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 County: Hill County, TX
 Collection: Texas Patents
Patent for certain new and useful improvements in plows. This improvements are to " render the plow right and strong and easy-running, reducing the effort required by the plowman to handle the plow to a minimum, and to render the handles and beam and plow-plate readily adjustable as regards pitch and height (line 10 - 16).
Egg Case
Patent for a new and useful improvement in egg case. This invention "relates to folding boxes or crates such as are usually employed for packing and shipping eggs and various other articles" (line 10-12).
Sad Iron Attachment For Pressing Seams
Patent for a new and useful improvements in Sad-Iron Attachments for pressing Seams. This invention is to "provide a device of this class which is adapted to be connected with an ordinary sad - iron" (line 12 - 14)
Patent for a quilting frame "pivotally attached to a suspending-bar, whereby either part may be brought beneath the arm of the sewing-machine without requiring the shifting of the goods to bring a new part into position to be quilted until after the exposed portions of the two parts have been quilted." (Lines 24-30) Includes instructions and illustrations.
Patent for improvements to headlight lamps used in locomotives, with illustrations.
Patent for a hay-press that has an easily detachable tie-box and power-head, and the plunger-beam has an improved construction. Loose hay "fed into the feed-box [is] gathered or collected by the plunger through the instrumentality of teeth on a peculiarly-formed power-head engaging teeth on the plunger-beam and then compressed by a finger or arm on the power-head baring against the end of the plunger-beam" (lines 22-28). The press does not need to pinned to the ground.
Telephone Attachment.
Patent for "a device which will support the weight of the telephone-receiver on the switch-lever whether the receiver be hung on the hooks of said lever or carelessly dropped, [the] object being to provide against the short-circuiting of the local battery when the telephone is not being used, whereby it would become uselessly exhausted, and also to insure that the signal-bell shall at such times always be in operative circuit with the central station, so that the annoyance to a distant exchange or subscriber by a failure of the call-bell to respond is avoided." (Lines 9-21) Includes instructions and illustrations.
Autographic Register.
Patent for a device to register fares in situations where passengers pay to be transported from one location to another, specifically by train. The fare-collector needs a way to have accurate receipts as fares are collected. The invention is a "small portable ticket-holder and registering device (lines 38-39), that issues valid tickets "which will enable a conductor to keep a correct current amount of fares as received as well as a record of tickets sold and mileage traveled on same" (lines 41-45), and prevents dishonesty in fare-collectors.
Dental-Plate-Polishing Tool.
Patent for a machine that dresses or reduces dental plates uniformly, and can dress dental plates to any thickness. It also can "provide permanently-exposed means for indicating the thickness to which the plate is being reduced" (lines 16-19). It will not puncture or weaken dental plates.
Grass and Weed Exterminator.
Patent for a grass and weed exterminator, especially those weeds that roots are a network of runners that can't be pulled up. The destroyer plows them up, ten inches or more, and sifts through the dirt, pulling up the network of plants.
Water Elevator and Carrier.
Patent for a water elevator and carrier that is designed to quickly and efficiently transport water from a well, spring, or cistern to the operator. A bucket can be quickly transported to the well, spring, or cistern and be filled also.
Portable Furnace.
Patent for a furnace adapted for camping and general outdoor use. Includes instructions and illustrations.
Seed-Planter Attachment.
Patent for "seed-planter attachments; and it has for its object to provide a new and useful machine of this character adapted to simultaneously plant two rows of corn, cotton, or other seed at any desired distance apart and to also provide means for marking the third row at any width from the planter." (Lines 8-15) Includes instructions and illustrations.
Patent for an antirattling attachment for thill-couplings or thill-irons. It can attach to any axle and any thill, and causes the device to put constant pressure on the eye of the thill-iron. This prevents rattling where the iron is connected with the axel-clip and puts tension on the front of the thill-iron in a rearward direction. This tension balances the shafts and thills when the horse is attached to the thill. When the horse is unattached, the thill is held in an upright position by the attachment.
Metallic Buttonhole-Eyelet.
Patent for a metallic buttonhole-eyelet that produces a finished appearance that can easily be attached to the fabric. The eyelet can be made bigger or smaller depending on the size of the button.
Patent for an improvement on a revolving hay-rake that is simple, economic, and easily manipulated. It can move backwards as well as forward, and the teeth can turn freely. The ground pressure of the teeth can be adjusted.
Rotary Steam-Engine.
