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 County: Travis County, TX
 Collection: Texas Patents
Patent for a combination tool that is "adapted without changing any of its parts to operate as a nut and pipe wrench, pliers, hammer, screw-driver, and nail-extractor." (Lines 12-15) Includes instructions and illustrations.
Patent for improvements in needles: "is to provide a ready means for cutting to the twine, thread, or cord carried by a needle" (lines 15-17).
Device for Covering and Protecting Contents of Drawers.
Patent for an improved device designed to cover and protect the contents of drawers, this result being attained through a flexible cover wound upon a suitable roller, the latter being operated to wind or unwind the cover by opening or closing the drawer." (Lines 9-14) Includes instructions and illustrations.
Patent for an automatic windmill "which will be capable of obtaining a large amount of power from a comparatively light wind." (Lines 14-16) Includes instructions and illustrations.
Patent for a device "which shall illustrate the axial and orbital movements of the earth and the directions of the sun's rays upon our globe... by simple and effective means of automatic character." (Lines 17-24) Includes instructions and illustrations.
Oil Substitute.
Patent for an oil paint substitute consisting of furniture glue, water, soda ash, and salicylic acid, rosin, and pigment. Includes instructions for three different formulas.
Patent for a churn for separating butter. Includes instructions and illustrations.
Harness and Saddle.
Patent for a saddle and harness in which "several parts are united in a secure but detachable manner and which possesses certain other advantages" (lines 27-31).
Cultivator Attachment.
Patent for an invention "whereby a wheel-cultivator of any style, pattern, or make can be readily converted into a land-marker or planter." (Lines 8-11) Includes instructions and illustrations.
Patent for an inexpensive and simple mold with few parts and can separate easily. It is designed specifically to make semicircles and rectangular shapes, of concrete or earthenware. The mold also can be held together simply and inexpensively.
Patent for a nut-wrench capable of tightening different sized nuts. The lower jaw of the wrench has different levels, the overall effect being that of a staircase, while the upper jaw is flat with a bite that holds the nuts in place.
Patent for "a culvert which shall be so constructed that the jarring caused by the passing of trains or wagons will not impair the solidity of the culvert." (Lines 14-17) Includes instructions and illustrations.
Patent for a square meant "to provide a simple and cheap steel square embodying also a level, an inclinometer, and mitrometer" (lines 13-15).
Patent for a boiler washing machine that uses a stove and a hand-operated pounder attachment. This invention makes these types of washing machines more efficient.
Patent for a churn that can be easily disassembled and cleaned easily. The churn is a circular chamber with a tube in its center. The tube has a fan around it at the top of the chamber, and the air goes through the fan, is sucked into the tube, and is released at the bottom of the chamber in order to agitate the cream.
Process of Hardening Bitminuous Substances.
Patent for "a process for hardening or partly solidifying to any required degree substances such as liquid or viscid bitumens, tars, or asphaltums, either natural or artificial" (lines 8-12). It hardens bitumens without evaporating oils and leaves them solid when cooled.
Patent for an improvement on door-stops meant to "check the door at any point in its traverse and at the same time serve as a door fastening and stop" (lines 14-16). It is hand adjustable operating-rod.
Pinless Clothes-Line.
Patent for "pinless clothes-lines consisting of a series of wire sections connected loosely together at their adjacent ends by means of rings or links, each section having formed on its ends suitable spring-clamps to engage the articles of apparel hung on the line." (Lines 18-24) Includes instructions and illustrations.
Wire-and-Picket-Fence Machine.
Patent for a machine that secures "pickets in wire fencing, the wires having been secured to and stretched between the fence-posts and the machine applied to the wires and operated by hand to secure the pickets to the wires by an operation which places them in crossed relation to form loops within which the pickets are secured at the proper distance apart" (lines 9-16). The machine works on wires that have already been stretched.
Patent for a simple and inexpensive clutch used for transmitting power. The clutch has "independent rotable disks that act on peripheral eccentric proportions, which are so arranged that the said disk will be held free from contact with the drive-shaft and the entire bearing of the clutch mechanism thrown on the grip members, whereby the shaft-apertures in the disks can be made sufficiently large to overcome any irregularity of the bearing-faces of the internal cam portions and obviating the necessity of providing outside collars" (lines 17-27).
