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 County: Johnson County, TX
 Collection: Texas Patents
Pumping Apparatus.
Patent for improvements to a pumping apparatus "to provide a simple, inexpensive, and easily-operated apparatus through the medium of which water may be forced from a well, stream, or other source of supply by the weight of a person" (lines 14-18).
Patent for rein guides to support a harness and guide horses. The device yields little space during storage and transportation.
Cultivator Attachment.
Patent for cultivator attachment that is useful in breaking up the soil at opposite side of the plants and leveling the ground between the rows. It can be adjusted to any desired angle (vertical, horizontal) or level (up and down).
Patent for oil-burner that is used by being connected to a steam-boiler. It is simply constructed to produce a very high degree of heat with a comparatively small amount of hydrocarbon oil.
Patent for Locomotive-headlights, "and has for its principal object to so construct the lamp and its casing as to permit of the lighting or adjusting the lamp-blaze from the back of the headlight box…” (lines 8-13) including illustrations.
Grave Filler.
Patent for a grave-filling machine, which transports dirt into the hole of the grave.
Pumping Apparatus.
Patent for a "pumping, or water-elevating apparatus," (line 9) including illustrations.
Casting Dental Plates.
Patent for casting dental plates which builds upon a previous patent by the same inventor, Patent No. 633,222, accepted on September 19, 1899. This patent professes to eliminate previous issues with casting metal such as pinholes and air bubbles that create imperfections in the dental plates.
Method of Exterminating Johnson Grass.
Patent for a method to kill Johnson grass (Sorghum halepense) by repeatedly breaking up the ground around the plant during winter.
Patent for "a planter-carriage frame adapted to carry a cotton-seed hopper having novel and peculiar means for feeding the cotton-seed in planting the same, so that the same frams may be employed for both hopper without alteration of either hopper or frame" (lines 11-17).
Patent for improvement in plows by first connecting a furrow-shoe to the moldboard, and second, by provide means for operating the plow-point to make a deep or shallow furrow and for raising and lowering covering-plows simultaneously when the plow is in operation. (Lines 13-20) Illustration is included.
Embroidery Attachment for Sewing-Machines
Patent for pressing device of sewing machine that will be in operative engagement with the needle to enable efficient stitching and embroidery work.
Patent for improvements in plows by employing moldboards on both left and right side of the plow; with a shoe or land slide fixed to the plow-beam extension. Then use a V-clamp to secure the plow-handles and a bracket to secure the moldboards and plow-point. This construction will allow free movement of the plow-point and moldboard up and down or vertically without lifting the shoe from the furrow. Illustration is included.
Patent for "an apparatus for emptying sandboxes of locomotives" (lines 13-14) "operated by compressed air to elevate and discharge sand, water, &c." (lines 10-11).
Lubricating Apparatus
Patent for "lubricating the bearings of locomotives while moving or standing still." (lines 8-10)
Dental Dam-Holder.
Patent for improvement in dental dam-holders.
Patent for a new and useful hose coupling, including instructions and illustrations.
Method Of Apparatus For Casting Dental Aluminium Plates.
Patent for a new and improved method of and apparatus for casting dental aluminium plates, including instructions and illustrations.
Patent for certain new and useful improvements in governors, including instructions and illustrations.
Patent for certain new and useful improvements in governors, including instructions and illustrations.
Liquid for Exterminating Grass or Similar Growths.
Patent for a new and useful liquid for exterminating grass or similar growths, including instructions and illustrations.
Patent for certain new and useful improvements in railroad-ties.
Automatic Stopping Mechanism for Engines.
Patent for certain new and useful improvements in automatic stopping mechanism for engines.
Rail Bond For Electric Railroads
Patent for improvement to rail-bonds for electrical railroads to aid in maintaining electrical contact, which will then reduce the loosening of parts which results in broken contact. Illustrations and instructions are included.
Gas-Vent for Molds.
Patent for a gas-vent for molds. Its object is "to provide a simple and cheap construction whereby free escape of the gas or air is permitted form the mold into which molten metals...are to be poured for the purpose of forming a casting" (lines 12-18). Construction of the vent may vary.
Patent "...relates to cabinets for spooladapted to contain spools of thread of different sizes and from which the spools may be easily extracted one at a time" (lines 7-11) including illustrations and descriptions.
Hydraulic Pump.
Patent for a pump that operates "a pump-rod designed especially to dispense with valves, valve-cages, or other impedimenta to the flow of liquid" (lines 40-44). It is capable of pumping liquids to elevated heights.
Hydraulic Pump
Patent for a hydraulic pump with "means for automatically supplying water to the pressure-pipe while the pump is working to replenish waste or leakage." (Lines 18-20) Includes instructions or illustrations.
Patent for a pump "whereby the pressure exerted upon the liquid in the pressure-pipe is alternately high and low, the high pressure being utilized to elevate the pump-rod, giving a rapid upstroke, and the low pressure to lower said rod gradually and insure a return flow of the liquid in the pressure-pipe." (Lines 26-33) Includes instructions and illustrations.
Cotton-Picking Machine.
Patent for a sack laborers drag around the fields with them to store cotton in. It has a shoulder-strap that fits around the sack's mouth. There are two wheels, and a platform is attached to the axle. The sack is strapped to the platform.
