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 County: Wise County, TX
 Collection: Texas Patents
Patent for improvements in cultivators and includes illustrations and instructions.
Baling Press.
Patent for several improvements in baling presses for making cylindrical bales, the machine being able to be set up in both the horizontal and upright positions.
Patent for certain new and useful improvements in baling presses, including instructions and illustrations.
Tool-Handle And Tool.
Patent for certain new and useful improvements in tool handles and tools, including instructions and illustrations.
Wire-Fence Machine.
Patent for a new and useful wire-fence machine that can be conveniently carried around.
Wire Fence Tightener.
Patent for certain improvement in a wire-fence tightening device.
Patent for a new flower pot with metal siding and a removable bottom, including illustrations.
Wire Stretching and Tying Device.
Patent for a "device capable of enabling the wires of a fence after the latter has been erected or during the construction thereof to be readily tightening to the desired tension without necessitating the removal of staples or other devices for fastening the fence-wires to the posts." (Lines 12-18) Includes instructions and illustrations.
Patent for a calculator "in which a bar having a series of numbers thereon slides in a frame or base also provided with a series of numbers" (lines 10-12). It is meant for quickly adding numbers.
Patent for a simple and efficient drag-saw that can be easily transported and adjusted. The saw can also be lifted during operation if necessary. It has a frame, a longitudinally-grooved guiding-bracket attached to the frame, a reciprocating pitman-head that slides into the frame, a crank-shaft that operates the pitman-head, an arm that carries the saw with a pivotal connection to the pitman-head, a saw-frame secured to the pitman-head's outer end, an adjustable strap between the saw-carrying arm and the saw-frame for adjusting the saw-frame, a spring between the arm and the pitman-head, a saw-lifting lever fulcrumed on the machine-frame, a pendent stirrup carried by the lifting-lever and slotted to control the saw-carrying arm, and a guiding-bracket with a slot where the stirrup slides and another slot where the arm moves.
Car-Door Cleat and Fastener.
Patent for "a simple and comparatively-inexpensive car-door cleat and fastener designed for use on cars for transporting cotton and other highly-inflammable merchandise and capable of effectually excluding sparks from the interior of the car and of preventing the same from entering between the edge of the door and the doorway." (Lines 11-18) Includes instructions and illustrations.
Patent for a flour-bin that keeps the flour and meal separated and sifts them separately. This patent has "a novel formation of a stirrer to prevent the banking of the flour or meal in the bin, and which can be cheaply manufactured and when in use will offer a minimum amount of resistance to the contents of the bin agitated thereby" (lines 16-21). The bin is easily cleaned.
Artificial Stone.
Patent for artificial stone made of a special combination of cement that hardens and stays hard under water. It also does not conduct heat.
Patent for a simple, inexpensive, and efficient double action force pump that has one cylinder and one plunger. It also equalizes the opposite strokes of the plunger, and pushes water into the common chamber with both strokes.
Patent for an automatic car-coupler that operates without someone having to go to between the cars. It is simple and compact.
Patent for a feed cutter that has a casing that makes up tilted side walls with transverse openings, a reciprocating knife that sits between the casing walls, a link that connects the knife to the casing, a feed trough, and a staple that engages the trough.
Patent for a simple, inexpensive, and improved weather strip that "will be operated by the opening and closing of the door, and which will not interfere with carpets, and which will when the door is closed effectually exclude wind, rain, dust and the like" (lines 12-16).
Quilting Attachment for Sewing-Machines.
Patent for "a quilting-frame with equalizing bar and means for adjusting the same so that the quilting-frame shall at all times be held in a level position" (lines 8-11). This invention has a new method for suspending the quilting-frame and for supporting the rail where the traveler operates.
Straw Cutter
Patent for a rectangular box with attached heavy blade for cutting straw.
Fruit Jar.
Patent for a new and improved fruit jar. This design consists, "with a jar having an inwardly-curved upper end and a removable bottom portion, of a series of projections at the base of the said curved portion, and a perforated plate having notches formed in its periphery which register with the said projections which when turned rest thereon" (lines 3-10).
Patent for improvements in churns; specifically, improvements in the construction of the cylinder and the churn-dasher. Includes instructions and illustrations.
Patent for improvements in cultivators, including instructions and illustrations.
Patent for improvements in seed-planter by using different sizes of disks to construct a hopper that can be revolved, in which it can be adapted to plant cotton, corn or other seeds. Illustration is included.
