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 County: Hopkins County, TX
 Collection: Texas Patents
Patent for an improvement on a previous faucet, patent no. 539,633. This faucet is "a valve-seat consisting of a cylinder having an internal shoulder, a tubular valve operating within said cylinder and below said shoulder, a packing-ring carried by said valve and engaging said shoulder, a piston-road attached to said valve for operating the same, and a drop-valve in the lower end of said tubular valve, substantially as specified" (lines 60-69)
Patent for a combination-plow that "may be combined with facility to form a variety of plows designed for work of different kinds, the present invention being an improvement upon that shown and described in Patent No. 492,462, granted to [the inventor] February 28, 1893" (lines 10-15).
Patent for "a more complete and convenient kitchen cabinet... with an effective and desirable sink attachment, whereby dirty water may be easily disposed of." (Lines 9-13) Includes instructions and illustrations.
Patent for "a stove in which the heat may be shifted to various parts thereof to the exclusion of other parts," and "wherein the radiation of the heat from the bottom of the heat-passage is made to heat a secondary or supplemental oven, thereby making use of heat which is otherwise lost." (Lines 19-30) Includes instructions and illustrations.
Patent for an automatic coupling that can be used in any car and without replacing the existing draw-head. Includes instructions and illustrations.
Patent for an improvement in "surveying-instruments, and has for its object to produce a simple device whereby certain information can be obtained without the necessity of auxiliary calculations,” (lines 12-15) includes illustration.
Bale Tie.
Patent for a new and improved bale tie. This design "consists of a buckle or tie consisting of a base-plate having one or more projections or hooks on its face, to one of which is permanently secured one end of the wire or band, while the other end is passed around the bale and secured to the opposite hook or projection" (lines 21-27).
Sulky Plow.
Patent for a new and improved sulky plow. This design "consists in a sulky-plow constructed with the sliding block carrying the adjustable wheel locked in place by a sliding spring-pressed bolt and withdrawn by means of an elbow-lever. The sliding wheel-carrying block is provided with rack-teeth engaging with the teeth of a double-gear wheel placed loosely upon the journal of the plow-crank, and connected with the plow-crank lever by a pawl, whereby the machine can be leveled and the plow adjusted by means of the same lever (lines 20-31).
Improvement in Harrows and Clod-Crushers
Patent for the improvement in the design of harrows and clod-crushers.
Improvement in Horse-Powers
Patent for an improvement in Horse Powers and in it's construction.
Improvement in Churn-Motors
Patent for an improvement in churn-motors, which would allow for the motor to run faster or slower as needed, with illustration.
Patent for a new and improved "horse-power" (motor). This design utilizes a central pinion and a counter-wheel to accelerate the rest of the motor with minimal friction and minimal complicating of design.
Improvement in Detaching Horses
Patent for improvements for a device used to detach a horse or horses from a vehicle. Included illustration shows 3 elevation views of the detacher.
Medical Compound.
Patent for a cough syrup formula made from various plant extracts, to treat inflammatory diseases. No illustration.