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 County: Parker County, TX
 Collection: Texas Patents
Cotton-Tie Buckle.
Patent for a new cotton tie buckle "that will prevent the band engaging the same from slipping, forma a reliable securing means of simple and cheap construction and also economize in the use of the band length, with considerable consequent by saving in expense, the positive retention of the band b the improved device as required rendering the bale of uniform density and the strength of the device resisting breakage and consequent expense of repair frequently necessary in the ordinary uniform of buckle-ties now in use." (Lines 11-22). Illustration is included.
Patent for improvements to wireworking tools which are "especially designed for twisting the opposite ends of a tie-wire to a runner-wire of a fence and also for twisting the intermediate portion of the tie-wire, so as to tighten the embrace of the latter upon the fence-post. It is furthermore designed to provide means for supporting or bracing the tool upon the post during the twisting operation thereof, and, finally, to arrange the handle of the tool so as to provide a convenient and effective wire-cutter." (Lines 10-21) Illustrations are included.
Patent for improving crank-lever churn motors for a more simple construction that results in a more lightweight but strong machine.
Combined Shears And Knife
Patent for a knife attached to shears.
Bicycle Attachment.
Patent for a bicycle attachment that supports the frame and can be used as a "carrier or support for a child, package, a satchel, &c." (Lines 12-13) Illustrations included.
Patent for a new and useful refrigerator, including instructions and illustrations.
Rotary Engine.
Patent for an object that simplifies the operation of rotary engines and motors.
Patent for a garden plow to till soil.
Patent for "a simple, compact and efficient extensible frame adapted to be supported for use either in connection with a bedstead or door and window openings, &c" (lines 9-13). It is constructed to be arranged in multiple positions and "to support the fabric of the canopy in the desired position without risk of tearing or otherwise injuring the same" (lines 15-18).
Bridge Construction.
Patent for a new and useful bridge construction, including instructions and illustrations.
Lifting Device.
Patent for "lifting devices, and particularly to the mechanism adapted for use as a stump-puller and for elevating heavy weights, the object in view being to provide a simple and efficient construction and arrangement of parts whereby sufficient power for elevating heavy weights may be communicated to a rotary shaft or drum, and whereby the means communicating motion to the drum may be moved out of operative position and a brake simultaneously applied in order to relieve the operating-lever from strain when the mechanism is at rest." (Lines 8-20) Includes instructions and illustrations.
Patent for "a simplified and cheapened construction of bridge whereby the weight and strain will be more equally divided and the braces so arranged that expansion and contraction laterally are avoided, while permitting of the necessary expansion and contraction longitudinally of the bridge." (Lines 13-20) Includes instructions and illustrations.
Patent for a simple, inexpensive, and durable insulator meant for protecting wires for telephones and telegraphs. The insulator has two sections with recesses and locking apertures.
Apparatus for Operating Churns, &c.
Patent for an apparatus for operating churns, ice cream freezers, or the like, and is meant "to produce an apparatus in which there is simultaneously given to the vessel a revolving motion and a revolving or vibrating motion to the agitator working in the vessel" (lines 14-18).
Plow Attachment
Patent for an inexpensive and simple plow attachment meant to convert the single foot plow stock into a double shovel plow or a gang plow. The attachment is adjustable in order to "straddle the rows to be cultivated; and finally, means for adjusting the standards of the plow whereby the same are adapted to run at any desired depth" (lines 16-20).
Patent for an improved grain drill that is simpler and more efficient than other grain drills. It consists of a disk with a central hub, an annular recess around the hub, segmented washers, radial slots, radial seed apertures, gravity slides, and stems on the slides.
Patent for a snuff box "in which the snuff may be conveniently packed for shipment and sale; and which is also adapted to carry the brush so that it is kept out of contact with the snuff and with the clothing, and to provide means for ejecting the brush handle when the box is open so that it may be conveniently grasped and used" (lines 20-27).
Process of and Apparatus for Making Essences
Patent for "invented new and useful Improvements in the Process of and Apparatus for Making Essences" (lines 5-7) including instructions and illustrations.
Patent for "a plow of simple and cheap construction and the arrangement of whose parts will permit of a ready adjustment of the handles, both as to height and point of pressure, and also a ready adjustment of the plow-standard, whereby the plow as a whole is adapted for large and small horses" (lines 10-17), with illustrations.