Patent for an automatic churn, which is an improvement to a previous churn, no. 39,532. It has a two-part cabinet, the top part equipped with a hinged top, a crank shaft, ratchet-wheel, spring pawl, and a tubular square pocket at the end of the crank-shaft. The square pocket is where one can attach a handle to operate the churn. The lower half of the cabinet opens on the side and contains the container, dasher-rod, and churn-dashers.
Combined Flour and Meal Bin and Sifter.
Patent for a combined flour and meal bin sifter meant for the kitchen. The amount of flour or meal put into the machine does not matter, and the sifter may be removed when desired. The sifted material is directed into a container, and the end of the chute can be closed when not in use.
Patent for a churn. The patent is for a "means for adjustably securing a series of vertically-arranged breakers in a churn-body of any size, operating with a revolving dasher" (lines 8-11).
Screen-Operating Mechanism for WIndow-Screens.
Patent for a screen-operating mechanism for window-screens. It is meant to hide the mechanism from view and to improve the way the screen is raised and lowered. It also moves the "upper sash in one direction moves the screen in the reverse direction, the construction being such that the motion-transmitting gearing does not in any manner interfere with the use of ordinary window-sashes balanced by weights or springs, or the use of sashes of which the upper one only is movable" (lines 24-30).
Sanding Device for Locomotives.
Patent for a device that keeps sand from being lost during delivery and "whereby the emitting nozzle is kept clear and prevented from clogging up or freezing" (lines 15-17). It is an improvement on sanding devices.
Shoe for Bridges.
Patent for a new and improved bridge shoe including instructions and illustrations.
Patent for a churn that can be easily operated and does not let flies or dust collect around its top. It is operated by turning a handle which is connected via a rope and a series of pulleys to the churn.
Patent for a pumping engine that uses a "combined piston rod and plunger acting in the same vertical line and carrying a crank pin box and cross heads for driving the governing fly wheel" (lines 12-15). Mounting and dismounting this engine is simple, and the engine has easily accessible packing ends of the steam and water cylinders. Also, the adjustable yoke is improved in this engine.
Patent for a practical, simple, and efficient washing machine that cleans soiled fabrics with the minimum amount of labor in a small amount of time, without wearing out the fabrics.
Feed Apparatus for Locomotives.
Patent for a new and improved feed apparatus for locomotives. This design is "for feeding the boiler of a locomotive-engine wherein a feed-pipe extends from a tank or tender to an injector a conical strainer is located in the three-way valve-casing for intercepting dirt, leaves, and foreign matter, to prevent the same passing with the feed-water to the boiler" (lines 9-15). It consists, "with a valve-casing containing a valve and having pipes or tubes for connecting, respectively, with a tank or tender and an injector or boiler, [and] of a strainer having steam-jet orifices arranged round its base" (lines 69-73).
Paper-Perforating Device.
Patent for "a combined gripper-bar and perforator for use on printing-presses." (Lines 8-9) Includes instructions and illustrations.
Swinging Chair.
Patent for improvements in swinging chairs for children, "which will render the chair automatic in operation or require but little exertion from the child occupying it, there being little or no danger of the child falling out while the chair is swinging," (lines 14-18) including instructions and illustrations.
Means for Operating Churns.
Patent for improvement in operation of churns by using a spring-bar to press the flanged wheel against the driving-wheel to cause the dasher-shaft to revolve, thus the cream will be churned quickly. Illustration is included.
Patent for improvements in washing-machines by using a combination of adjustable stationary rubbing-board and a rotary rubbing-cylinder to regulate the pressure on the clothes and at the same time, clothes can be cleaned without injury to them. Illustration is included.
Car Coupling.
Patent for a new and improved coupling for railroad cars. This design "is to provide means for setting and supporting the pin and link of the ordinary car-coupler, so that cars will be automatically coupled when brought together; and it consists in a frame or holder for the coupling-pin and a frame or holder for the coupling-link" (lines 11-17).
Weighing Attachment for Wagons
Patent for improvements in the weighing attachments for wagons so that "the wagon body with its contents may be weighed without removing it from the holsters; and it has for its object to provide a device which shall be simple in construction, accurate, and easily operated" (lines 10-14).
Combined Revolving Harrow and Cultivator
Patent for a Combined Revolving Harrow and Cultivator that is used to cultivate cotton, corn and nature like plants.
Swinging Gate.
Patent for a new and improved swinging gate. This design consists in "[t]he combination, with the main posts . . . [one] having the shallow recesses therein, of hinges, slotted batten, bell-crank lever connected with the upper hinge-bolt, and with a pin in the slot in the batten, spring, gravity-catch, gate, and roller" (lines 29-35).
Fire Place Blower.
Patent for a new and improved fire-place blower. This design consists in "[t]he combination, with the jambs of a fireplace, of a frame consisting of front-pieces detachably fastened to the jambs, back pieces fastened to the respective front pieces and formed with steps, and a top board connecting the sides of the frame, together with sections resting on the steps and forming a fire-screen and blower" (lines 10-17).
Wire Stretcher.
Patent for a new and improved wire stretcher. This design consists in "[t]he combination, with a block carrying bails or loops, and longitudinally grooved, of racks mounted within said grooves, a crank-shaft carrying a pinion, said shaft being mounted in standards secured to the block, pawls arranged to engage with ratchet-teeth formed in the racks, and clamping-jaws fixed to opposite ends of the racks" (lines 87-94).
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