Patent for "a new and useful Improvement in Aqueous Paint" (lines 5-7) involving mud taken from Lake McDonald, in Austin, Texas, in combination with various admixtures of chemical and organic materials.
Apparatus for Loading Cotton-Bales, &c.
Patent for an apparatus for loading cotton-bales onto trucks from the compress. It is comprised of a cylinder, a piston, a piston rod, an inlet and exhaust pipes and a valve, a chain with grapnels at one end end and the other end is connected to the piston rod, a sheave, an adjustable slidable trip rod, a pivoted trip lever connected to the cylinder, a four armed lever connected to the valve, and connecting rods.
Patent for an adjustable harness-saddle that has self-adjusting trees and doesn't pinch or injure the horse.
Automatic Gate.
Patent for an improved automatic gate with levers, cam-blocks, camways, and cam-rods. It is centrally pivoting, uses a pulley, a cam groove, a forked bearing, chains, and chords.
Patent for a strong, durable, and inexpensive culvert of any size. It "is designed to displace the wood culverts that are used almost exclusively for the manufacture of large-sized culverts, inasmuch as vitrified pipe is not made in sufficiently large sizes for culvert use, and the ordinary large brick and stone culverts are very expensive" (lines 15-21).
Patent for a simple and reliable car-coupling that embodies "novel features of construction that adapt[s] said coupling for an automatic coupled engagement with a similar coupling, and that may be safely uncoupled from the side of the car whereon the improvement is secured" (lines 11-16).
Exhaust-Steam Condenser.
Patent for an exhaust-steam condenser meant for steam-engines in places where water needs to be conserved. It also "prevents the use of water for cooling the surfaces of the condenser" (lines 14-16).
Patent for a simple and durable grubber that has "a frame preferably carrying a caster-wheel at front, guiding-handles at rear, vertical cutting knives or shares at its sides, penetrating shares or points at the lower ends of said knives, and a transverse or horizontal knife or share at rear of said points, preferably in substantially the same plane therewith, and adjustable mounted to be tilted or inclined out of the horizontal and adjusting handles for the transverse share" (lines 20-30).
Draft-Rigging for Railway-Cars.
Patent for a draft-rigging for railway-cars that consists of a metal plate in an inverted U-shape, with its legs doubled upward and attached to the middle sills of the car, and the option of attaching a coupler to the plate. The plate legs can receive a king bolt ransom.
Patent for a simple, efficient, and improved churn that thoroughly aerating and stirring the cream. It has a removable vertical dasher and two dasher cups.
Patent for a car-coupling which is an improvement on a patent (No. 520,380) previously granted to the inventor. It has two jaws that are used with a combination of other parts to couple cars.
Car-Truck Bolster.
Patent for a car-truck bolster "made of cast steel or malleable iron, cast in one piece, and provided with a plurality of corrugations running longitudinally or in an approximately longitudinal direction along the girders which form the sides of the said bolster" (lines 15-20).
Patent for a car-coupling that provides "a link of this character which will remain set in a coupling position at all times, so that the coupling of the cars can be effected in an automatic manner" (lines 10-14). It can be easily adjusted to different heights and its construction prevents jerky movements.
Automatic Danger-Signal for Railroads.
Patent for a "device for indicating at railroad crossings and other points, the approach or departure of trains within any given distance of such crossing or with relation to any point where persons might come into dangerous proximity to the train if they were left unadvised by some such signal as this." (Lines 19-26) Includes instructions and illustrations.
Siphon-Pump Attachment for Oil-Cans.
Patent for a siphon pump attachment that takes up little space and can be used in different sized containers. It is an improvement on a previous patent granted to E. A. Franklin (No. 503,232).
Patent for a harness saddle that has a metallic frame that is hinged with straps, pads, guide straps that are secured to the pads and slide along straps, plates connected to a curved plate in the saddle, plates pivotally connected to the aforementioned plates, cylindrical lugs that are attached to plates, and cylindrical apertures that slip over the lugs.