Patent for a rotary steam-engine that provides "a new and useful machine of this character wherein a head or pressure of steam shall be utilized to its fullest extent with a consequent increase in power over other engines worked under the same head or pressure of steam. To this end the main and primary object of the present invention is to provide a simple, economical and durable steam engine of the rotary type having few working parts, but one which shall run easily and steadily and will develop considerable power" (lines 9-19).
Patent for a match-box that prevents "the wholesale removal therefrom of large numbers of matches by users and borrowers and their consequent wasteful expenditure, which, when this happens, as it commonly does in hotels and stores, makes the cost of matches an item of considerable expense to the proprietor" (lines 14-20).
Patent for pitch-board that is "an instrument adapted for use by carpenters and others, the same being so constructed as to serve as a rule, a square, or angle, and adapted to be arranged for indicating accurately any inclination or bevel that may be desired, and finally that is capable of being folded" (lines 6-12).
Combined Car Coupling and Bumper.
Patent for a combined car coupling and bumper. It has a draw-head with a throat, mouth, recess, and coupling pin hole; the recess has a slot that opens into the front of the draw-head; a lock-block that fits in the slot; a pin-seat that receives the lock-block; a spiral spring that holds in the pin-seat; and a coupling pin in the pin seat and a link.
Ice-Cream Freezer.
Patent for an ice cream freezer that consists of a can with a joint bearing in the middle, a cover with openings in the center and a central vertical flange, a lid that fits over the central vertical flange, and a shaft with horizontal arms that rotates.
Patent for a cultivator attachment which is designed to be "a guard to protect the young growing crop from being covered by dirt when it is being cultivated." (Lines 14-16) Includes instructions and illustrations.
Harrow Attachent.
Patent for a light, strong, and durable harrow attachment for plows or cultivators that has has harrow or cultivator teeth which can be securely fastened on the harrow-bar.
Combined Elevator, Cleaner, Distributer, and feeder for Seed-Cotton.
Patent for Combined Elevator, Cleaner, Distributer, and feeder for Seed-Cotton: "provide a simple, cheap and efficient apparatus for taking seed cotton from a wagon, or other source of supply cleaning it, and delivering it in the desired quantity and in a suitable condition for ginning to one or more gins or gin feeders" (lines 13-18).
Combined Elevator, Cleaner, Distributer, and Feeder for Seed-Cotton.
Patent for a "simple and efficient apparatus for conveying seed-cotton from a wagon or other source of supply, to one or more gins or gin feeders, said apparatus being adapted, at the same time, to thoroughly clean the seed-cotton and to deliver it to the gins or feeders in the desired quantities in a uniform manner, and in loose and uncompacted condition" (lines 14-21).
Advertising Device.
Patent for "a simple and inexpensive advertising device adapted to be placed on street corners and other public places and capable of exciting the curiosity and attracting attention, and thereby directing the attention of persons to the advertisement" (lines 11-16).
Patent for a kitchen cabinet that is uniquely constructed and compactly stores condiments and food articles. The food can be easily accessed, and the cabinet has an apparatus for sifting flour "that may be delivered thereby from the sealed bins in the cabinet, in any desired quantity for use" (lines 18-20).
Patent for a plow that has "a mold-board of independently-yielding bars and the upper end thereof mounted upon yielding supports so that better results are attained and the earth broken up as it is thrown up by the point and turned aside and completely over as soon as it comes in contact with the said wires or spring rods" (lines 12-19). The mold board can easily be changed.
Patent for a simple and inexpensive clothes pounder that has a conical casing, interior concentric partition, and equal draft and suction. The casing is divided into two compartments, but the divider has openings for air and suds.
Patent for an improved railway switch that "may be operated by a passing car or train, and one which will be most effectual and certain in its operation and which will at the same time automatically adjust a signal at one side of the track which will indicate to the next approaching train the position of the switch" (lines 18-24).
Patent for improvements in atmospheric clothes pounders: "Dividing the outer section into compartments so that air in escaping is distributed evenly from all sides of the pounder instead of escaping in a body from one side, whenever the pounder strikes a wad or knot of cloths and is tipped sidewise; it also makes the suction better" (lines 49-55).
Patent for an improved washing machine that consists of a sheet-metal body with two tubs, rubbing-boards, a fire-box under the body, bails, and springs with hooks.
Patent for an inexpensive, simple, and powerful machine that transmits and augments "power to corn-thrashers, corn-hullers, cotton-gins, and other machines that are to be operated" (lines 12-14). The machine has an improved design that increases horse power.
Patent for a clothes pounder "which will inclose a body of air and expel the same when it is brought down upon the clothes forcing water through the clothes and filling with water an upper chamber, and which when lifted from the clothes will release a body of water at the top of the pounder and cause water to pass through the clothes" (lines 12-19).
