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 County: Washington County, TX
 Collection: Texas Patents
Combined Agricultural Implement
Patent for a "combined cultivator and ditcher mounted" (lines 10 -12) with illustrations and instructions included.
Patent for certain new and useful improvements in flue cleaners, including instructions and illustrations.
Compound For Treating Seeds.
Patent for a new and useful composition of matter to be used for killing weevils in corn, beans, or peas, including instructions and illustrations.
Patent for certain new and useful improvements in gates, including instructions and illustrations.
Patent for a new and useful desk "with depressible leaves or writing bed sections" (line 10)
Patent for an improvement to stovepipes, specifically for cooking and heating purposes, that reduces the possibility of house fires or internal stovepipe damage. Instructions and illustrations are included.
Electric motor.
Patent for improved electric motor used in motor vehicles "which may be associated directly with the driving-wheel of a motor-vehicle" (lines 40-41), bypassing the need for other power-transmitting mechanisms. Includes instructions and illustrations.
Patent for "a nozzle by means of which a single condensed stream of water may be thrown to a considerable distance or a widely-diverging spray be projected therefrom or both the central stream and spray be produced at one and the same time." (Lines 11-16) Includes instructions and illustrations.
Apparatus for Barreling Soap-Stock.
Patent for "an apparatus for filling barrels with soap-stock or other thick liquid of similar consistency, the object being to provide a machine whereby the barrels may be filled quickly through the bung-hole." (Lines 12-16) Includes instructions and illustrations.
Feed-Water Heater.
Patent for a feed-water heater for steam-boilers. It provides "such a heater having an arrangement of distributing-troughs located in such a manner as to evenly distribute the water over tubes in thin streams or a thin sheet, whereby it may be quickly heated, and, furthermore, in so constructing the parts that the interior portions comprising the circulating tubes and troughs may be easily removed for the purpose of cleaning" (lines 10-18).
Combined Trunk and Dressing-Case.
Patent for a combined trunk and dressing-case. The trunk has drawers, and the lid of the trunk has a mirror in its lid. "The lid is connected at one end by a hinged strap with one end of the body of the trunk, so as to be adapted to be moved into position for closing the body and to be supported in upright position on the same in line with the bottom, so that it forms a proper support for a looking-glass, shelf, and the like" (lines 19-26).
Construction of Doors or Window-Sashes.
Patent for "improvements in the construction of doors and window-sashes, the object being to provide a door or window-sash which shall be constructed of two pieces of timber united by means of a key to prevent warping or twisting" (lines 8-13). The panel of the door or the pane of glass can also be united by the key. This design lightens and cheapens doors and window-sashes.
Patent for a wire-stretcher that has "a body portion bifurcated at one end with the rigid integral forks of the bifurcation oppositely notched with said notches arranged in line substantially transverse of the body portion, whereby the device is adapted to operate in holding the wire for stretching" (lines 75-81).
Patent for sweep that is improved with the addition of a middle-break so that it "will be adapted to do its work thoroughly with the least possible draft and which will not be liable to get out of kilter." (Lines 16-19) Includes instructions and illustrations.
Patent for a dish cleaner that consists of an oscillating vessel where dishes are placed, which goes inside another vessel. The inner vessel has openings so the water can go in and out while cleaning dishes, and the vessel is hand-turned by a crank on the top of the machine.
Patent for "car-couplers of the link-and-pin type which couple automatically and are provided with unlocking-levers operated from the top and side of a car, and designed to avoid the necessity of passing between the cars to couple or uncouple the same." (Lines 11-17) Includes instructions and illustrations.
Patent for an automatic car-coupling that is designed to be operated from either side of the car. The danger of an operator passing between cars to couple or uncouple the cars is avoided in this invention, and the coupling can be adapted to couple cars that have draw-bars to unequal height. The coupling can be manually operated if wished.
Patent for a syringe that has "vaginal points adapted to be connected with the tube of a hand-bulb or fountain syringe" (lines 13-15). There is a tube with a bulb in the middle, a syringe on one end, and a cap on the other end.
Patent for a strong, durable, and inexpensive shovel-plow that consists of a beam "made in two equal longitudinal, rear-curved sections bolted together in front and rear in combination with the slotted adjustable heelpiece secured between the beam-sections, and the handles bolted to the curve of the beam" (lines 42-47), braces for the handles, and a spacer.
Patent for ventilating-flue made from sheet-metal tubes, and "can be placed in any building without necessitating making the same in one length, the sections being constructed so as to be readily adjusted on each other" (lines 12-15).