Patent for improvements in cotton choppers in which “when the machine progresses over the field, the plows or cultivators will stir and agitate the soil and the rotary cutting-hoes will chop out the plants, leaving the stands of cotton any desired distance apart, which may be regulated by so arranging the gearing as to cause the chopping-hoes to be rotated more or less rapidly.” (Page 2, lines 15-22) Illustration is included.
Patent for improvements in washing-machines known as “roller and bed and it consists of a rubber-bed adapted to operate in conjunction with a rotatory rubber…….the bed being regulated by tightening screw-nuts upon the hooks which connect the springs with the end walls of said casing.” (Lines 13-22) Illustration is included.
Patent for improvements in wagon-bodies by providing "a simple and effective means for tightening the canvas covering over the bows of wagon or other vehicle-bodies” (lines 17-19), includes illustration.
Combined Cotton Chopper and Cultivator.
Patent for a new and improved cotton chopper and scraper. This design consists in "the combination, with the axle and the wheels, provided with the sleeves, one of which is provided with the spur-wheel of the reach bar secured to the axle, the sleeve mounted on the said bar and provided with the pinion, the arms secured to the sleeve, the curved rods adjustably secured to the arm, and the blades secured to outer ends of the said rods" (lines 8-17).
Seed-Planter and Fertilizer-Distributor
Patent for "a machine of this class which may be used interchangeably for planting different kinds of seeds-such as corn, peas, cotton, or other seeds-or fertilizing material, and which shall be simple in construction, durable, and easily manipulated" (lines 10-15).
Sash Fastener.
Patent for a new and improved sash-fastener. This design consists "[t]he combination, [of] an angle-bracket having an opening produced in its horizontal member wider at its top than at its bottom, and an essentially yoke-shaped bar passed through the said opening, [and] a thumb-lever hinged in the vertical member of the bracket, extending over and parallel with the horizontal member of said bracket, and a lip integral with the under edge of the lever, concavo-convex in cross-section, and capable of entering the opening in the bracket and contacting with . . . the yoke-like bar" (lines 7-19).
Patent for a new and improved whiffletree. This design "compris[es] a front rod and a back rod or spring united together by welding, said whiffletree having its ends rounded to form shoulders and provided with hooks fitting upon the rounded ends and prevented from slipping inward by the shoulders, and disks placed upon said rounded ends and attained thereon by swaging the latter" (lines 6-13).
Patent for a new and improved whiffletree. This design "compris[es] a front bar, a back rod or spring united to the front bar by welding, the ends of both said bar and rod being bent upon themselves and the parts welded together to construct an eye or opening, whereby both bar and rod are bent around the latter . . . a strengthening-piece placed between the front bar and the back rod or spring, and a casing secured to the back rod and adapted to hold the strengthening-piece in place" (lines 8-18).
Corn and Cotton Planter
Patent for improvements to corn and cotton planters, including illustrations.
Wagon Axle.
Patent for a new and improved axle. This design consists in "[t]he combination, with an axle having a seat at its outer end and a seat located in from said outer end, of the spindle having its shank provided with a threaded inner end, and nuts turned on said inner end on opposite sides of the inner seat, by which the spindle may be adjusted to and held in any desired position" (lines 79-85).
Sash Fastener
Patent for Sash-Fastener. "My invention relates to sash-fasteners for holding and locking a window-sash either in an open or closed position." (lines7-9). With illustrations.
Wire Tightener.
Patent for a new and improved wire tightener. This design consists in "the combination of the disks or sections connected by the central bar, the oppositely-pointing lever-arms, the transverse pin fitting into corresponding openings in the disks or sections on one side of the central bar, the locking-pin adapted to fit into any two corresponding openings of the concentric series of openings made in the disks, and a rope or similar device connecting the wire to be stretched with the disks and their connections" (lines 93-103).
Ant Trap.
Patent for a new and improved ant trap. This design "consists in a frame which is adapted to be placed over the ant-hill, so as to surround the entrance thereto, and provided with parallel surrounding flanges or sides which converge to each other and lead to an exit-spout . . . [and] is to provide an ant-trap which is adapted to catch the ants both on their attempt to leave the hill or to return to it, whereby the entire colony may be exterminated" (lines 9-21).
Lifting Device.
Patent for a new and improved jack. This design "relates to devices for raising fence-corners in repairing the same, and for lifting weights generally; and the object of [the] invention is to produce a simple and powerful device whereby a single operator can greatly increase his [or her] capacity for lifting heavy objects" (lines 8-14).