Patent for a "new and useful plow"(line 5). The plow is of "durable construction and adapt the same for a convenient adjustment of the standard, whereby the plow may be adapted to run deep or shallow"(Lines 10-14). Illustration Included.
Boot Upper.
Patent for a new and improved boot upper. This design "relates to improvements in boots for use by lumbermen, laborers, miners, and others requiring a stout heavy boot capable of withstanding great strain, water-tight, and durable" (lines 7-11). It "consist[s] of a front and rear section, each of said sections being made in one piece and the edges of the rear section doubled over upon themselves and having their edges secured to the edges of the front section by edge stitches passing through said edges of the front section and said edges of the doubled edges of the rear section" (lines 74-81).
Pea or Bean Thrasher.
Patent for a new and improved pea or bean thrasher. This design consists, "with the main frame, having a removable top and an inclined bottom containing the thrashing concave and cylinder, of the fan-chamber and fan, the air-chamber having an aperture intermediate of the fan-chamber and concave, and means . . . for rotating said cylinder and fan" (lines 5-12).
Patent for "agitating-machines adapted to be used for various purposes," (lines 8-10) including washing clothes and freezing ice cream. Includes instructions and illustrations.
Patent for improvements to washing machines that allow the water to be heated to any temperature. Includes instructions and illustrations.
Patent for improvements in washing machines, with instructions and illustrations.
Combined Cotton Chopper and Cultivator.
Patent for improved construction and variability of cotton chopping and cultivating devices. Includes instructions and illustrations.
Patent for a new and useful mattress-press by deriving from presses that have the “toggle-joint” characteristic, in which mattresses can be made. Illustration is included.
Vibrating Churn.
Patent for improvements in vibrating churns in which the dasher is given a rapid rotary vibrating movement and with but very little exertion to the operator. (Lines 30-32) Illustration is included.
Patent for a useful washing machine by providing “a device which will thoroughly cleanse the clothes with a minimum of labor and in which the heavier particles of dirt from the pieces washed will be separated from the main washing-chamber and thus kept out of contact with the clothes.” (Lines 10-15) Illustration is included.
Wire Fence.
Patent for a new and improved wire fence. This design "relates to wire fencing; and it consists in the construction and combination of devices . . . whereby the wire cables can be conveniently and freely supported at suitable points by spirally-coiled suspension-loops attached to certain fence-posts, so that while securely braced to remain in position the wire cable will not be subjected to chafing or other injury" (lines 8-17).
Trace Attachment.
Patent for a new and improved trace attachment. This design "relates to an improvement in couplings for tug-straps, and has for its object to provide a simple, economical, and durable device, capable of convenient manipulation, and whereby the tug-strap may be expeditiously attached to the cockeye of the whiffletree or detached therefrom" (lines 8-14).
Device for Removing Broken Screws, &c.
Patent for a new and improved device for removing broken screws. This design "is to provide a . . . bit specially designed for extracting screws, taps, screw-bolts, &c., from iron, marble, or other hard substances in case one of the said articles is broken off in the material into which it is screwed. The invention consists of a bit provided with an internal spiral cutting-thread and external cutters" (lines 7-15).
Rein Holder.
Patent for a new and improved rein-holder. This design consists in "[t]he combination, with a base-plate and spaced posts upon one face of the said plate grooved on their adjacent sides, of a spring-actuated lever provided with a cylindrical surface at one end and a flange projecting from the outer face beyond said surface, the opposite extremity of the lever being curved to form, essentially, a hook, the cylindrical surface being adapted for engagement with one post and the hook extremity with the other post" (lines 71-81).
Apparatus for Loading Wagons.
Patent for a new and improved apparatus for loading wagons. This design consists in "[t]he combination of the platform having the opening and the trap-doors, the fastening devices to secure the trap-doors when closed and to permit the same to open, and the counter-weights connected to the trap-doors" (lines 24-28).
File Case.
Patent for a new and improved file case. This design "[t]he combination, with a case, of the pockets constructed in a series of a single piece of material having partitions formed by long folds connected at the bottom by short folds . . . [and t]he combination, with the folded pockets, of the file case having its sides constructed to overlap a part of the ends of the pockets, and an elastic follower with thumb-pieces arranged to bind with the sides of the case by straightening" (lines 9-24).
Cotton Stalk Cutter.
Patent for a new and improved cotton-stalk cutter. This design consists in "the frame or body adapted to be dragged on the ground, and provided near its front end with the laterally-projecting cutting-blade and the arm, arranged above and in front of the blade, and the colter attached near the rear end of the frame or body and adapted to cut into the soil" (lines 3-9).