Patent for a hay press that has two adjacent press chambers, that alternate producing hay bales. "the press-chambers are each provided with a lid that is hinged to the longitudinal partition between the press-chambers and that is locked in closed position by hinged bails, said lids being so arranged that one can be moved over the other according as the bale is to be removed from one press-chamber or the other" (lines 20-27).
Liquid-Transferring Device for Vessels.
Patent for an "improved apparatus in position for transferring liquid from one vessel to another," (lines 10-12) with instructions and illustrations.
Corner-Planter and Fertilizer-Distributer.
Patent for improvements in corn-planters and fertilizer-distributers is to combine the two into one machine by dividing the hopper into two compartments; one for fertilizing material and the other for corn-seeds. The bottom of these two compartments, each has its own opening design to dispense the seeds and fertilizers. Illustration is included.
Middle Breaker.
Patent for improvements in middle breakers is to “combine a middle-breaker plow with a sweep-stock so that it may be made to run at different depths without adjusting the beam-clevis.” (Lines 15-18) Illustration is included.
Patent for combination-plow by providing a plow with “interchangeable parts, whereby the same may be used as a double-foot plow, a middle-breaking plow adapted for deep and shallow running and a sweep-stock” (lines 10-13), includes illustration.
Trace and Trace Chain Supporter.
Patent for a new and improved trace and trace-chain supporter. This design consists "of the pivoted springy trace or chain keeper, and the hook or loop having its outer branch perforated, whereby the keeper itself is enabled to act as a spring, and after being sprung into its place is retained above the trace or chain by the conjoint agency of a shoulder or offset on the keeper and the outer branch of the loop or hook" (lines 43-50).
Patent for a new and improved cultivator. This design is of "that class of cultivators whose beams and stocks are pivoted together and the latter adapted for adjustment . . . for the purpose of regulating the depth to which the shovel or 'sweep' enters the soil" (lines 7-12). It consists, "with the beam and double stock pivoted together and adjustably connected . . . of the guide-bar pivoted to the said stock and composed of sections which are vertically adjustable on each other, the handles pivoted to the guide-bar, and the horizontal arm which adjustably connects the beam and handles" (lines 87-95).
Cartridge Crimper.
Patent for a new and improved cartridge crimper. This design consists of "tweezers having biting-heads, an interposed core and printing-stamp arranged within said core, a shell-holder surrounding the core, and a trimming-knife" (lines 78-82).
Beverage Shaking and Mixing Machine.
Patent for a new and improved beverage shaker and mixer. This design consists in "[t]he combination of the frame provided with arms at right angles thereto and the main drive-wheel journaled therein, gear-wheels journaled at the ends of the arms, provided with wrist-pins and meshing with the drive-wheel, a shaker-bar connected to the wrist-pins of the gear-wheels and having a loop or opening for the insertion of the shaft of the drive-wheel, and the cups or tumbler-holders attached rigidly to the shaker-bar" (lines 27-36).
Cotton or Corn Planter.
Patent for a new and improved planter. This design consists "[i]n combination with the hopper of a corn or cotton planter, a vibrating sector provided with two median pins . . . and a seed-slide having the vertical stud projecting up between said pins, whereby the seed-slide will be intermittently and alternately struck by the two pins and reciprocated in opposite directions" (lines 58-65).
Corn and Cotton Planter Combined.
Patent for a new and improved planter. This design "has relation to that class of cotton and corn planters in which are hoppers smaller at their top than at their bottom and hoppers larger at their top than at their bottom, to adapt them for planting cotton-seed and corn, respectively. It is the object of the invention to provide the planter with interchangeable hoppers of the above construction, whereby either can be used upon the same machine, as found desirable, the hopper-seat being especially adapted to receive and hold thereon either one of the hoppers" (lines 12-24).
Cotton and Cotton Seed Press.
Patent for a new and improved press. This design consists in "a suitable frame-work, the follower, two sets of toggle-arms which are operated by a screw, and two sets of toggle-arms which extend at right angles to the two sets which are operated by the screw, and which second set are operated by a rope and tackle . . . The object of [the] invention is to produce a very powerful press in which the follower is operated by four sets of toggle-joints, two of which are operated by a screw and the other two by a rope and tackle, so as to produce twice the amount of power usually exerted in toggle-joint presses" (lines 15-29).
Toy Race-Course.
Patent for toy race-course.
Cooking Utensil.
Patent for a new and improved cooking utensil. This design consists in "[a] cooking-vessel consisting of the outer vessel having a notched lid, and a handle provided with the pin, and the inner perforated vessel having a handle projecting over the [first] handle, and apertured to receive the pin, and legs on the bottom of the perforated vessel" (lines 4-10).
Patent for "... certain new and useful Improvements in Cotton-Gins.." (lines 4-5) including instructions and illustrations.