Patent for a new and improved gate. This design consists in "[t]he combination of the suspended rolling gate [and] the toggle-jointed levers . . . connecting the gate with a fixed point" (lines 102-104). It further consists in a lever "pivoted at one end to a fixed point, the lever pivoted to [another] lever near the outer end of the latter, the lower end of the lever being attached to the free end of the lever, the pivoted hand-levers fulcrumed on opposite sides of the gate, and the rod connecting the inner ends of the said hand levers with the connected ends of the [other] levers" (lines 1-8).
Car Coupling.
Patent for a new and improved coupling for railroad cars. This design "has relation to that class of car-couplings in which the open ends of a coupling bar or link are engaged by hooks in the draw-heads; and it consists in the improved construction and combination of parts of such a coupling, in which the hooks are projecting from the under sides of arms pivoted upon the draw-heads and dropping down by their gravity, and in which the said hooks project into registering recesses in the upper side of the draw-head" (lines 23-33).
Riding Saddle.
Patent for a new and improved saddle. This design "relates especially to devices intended for use in coupling or connecting girths to saddles in stock countries or elsewhere where it is desirable to quickly adjust the saddle onto a horse . . . in drawing [a] strap to tighten the girth the inner portion, by reason of the friction of the parts passing through the rings, becomes rolled or creased up and straightened out, and loosens the girth in a short time . . . [the] invention seeks to overcome [these] objections" (lines 12-36).
Bedstead Brace.
Patent for a new and improved bedstead brace. This design consists in "[t]he combination, with the side rails, the end rails, and posts, of the hooks secured to the inner faces of said posts, the eyes on the inner sides of the side rails and located a slight distance apart, the wires secured to the hooks and passing through the eyes, the plates having openings, through which the wires pass and the screw bolt and nut connecting said plates" (lines 60-68).
Patent for a new and improved bedstead. This design consists of a frame with tension wires "extending diagonally across the bed-frame to the side pieces thereof at points intermediate between the corner posts, and independent tension devices to which the ends of the wire are connected, whereby a longitudinal and lateral strain is exerted upon the bed-frame when the wires are adjusted" (lines 1-7).
Remedy For Chicken-Cholera.
Patent for “medicines for the treatment of chicken-cholera” (lines 12-13) which includes ingredients, instructions and dosage. Ingredients include Cayenne pepper, May-apple root, and blue vitriol (sulphate of copper). The medicine may be used as a preventative or as a cure.
Car Coupling.
Patent for an improved car coupling that is automatic and safer than regular couplings.
Mechanical Power.
Patent for motors “designed for running light machinery – such as well-pumps, churns, sewing-machines, washing-machines, &c.; and it consists in the construction and novel arrangement of parts, as will hereinafter fully described, and particularly pointed out in the claims” (lines 10-15) including instructions and illustrations. “These motors are simple, durable, and efficient, and are not likely to get out of order” (lines 72-73).
Locomotive Wheel.
Patent for a new and improved train wheel. This design "relates to locomotive drive-wheels; and it has for its object to so construct the same so as to avoid all slipping of the wheel upon the rail, as is usually the case when the locomotive is first started. A further object of the invention is to provide a wheel which shall be simple in its construction and durable in use" (lines 9-16).
Machine for Stretching and Removing Fence Wires.
Patent for a new and improved machine for stretching and removing fence wires. This design "is to provide a simple, effective, and inexpensive machine for stretching the wires of fences along the fence-posts, and straining the wires taut while they are being fastened to the posts, and also for removing the wires from the posts when required, as in removing or resetting a fence" (lines 8-14).
Stalk Cutter.
Patent for a new and improved stalk cutter. This design consists in "a stalk and weed cutter, the combination, with the oblique side knives, of the transverse slotted bars, springs, and the guide and pressure bars having vertical arms passing through the slots of the transverse bars, and connected to said springs . . . [and] the runner-frame, having oblique wings and front and side knives, the standards and bar, cross-bars, cross-springs, and adjustable pressure and guide bars" (lines 80-92).
Patent for a seed planter, with illustrations. "The object of this invention is to facilitate the planting of seeds, and also to promote convenience in adjusting and operating the planter" (lines 22-24).
Seed Planter.
Patent for a new and improved seed planter. This design "relates to machines for dropping or planting cotton, corn, or other seed, and has for its object to provide a device embodying simplicity, convenience, cheapness, and efficiency. To this end it consists in certain improvements in construction and operation of the same" (lines 12-18).