Folding Coup
Patent for "a folding coop or crate, which may be readily folded into a compact form for transportation or storage when empty, and which may be conveniently adjusted to open position for use and secured in such position when so desired" (lines 7-12).
Apparatus for Recutting Files.
Patent for a new and improved file re-cutter. This design consists "[i]n an apparatus for recutting files by electro-chemical action, the dialectric plates and the carbon plates having their upper ends attached to said non-conducting plates, whereby the files to be recut are disposed between the carbon plates when in the solution" (lines 76-82).
Ant Trap.
Patent for a new and improved ant trap. This design consists in "[t]he combination, with the side pieces, of the traps located between opposite ends of said side pieces and separated by an inclosed space, the openings communicating with said traps and the slides for closing said openings" (lines 61-66).
Electric Motor.
Patent for a new and improved electric motor. This design "consists, essentially, in such combination of an automatic circuit-breaker with a bar of soft iron secured centrally on a shaft journaled in bearings secured to the motor frame and rotating within a coil or helix that the rotation of said bar will continuously make and break the circuit, and that the action of the circuit-breaker will cause the continuous rotation of the bar" (lines 17-26).
Riding Saddle.
Patent for a new and improved saddle. This design consists in "the upper end of the pommel [being] chambered out to receive the compass, which is inserted within the pommel, and suitably, as by means of a gimbal-joint, held therein, so that the compass shall be operative in all or nearly all the positions which a saddle while in use may assume. A piece of glass or other transparent material through which the compass can be observed, is let into the pommel, so as to cover the compass and exclude moisture therefrom" (lines 35-46).
Corn Planter.
Patent for a new and improved planter. This design consists in "[t]he combination of the frame and the hopper having the closed bottom and the openings in one side, with the driving-wheel, having the tappet-pins, the seed-slides having the openings or cups, the fulcrumed levers actuated by the tappet-pins, and connected to the lower ends of the seed-slides, and the cord or strap passing over the sheave, and secured to the free ends of the levers, whereby the seed-slides are reciprocated alternately in opposite directions" (lines 74-84).
Cotton and Corn Planter.
Patent for a new and improved planter. This design consists "[i]n combination with the hopper having its front wall inclined and formed with a guide-groove, the inner wall of which is cut out, the belt having its side edges working in the groove, and having hooks attached to the same between the side edges, said hooks projecting through the cut-out portion of the groove, so as to have free communication with the seed in the hopper" (lines 88-96).
Post Hole Auger.
Patent for a new and improved post-hole auger. This design consists "[i]n a post-hole auger, the combination, with the tool-guiding uprights and their revolving gearing, of the tool-carrying pinion, with the tool-securing contrivance fastened to its under side between said guiding-uprights, said pinion being adapted to revolve with said guiding-uprights, and the platform with its lowering screw or screws geared with the tool-carrying pinion" (lines 74-82).
Patent for a vehicle that is powered by foot and guided by hand by the occupants and is for the purpose of transporting one or more persons or articles over streets or smooth roads.
Well Bucket.
Patent for a new and improved well-bucket. This design consists in "[t]he combination, with the well-bucket, having the rabbeted opening in its bottom, and provided with the apertured cross-bars of the valve-rod passing through the apertures in said cross-bars and the opening in the bottom of the bucket, and the valve secured to the lower end of said rod" (lines 56-62).
Wire Basket.
Patent for a new and improved wire basket. This design "consists in a certain combination, arrangement, and connection of a series of wires, whereby great strength is attained, the same including upper and lower hoop wires, upright or straight wires arranged to connect said hoops and wire frame bottom, and reversely-arranged diagonal wires or braces also connecting the top and bottom hoops, and twisted or wrapped around the upright wires intermediately of their length" (lines 13-22).
Combined Harrow, Seed-Planter, and Cultivator
Patent for a combined harrow, seed-planter, and cultivator to increase the speed of planting and cultivating plants, including illustrations and instructions.
Draft Equalizer.
Patent for an improved double tree adapted to be used without single-trees designed to equalize the draft in case on horse gets ahead of the other in a draft team.
Patent for a new and improved locomotive. This design "relates to a locomotive running-gear and motive-power connection; and the novelty consists in the construction, arrangement, and adaptation of parts" (lines 15-18).