Patent for a harrow that is constructed without frames, so it is lighter and easier to use. Includes instructions and illustrations.
Patent for wire-stretching levers, with instructions and levers.
Patent for "a cotton-chopper attachment for cultivators... to be applied to the ordinary sulky-cultivator frame... and when so applied to constitute and efficient machine for chopping and thinning cotton." (Lines 9-15) Includes instructions and illustrations.
Patent for improvement in rein-holders that are being used in carriages and wagons by using two horizontal jaws, one with a downwardly-projecting rear end and the other with a downwardly-projecting front end; the first jaw is secured to the side of the wagon and the second jaw is pivoted to the first jaw. This device will "hold the reins when the driver is absent and capable of being tripped by pressure of the driver’s foot" (lines 11-13). Illustration is included.
Corn-Planting Attachment for Plows.
Patent for improvement in corn planting attachment for plows in which the “attachment can be conveniently attached to any plow or furrow-opener” (lines 11-12) as a seed-dropping device. “This device may be retained in a raised or inoperative position.” (Lines 85-86) Illustration is included.
Railroad-Track Lifter.
Patent for improvement in railroad-track lifters by using “the combination of a base, a upright, a lever and two pawls engaging notches of the upright” (lines 97-99) and “hand mechanism for operating the pawls,” (lines 1-2, p. 2) for easily raising sections of railway-track. Illustration is included.
Bridle Bit.
Patent for a new and improved bridle-bit. This design consists "[i]n a bridle-bit, the combination, with the bit-bar, provided with the loops of the angle-levers mounted on the said bar and having their corresponding arms respectively connected by the curb-chain and provided with rein loops or rings and the studs or pins on the levers engaging the loops" (lines 70-76).
Spirit Level Sheath.
Patent for a new and improved sheath for levels. This design "is to provide a rubber or other elastic sheath for levels, adapted to encircle the glass and prevent injury thereto in case of jars or falls, and to also form a steady securement between the level-glass and the metallic covering or housing therefor" (lines 13-18).
Rotary Cultivator.
Patent for a new and improved rotary cultivator. This design is "to lessen the weight on tongue and the down draft while the power is applied more directly to the plows. By this means [the design is] enabled to make the whole frame very light; also, to provide convenient means of adjusting the altitude of the wheels with respect to the plows, so as to regulate the depth of the latter, and also to hold them out of the ground; also, to obtain suitable means for adjusting the plows at any desirable angle to the line of travel, and to throw greater or less soil to or from the plants" (lines 15-26).
Corn and Cotton Planter.
Patent for a new and improved planter. This design consists in "the upright frame supported on the beam and carrying the two pivoted arms, in combination with the wheel having studs on both sides, the wires, and the lever middle fastened to the agitator-shaft . . . a hopper having the circular excision in its bottom, of the horizontal feed-wheel and arms, fast to a vertical vibratory shaft" (lines 79-88).
Patent for a new and improved file. This design "consists in the improved construction and combination of parts of a file having its teeth cut to extend half-way across the face from each edge and at an angle to each other, and having a longitudinal groove in the middle of each face" (lines 22-27).
Patent for a new and improved gate. This design "relates to improvements in that class of gates in which the gate is suspended from and adapted to transverse a supporting-beam adapted to oscillate and cause the gate to travel back and forth by gravity, according to the position the beam occupies, and has for its object to provide a gate and its operating mechanism which shall be simple and durable in construction, and capable of being readily and easily operated by a horse[back rider] or driver of a team approaching the same from either direction" (lines 9-20).
Patent for a new and improved file. This design consists in "[a] file provided with longitudinal teeth upon one or both of its edges . . . [and] upon its sides so cut that they extend only half-way across the width of the file, the inner ends of the said teeth meeting at an angle at the center of the width of the blade" (lines 50-56).
Apparatus for Trimming Hooves of Animals.
Patent for a new and improved hoof trimmer. This design "consists in an upright standard or support having a concaved supporting-recess adapted to receive the animal's hoof, with parallel guide-ways arranged in rear thereof, a trimming implement moving in said guides, and so constructed as to operate upon the hoof without injury to the frog, and means for reciprocating the trimming device from either side of the animal" (lines 16-25).
Coffee Roaster.
Patent for a new and improved "culinary utensil primarily intended for use as a coffee roaster, but also . . . of any article which needs to be stirred while upon the fire" (lines 12-16). This design utilizes a crankshaft to stir the beans (or other foods) as they roast.
Patent for an improved design for casters, otherwise known as "rollers for bedsteads and the like" (lines 15-16), including illustrations.