding tool for bale fastenings.
Book Type-Writer.
Patent for certain new and useful improvements in book type writers, including instructions and illustrations.
Automatic Car-Coupling.
Patent for certain new and useful improvements in automatic car couplings, including instructions and illustrations.
Pressure-Controlling Valve Mechanism For Hydraulic Presses.
Patent for certain new and useful improvements in pressure controlling valve mechanism for hydraulic presses, including instructions and illustrations.
Patent for certain new and useful improvements in stock guards, including instructions and illustrations.
Patent for a bale-fastening device that "may be applied with facility to a cotton-bale or to an equivalent package." (lines 9-11) including instructions and illustrations. The tie comprises "a band, a key engaged with the band and rotatable to coil the same therearound, and a lock fitted upon the band and engaged with the key to prevent reverse rotation thereof" (lines 105-109).
Saw-Filing Machine.
Patent for a new and useful saw filing machine, including instructions and illustrations.
Steering Device for Vehicles.
Patent for certain new and useful improvements in steering devices for vehicles, including instructions and illustrations.
Polisher or Brush.
Patent for a new and useful improvements in polishing brushes.
Tire - Protector
Patent for a new and useful improvements in tire-protectors. This design "has relation to armor for pneumatic tires" (line 8-9).
Wheel For Bicycles.
Patent for certain new and useful improvements in wheels for bicycles. This design is to "provide an improved tire for this purpose which is adapted to take the place of a pneumatic tire and to operate in a similar manner" (line 13 - 17).
Game - Carrier.
Patent for a new and useful instrument and device to "provide hunters and fishermen with a light, cheap, clean, convenient, and secure means of carrying their game and fish" (line 18 -20).
Bale Tie
Patent for a new and improved bale tie. This invention is to "provide a new and improved bale-tie which is simple and durable in construction, not liable to become accidentally unlocked, and arranged to permit its use on ordinary compresses" (line 7 - 11).
Patent for a new and useful improvements in bottles. This invention is to "provide an improved vessel of this class the neck of which is formed in such manner and provided with attachments so constructed that when the vessel has been filled and the attachment applied the vessel may be emptied of its contents, but cannot be refilled or reused" (line 12- 18).
Ruling Machine
Patent for a new and useful improvements in ruling machines. This invention is to "provide a machine of this character by means of which engravers may cut horizontal, inclined, or circular lines into the plate, or draftsmen draw the same lines upon a sheet of drawing" (line 14-18).