Machine for Loading Cartridges.
Patent for mechanizing and streamlining the steps involved in loading a cartridge.
Machine for Loading Cartridges.
Patent for "improvement in machines for loading cartridges" (lines 5-6), with instructions and illustrations
Patent for a new and improved plow. This design consists "[i]n a plow, the combination, with the beam, mold-board, point, and landside-plate, of a standard consisting of a longitudinal bar, to which the beam is attached, and provided with a transverse elongated slot, two downwardly-extending arms connected together by a cross-brace and having serrations and elongated slots on their extremities, and bolts, nuts, and serrated washers for adjustably connecting the landside-plate thereto, the forward one of said arms having a seat for the plow-point" (lines 69-80).
Lock for Sliding Doors.
Patent for a new and improved lock. This design consists "[i]n a lock, the combination of the latch, the spring pressing upon it, and the trip-lever, provided with upper and lower arms and the former serving as a seat for the spring and the latter having a projection for the key to act upon" (lines 97-102).
Pattern for Bridle Blinkers.
Patent for a new and improved blinder. This design "is to provide improved patterns for bridle-blinkers whereby the latter can be made cheaply by utilizing waste scraps of leather" (lines 8-11).
Patent for a new and improved cultivator. This design "consists of a double plow-stock strapped to the beam, having a diamond-shaped point bolted thereto at the lower end, an inclined brace bolted to the beam and stock, and a sweep-stock attached by straps to the beam and brace" (lines 7-15).
Cotton Picker.
Patent for a new and improved cotton picker. This design "is to provide a light, simple, and easily constructed cotton-picking device, capable of being operated by hand, and which can be manufactured and placed upon the market at a low cost to the purchaser, who, by the employment of the same, is enabled to gather the cotton fiber from the bolls without regard to the height of the stalks, and at the same time such portions of the product that may have become detached from the bolls and fallen to the ground can be gathered up without the necessity of excessive stooping" (lines 24-36).
Cotton Cleaner
Patent for the invention of a machine used to clean cotton. The Machine employed for cleaning cotton in which the object of the invention is to produce a machine wherein the cotton may be thoroughly and effectively cleaned without damage to the staple or fiber of the material (10)
Nut Lock.
Patent for a new and improved nut lock. This design "consists in a friction roller held loosely between two nuts, or between a nut and any object to be held by a bolt, which roller, when the nut or lock-nut is screwed down upon it, binds the nut or nuts upon the bolt and locks them securely thereon" (lines 11-16).
Egg Holder.
Patent for a new and improved egg holder. This design consists "[i]n an egg-holder, the combination, with two hollow semi-ellipsoidal sections, having downwardly-projecting stems terminating in legs, the stems being pivoted to each other, of the spring interposed between the lower ends of the stems" (lines 70-75).
Cartridge Loading Apparatus.
Patent for a new and improved cartridge loader. This design "consists of a filling attachment to cartridge-loading blocks, which is composed of a hopper part having discharge-tubes in the bottom and a perforated and spring-actuated slide-piece having perforations registering with said tubes, and of a lower part having upwardly-extending tubes sliding on the bottom tubes of the hopper and downwardly-extending tubes of conical shape . . . and are opened or closed by a second spring-actuated slide-piece" (lines 16-26).
Folding Packing Case.
Patent for a new and improved folding packing-case. This design "consists in the construction of a folding packing-case with a bottom tray adapted to receive the inner detachable partitions of the case when it is folded up for transportation, and with a lid formed with flanges adapted to overlap and inclose and thus protect the edges of the sides and ends of the case and tray when folded down, so that it will the more securely withstand rough handling in shipment, and in providing ventilating-apertures in the sides of the case, to be left open or closed at pleasure" (lines 19-30).
Glove Holder.
Patent for a new and improved glove holder. This design "is to provide a new and improved device for holding gloves, bills, papers, and other articles in such a manner that any one of the articles can be withdrawn from the holder without disturbing the rest" (lines 7-12).
Shaker for Mixed Beverages.
Patent for a new and improved shaker for mixed drinks. This design utilizes a spring and a hinge to enable a lid with holes for straining to be attached directly to the cocktail shaker. This eliminates the chance that the straining lid would not be at hand when mixing a drink as well as the chance of losing the straining lid.
Folding Crate.
Patent for an improved construction of traditional "knockdown crates for shipping fruit, eggs, vegetables, and other merchandise" (lines 25-27). A "combination of box, having transverse bottom cleats, cleats upon the inside of its ends, with hinged sides, having cleats, the knockdown partition having cleats, and the false bottom pieces as set forth" (lines 78-83).