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 Collection: Texas Patents
Patent for a pump to be used for pumping oil and water including instructions.
Patent for improvements in rail-joint by providing “a fastening means for rail-joints adapted to embrace the bottom and top sides of the foot and the sides of the web of the rail and to extend along the underside of the head, so as to brace the joint vertically.” (Lines 16-31) Illustration is included.
Electrically-Actuated Sawmill Set-Works
Patent for an electrically-actuated sawmill set-works that regulates movement of the clutch-stop and set-shaft, which determines the extent of knee-movement including illustrations.
Patent for a seed-planter, illustrations included.
Water-Closet Flush.
Patent for a siphon flushing apparatus for water-closets in which it will regulate the quantity of the water being discharged at each flushing; at the same time it can prevent water leakage. Illustration is included.
Bale-Band Tightener
Patent for a bale-band tightener, illustrations included.
Patent for a butter churn with gentle agitation meant to keep butter cells from breaking including illustrations.
Cotton Chopper and Cultivaor
Patent for a combine cotton chopper and cultivator, illustrations included.
Patent for improvements in cotton-valve by providing a valve which may be used in connection with an elevator that carrying the cotton to the gins; to have two batteries or divisions, so that one division may be cut out while the other is in operation. (Lines 10-15) Illustration is included.
Fertilizer-Distributing Attachment
Patent for an inexpensive attachment for "drilling compost, manure, or other fertilizing material &c., &c" (lines 9-10). It is designed to be attached to any farm-wagon including illustrations.
Patent for a hame fastener "by which the ends can be securely connected together, but which may be readily disconnected when desired." (lines 10-12). Illustrations included.
Patent for a trace lock that is mechanized to work vertically or horizontally. Illustration included.
Patent for new and improved bridle-bits, including illustrations.
Patent for crate fastening to secure the top firmly but also allow it to be easily removed. It was designed for an egg crate but is applicable to crates in general, including illustrations.
Patent for a nut lock, to hold a nut in place or act in place of a washer, including illustrations.
Patent for an improved version of the speculum, a gynecological instrument, including illustrations.
Patent for trace carrier for a plow "especially designed to support the trace adjustably in a vertical direction, so as to vary the line of the draft upon the plow and also provide a guide and support for the reins" (lines 9-13), including illustrations.
Patent for a windmill regulator, specifically windmill breaks "to be used in connection with a windmill placed upon a tower in the usual manner and having the controlling-wire depending therefrom to be drawn upon for stopping the pumping mechanism and to be released for allowing it to resume its operation" (lines 22-28), including illustrations.
Patent for improvements in baling-presses by using a “duplex baling-press wherein the power is alternately applied by novel mechanism to the two baling-plungers in such manner that only one plunger at a given time is operating to compress the bale, and at the completion of the stroke thereof the other plunger is operated to compress its bale, the arrangement being such that the plungers are alternately engaged and released by the power mechanism and are automatically returned to operative position after they have been released.” (Lines 9-21.) Illustration is included.
Double-Acting Pump
Patent for new and useful improvement in double-acting pumps for those "deep-well double-acting pumps in which as single cylinder and piston are used" (lines 14-15), including illustrations.
Patent for fence improvements, "especially to a wire fence made, preferably, of plain strands of wire horizontally disposed and drawn toward one another by means of short pieces of wire which are twisted about the horizontal wires line" (lines 15 – 20) illustrations included.
Patent for screw-gearing for motors, particularly motors for fans or similar objects, including illustrations.
Patent for invention to "improve the construction of elevating-trucks and to provide a simple and comparatively inexpensive apparatus adapted to be readily moved from one place to another and capable of enabling bales, boxes and the like to be readily lifted from the ground or other supporting-surface and raised to a convenient position for loading such freight upon a wagon or other conveyance" (p. 1, lines 10-18).
Apparatus for Utilizing Hot Slag for Heating Purposes.
Patent for an apparatus which holds molten slag in the exterior chambers of the receptacle such that the interior chambers can receive water to be heated, producing steam and hot air.
Patent for a bicycle frame that can be used on bicycles in general, but is particularly suited for spring frame bicycles including illustrations.
Patent for a shear sharpener with a clamp, illustrations included.
Vehicle Air-Brake.
Patent for an air braking system that can be used on bicycles, tricycles or other vehicles. Illustration included.
Adjustable Nailless Horseshoe.
Patent for an adjustable horseshoe with cost efficient, replaceable fittings. Illustrations included.
Patent for fifth-wheels for vehicles of that form in which a turn-table containing ball-bearings is employed &c., &c." (lines 7-9) including illustrations.
Patent for a pen holder with an adjustable attachment that wraps around the forefinger. Illustrations included.
Proportionate Scale.
Patent for a proportion scale used for measuring cotton seed and lint. Illustration included.
Artificial Stone.
Patent for a process of manufacturing artificial stone in which “it will not cracked by reason of exposure and which may be readily engraved, impressed or otherwise marked to form letters, characters, emblems and etc….” (Lines 16-20). No illustration.
Patent for "improvements in clevises or draw-bars for plows and other similar implements" (Lines 8 – 10) including illustrations.
Fence-Post Extractor.
Patent for a fence-post extractor that is used by placing the extractor alongside the fence-post and extracting it in a vertical line including illustrations.
Nailless Horseshoe.
Patent for a nailless horseshoe made of adjustable metallic straps, including illustrations.
Rein-Holder For Cultivators
Patent for a rein-holder for field cultivation.
Patent for steam heater to keep cooked food warm, suitable for smaller hotels, restaurants, and other venues, who could not afford larger, more elaborate steam heaters, including illustrations.
Patent for a bridle bit that helps a handler to hold or guide an animal without harming its mouth. Illustration included.
Lever-Operated Cutting Mechanism
Patent for lever-operated cutting mechanism, that used leavers to provide a cutting surface that is both adjustable and can be reversibly held, including illustrations.
Patent for baling-press to press bales of cotton into rectangular bales including illustrations.
Buggy-Top Attachment.
Patent for improvements in "the construction of buggy-top attachments and to provide a simple, inexpensive, and efficient device adapted to be easily and quickly attached to and detached from the top of a buggy or other vehicle and capable of forming a complete extension of the same to protect the occupants of the vehicle from the weather" (lines 11-18), including illustrations.
Patent for a light weight lawn sweeper that doubles as a shovel for lawn debris. Illustrations included.
Patent for an innovation in the combination and arrangement of parts for car-couplers including illustrations.
Mattress-Stuffing Machine
Patent for Mattress Stuffing Machine which “consists of a bed and cover to hold the stuffing material and give it proper shape, rods to keep the stuffing material in shape while it is being inserted into the ticking, a follow-block for pushing the stuffing and rods into the ticking." (lines 9-14), including illustrations.
Patent for a seeder used for sowing small grain including illustrations.
Patent for a new and improved spur; including illustrations.
Steam-Separating Trap
Patent for a steam eliminator for engines or other machinery to deliver steam with as little moisture as possible including illustrations.
Patent for a "pounder" washing machine that can be easily repaired and operated with little effort. Illustrations included.
Acetylene-Gas Generator.
Patent for "improvement in acetylene-gas generators, and has for one object to provide an exceedingly- simple apparatus of this description in which the pipes and connections are closed , and thus protected from freezing by the effects of atmospheric changes; and a further object of my invention is to remove the possibility of an explosion taking place during the manipulation of the machine." (lines 9-17) including illustrations.
Patent for a bale-tie fastener including illustrations.