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 County: Tarrant County, TX
 Collection: Texas Patents
Apparatus for Grain Drying and Coffee-Roasting
Patent for "an apparatus in which grain or fruit may be dried, coffee roasted, and the water evaporated from sugar." (lines 9-12)
Improvements in Gin-Saw Sharpeners.
Patent for new and improved Cotton-Gin-Saw sharpener.
Flexible Wire Mat.
Patent for a flexible wire mat that is portable, loosely woven to shake out dirt and mud, and which prevents the edges form curling up to trip people.
Aerial Navigating Apparatus.
Patent for an aerial navigating apparatus with more details of combinations, construction, and presentation of parts.
" I have invented a new and useful Piano, which relates to other instruments of similar types utilizing sounding boards. To provide sound waves that may be controlled so as to increase or diminish the volume of sound produced by the instruments..." Norcross, Levi. (1910). Piano. United States Patent Office. Retrieved from
Design for a Jar.
Patent for ornamental design on jar depicting the logo for the Jersey-Creme drink company
Harness Saddle
Patent is for "improvements in harness saddles" (lines 6-7) that will "not injure animals' backs and which will be automatically adjustable to a back of any size or shape."
Design for a Post for Fences
Patent for a design for new, unique, and decorative fence posts.
Toy Figure or Doll.
Patent for a new model of doll or toy figure made partially from eggshells. Includes illustration.
Boltless Fish and Bed Plate for Railway Rails
Patent for "fish-plates and bed-plates so constructed that rails can be secured in place without the necessity of making holes in the ends of the rails [...]; and the object is to simplify rail-joints and make the ends of the abutting rails stronger and to repair broken rails" (lines 10-17).
Crude-Oil Burner.
Patent for crude-oil burner that has excellent combustion, it is simply constructed to to make it easier to use, and requires little or no attention. It is adaptable to be used in fire-boxes (cooking and heating stoves, furnaces, and ranges).
Automatic Elevator Gate
Patent for an elevator gate that will automatically be raised or lowered upon ascent or descent of the elevator, with illustrations.
Patent for improvement to shears sharpeners for barbers, with illustration. The device provides a means to hold the blade while the user is honing it, and could be made at a low cost.
Ballast Spreading Car
Patent for improvements on the ballast spreading car, including plows placed underneath for more efficient spreading of ballast material.
Fuel Compound.
Patent for "Ricker's Crude-Oil Brick Fuel," a petroleum compound meant to replace coal.
Burner for Crude Oil.
Patent for "a burner for crude oil, and particularly to a construction by means which a direct or indirect draft may be utilized in the burning of the oil." (lines 11-14) and illustrations.
Patent for a "class of gate known as a 'turnstile' or 'revolving gate'" (lines 8-9) including illustrations.
Combined Baking-Stove and Steam-Cooker.
Patent for a combined stove and steam cooker for which water can be added without opening the stove/cooker.
Analgetic Bandage.
Patent for a new and useful "analgetic bandage for curing headaches and oher disorders of the nervous system" (line 5-7) including illustrations.
Patent for new and improved sash-fastener so as to "lock the sash when elevated as well as closed" (line 15 & 16), including illustrations.
Patent for "attachments for returning the carriages of type-writers to the place of starting and for automatic spacing; and the object is to construct a device that will accomplish these results without in any way interfering with the working of a type-writer and by which the type-writer carriage can be sent back to the first position from any point without the necessity of going to the end of its beat" (lines 7-16).
Cigar-Cutter and Match-Safe.
Patent for a match-safe and cigar-cutter “receptacle for holding matches from which only one match can be taken at one time and to means for shifting the matches and at the same time cutting a cigar-tip.” (Lines 7-11) Illustration is included.
Patent for
Wagon Bed Lifting Device
Patent for a wagon-bed lifter that will remove and wagon beds and position them for easy re-assembly.
Patent for bag holder " an improved cabinet for holding paper bags and the like articles; and the object is to construct a useful, inexpensive cabinet which will be light and compact and practical and in which bags may be placed and taken out when needed without mutilating the bags" (lines 7-13) including instructions and illustrations.