Refrigerating Apparatus.
Patent for an economic and durable refrigerating apparatus that cools food by "reducing the temperature of the air in a partially closed chamber by the evaporation of water brought about through the medium of capillary attraction, and likewise to provide for automatically maintaining a predetermined level of water in the water chamber of the apparatus, and a thorough ventilation of the refrigerating chamber thereof" (lines 16-24).
Dental or Surgical Chair.
Patent for a dental or surgical chair that is adjustable, light and portable. The chair can be adjusted "without the employment of a raising device using fluid or any sub-basal mechanism" (lines 57-59), and can be adjusted with little effort. The chair's decent can be monitored. It can be easily assembled and disassembled for transport.
Patent for a simple and efficient car coupling that easily couples by impact, and can uncouple without going between cars.
Patent for an improved cigar-package that complies "with all the requirements of the revenue laws, to be retailed to purchasers, who destroy the stamp upon opening the package, the construction being such that the packages thus opened can be used as pocket cases for the protection of the cigars" (lines 21-27).
Patent for an improved car-coupling that consists of a hollow drawhead, a knuckle pivoted in the drawhead, a lock that pivots across the drawhead, a catch on one side of the drawhead, a spring presses on the side of the lock, a lever pivoted in the drawhead, a hand rod connected to the arm, a hand rod connected to the drawhead, and a bell crank lever pivoted in the drawhead.
Metallic Cross-Tie.
Patent for an improved, simple, and inexpensive metallic crosstie that has elasticity and the same vibration as a wooden cross-tie and does not require bolts or nuts. It can easily be placed or removed from rails.
Patent for a mechanism that presses cotton, wool, hemp, hay, or other similar substances that improves on a previous patent granted to the inventor (No. 451,846). This patent improves on the previous patent by improving the construction of the press.
Pinless Clothes-Line.
Patent for a pinless clothes line that consists of a series of links that have spring coils and spring clasps. The links also have a loop that is concave on one side.
Patent for an improved car coupling that consists of a hollow drawhead with a pivoting knuckle, a hook on one side of the knuckle, a catch on the other side of the knuckle, a latch pivoted in the drawhead that engages the catch, a spring that presses the latch against the knuckle, a rod attached to the latch, a double crank attached to the rod, hand rods and cranks on either side of the car, and a buffer above the drawbar.
Mail-Bag Fastener.
Patent for a mail-bag fastener that consists of a mail bag with a flap, slots, a double upper portion next to the flap, a channel cut into the portion, guides with slots across the channel, a leather strap that slides into the channel, staples on the inside of the flap, and a tag holder attached to the back of the strap.
Process of Ginning Cotton.
Patent for a process of ginning cotton that is "based upon the principle of a gradual or successive ginning of the seed, somewhat analogous to the gradual reduction process of grinding wheat or other grain" (lines 28-61). This process improves ginning by over thirty-three percent.
Apparatus for Handling Seed-Cotton.
Patent for an improved cotton elevator, separator, and distributor that is meant to move cotton from a wagon or storage, remove dirt, and deliver it to a gin. The "improved apparatus comprises a pneumatic cotton-conveying tube by which the cotton is lifted or carried to the distributor, a separator for removing the cotton from the air current, and a distributor comprising a trunk for receiving the cotton from the separator extending over the two gin feeders, having openings delivering into the feeders, and an endless chain conveyer moving in said trunk, causing the cotton to travel along therein and drop out therefrom through the delivery openings into the feeders" (lines 16-27).
Clock-Winding Mechanism.
Patent for "an improved mechanism for the periodical automatic winding of clocks by water power, and has for its object to provide an apparatus that will be adapted to utilize the power afforded by the gravity of water discharged at regular intervals from a tank, which is in an elevated position and is supplied with water by rain fall or other means" (lines 8-16).
Educational Appliance.
Patent for an educational appliance that is meant to be used for teaching math mechanics and physics. It easily demonstrates principles of mechanics and physics that involve quantities.