Patent for a rotary motor "to provide a simple and efficient motor particularly adaptable for vehicle propulsion and which when once started in either direction will automatically arrange its valve to continue that direction of rotation" (lines 13-18), including illustrations.
Patent for improving the construction of sash fasteners making them simpler and inexpensive. These mounted window sash fasteners are capable of locking the window in it's closed position and supporting it in an open position at "any desired adjustment" (line 17).
Door Check
Patent for a door-check, which will hold the door in any position it is placed.
Patent for invention and improvements in grain-scourers such as the addition of a pulley for driving the device.
Patent for a durable, inexpensive rail component which bridges two rails and relieves strain and stressing caused by passing rail-cars. Furthermore, this component does not require existing rails to become obsolete.
Railway-Track Lifting-Jack
Patent for "an improved device of this character which is designed for heavy work, as in railway service, and at the same time to have the device comparatively light in weight in order that it may be conveniently carried from place to place" (lines 10-15).
Patent for improvements "to cable-power obtained by means of movable windlasses driven by steam or other motive power; and the object is to obtain a powerful draft for use in agricultural purposes, drawing heavy plows and reaping-machines, hauling heavy loads of ore or coal in mining, moving houses, and for drawing heavy loads of any description." (Lines 8-15) Illustration is included.
Patent for "a press adapted particularly for forcing tie-plates into railway-ties" (lines 8-10).
Mattress Stuffing Machine
Patent for a mattress stuffing machine that holds material to form mattresses, as well as compressing and stuffing the material into ticks.
Elevator Door and Catch.
Patent for elevator doors and catches by creating a device which can make the elevator door opened and closed automatically. Illustration is included.
Patent for a Trade Book intended to document discount credentials, expense accounts, daily reminders, and a diary for a number of business types including hotels, retailers, and advertisers.
Antifreezing Valve and Closet-Cistern
Patent for "valves which will allow all the water to flow out of the popes to a position below freezing-point after each application of water, whether the water is used in a closet-cistern or drawn out of a hudrant or other application is made, and to arrange the valves so that the supply-valves will be automatically closed by water-pressure in connection with the operation of a siphon in a closet-cistern and the waste-valve will be closed by the pressure of water, siphonic action, or both, when the supply-valves are opened." (lines 18-28).
Closet-Cistern and Valve Therefor
Patent for "a cistern which needs no valve to start the siphon to work and to construct a valve which can be operated by a rod which runs up through the supply-pipe, thus doing away with the stuffing-box for a rod for operating the valve" (lines 11-16).
Crude-Oil Burner
Patent for "new and useful Improvements in Crude-Oil Burners" (lines 4-5), including instructions and illustrations.
Patent for "an improved bottom, an improved supporting-bar, and an instep-bar" (lines 8-9) for stirrups.
Patent for "an improved stalk breaker and means for mounting it on an ordinary farm-wagon and making it adjustable and possible to raise the breaker up, so that it will not strike obstructions when being moved from place to place;" (lines 8-13) including illustrations.
Patent for invention in sheet-music that "overcomes" the defects of market's sheet music (lines 21-30); including illustration and instructions
Patent for a bicycle support which holds "bicycles in upright position when not in use" (lines 8-9).
Apparatus for Canning Fruits or Vegetables.
Patent for an improvement to canning fruits and vegetables.
Patent for certain new and useful improvements in corsets, including instructions and illustrations.
Hook For Wagon-Covers.
Patent for certain new and useful improvements in hooks for wagon covers, including instructions and illustrations.
Mattress-Making Machine.
Patent for certain new and useful improvements in mattress making machines, including instructions and illustrations.
Patent for certain new and useful improvements in grain scourers, including instructions and illustrations.
Patent for a new and improved machine for "distributing poison upon vines and plants that will be under the complete control of one man and which is operation will not injure the plants being treated and which will also insure an equal distribution of poison simultaneously upon three to seven or more rows of plants" (line 7 - 14).
Instep Bearing Or Guard For Stirrups.
Patent for a new and improved instep bearing or guard for stirrups, including instructions and illustrations.
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