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 Collection: Texas Patents
Device for Enlarging Negatives.
Patent for a new or improved device to enlarge negatives; that is simple, portable, and ready to use, including illustrations.
Egg Preserving Apparatus.
Patent for a new and useful egg container for packing, storing, and preserving eggs.
Patent for "certain new and useful Improvements in Locks." (Lines 5-6) including illustrations.
Patent for an improved mop holder that will hold the mop head and the handle.
Patent for "a simple and inexpensive article which will securely hold a nut in place upon a bolt and form a yielding support beneath the same" (lines 13-16).
Paper-Holder for Enlarging-Cameras.
Patent for an improvement in holders attached to enlarging-cameras to hold the paper being exposed: "The object of the invention is to provide a simple and convenient form of paper-holder in which the paper may be readily inserted and removed and from which the light will be effectually excluded" (lines 15-19).
Saw-Sharpening Machine.
Patent for improvements in "that class of saw-sharpening machines in which straight-edge-filing devices reciprocally movable are provided and in which ratchet mechanism for feeding the saw is also included" (lines 8-12) including illustrations.
Patent for new improvements in seed-planters that will drop one seed at a time at different spacings, improve the force-feed operation, adapt to different kinds or sizes of seed, cover and pack the soil, and create a simpler and more efficient machine, including illustrations.
Patent for a trap for the catching of small animals that can also be applied towards large animals and marine life, with illustrations.
Patent for more efficient and durable pack-saddle (aparejo) used by United States Army. Casing involves hollow boot-sticks and rubber-encased steel, with better fitting to prevent fatigue of animal.
Apparatus for Cleaning Bottoms of Ships.
Patent for apparatus for cleaning the bottom of ships "to provide a simple and practical apparatus for removing barnacles, seaweed, mud, and other adhesions from the sides and bottom of a ship" (line 10).
Patent for "certain new and useful Improvements in Coin-Holders." (Lines 5-6) illustrations included.
Patent for a new adjustable ironing-table that folds for storage, including illustrations.
Stock- Weaner.
Patent for " and useful Improvements in Stock-Weaners..." (lines 6-7) including illustrations.
Patent for new improvements to vises involving accessories "to cooperate with the jaws of the vise in such a manner that the jaws will be very quickly and tightly brought together into direct engagement or into engagement with any object interposed between them," (lines 18-23) and an attachment to restore a work-out vise, including illustrations.
Wire-Fence Tool.
Patent for an improvement on wire-fence tools. "To provide a simple and comparatively inexpensive tool of great strength and durability designed for operating on fence-wires and adapted for mending the same and for taking up the slack of a fence-wire and capable in stretching the ends past each other before the same are twisted together, whereby the ends of the wire may be more effectively connected." (Lines 10-19) Illustration is included.
Combined Cotton Chopper and Cultivator
Patent for combining both cotton choppers and cultivators. This will create a more easily operated piece of machinery.
Corn or Cotton Planter.
Patent for a new, improved combined corn and cotton planter, including illustrations.
Wire Working Tool.
Patent for a new and useful wireworking-tool. "This invention relates to a wireworking-tool particularly adapted for use in twisting wire-ties around posts and over runners, drawing staples, and cutting wires" (line 8-11).
Patent for an automatic butter churn with illustrations.
Ironing Machine.
Patent for a new and useful ironing-machine. "Invention is to improve the construction of ironing-machines and to provide a simple, efficient, and comparatively inexpensive one, designed for use both in laundries and elsewhere and capable of advantageously operating on all kinds of garment" (line 10-15).
Wire Stretcher.
Patent for new and useful improvements in wire-stretchers. The "invention has relation to improvements in wire-stretchers, and especially to that class of wire-stretchers employed in wire-fence building or repairing" line 10).
Patent for "...a Bailing-Press for Making Cylindrical Bales of Cotton..." (lines 5-6) including illustrations.
Bedstead Brace.
Patent for a new and useful bedstead-brace. "This invention is an improved construction of bedstead-brace, the object being to provide an exceedingly cheap, simple, and efficient device which can be applied to any and all beds" (line 7-11).
Comb Cleaner.
Patent for a new and useful comb-cleaner. "This invention is an improved construction of comb-cleaner, the object being to provide an exceedingly cheap, simple, and efficient device by means of which a comb can be quickly and effectively cleaned" (line 10).
End-Gate Fastener
Patent for a fastener to hold end gate and sideboards of wagon in place and attached to body of wagon. Allows for adjustment.
Follower for Packing Sauer-kraut, &c.
Patent for new improvements for devices for producing pressure for sauer-kraut or other food products needing pressure.
Non-Refillable Bottle
Patent for a new and improved non-refillable bottle "in which the liquid is prevented from being poured back into the bottle by a check" (lines 10-11) a physical piece located in the neck of the bottle with illustration.
Packing Compound for Eggs, &c.
Patent for a food packing compound made out of clay, chalk, and lime.
Patent for improvements in snaps including an eye for a strap to pass through for gripping.
Specific-Gravity Scale
Patent for a type of weighing-scale, "designed for determining the specific gravity of any body, be it solid, liquid, or a gas" (lines 14-15) including illustration.
Spring Hinge
Patent for providing a "door-hinge of simple and durable construction swinging freely either way from a spring which is fast at one end, but adapted at the other to ride freely up and down the doorjamb" (lines 9-12) including an illustration.
Patent for a new windmill design with improvement with breaking from the wind with new connections.
Wagon-Brake Ratchet
Patent for new mode of applying brake-shoes to a wagon and improvement with the position of the brake level on a wagon.
Cotton Chopper.
Patent for an improvement to the cotton chopping machine, which includes a hoe-blade that leaves the plants being processed in bunches.
Patent for a pencil holder that may be attached to a garment.
Self Heating Branding Iron.
Patent for a self heating branding iron, which allows for branding irons to be easily attached and detached from portable sources of fuel.
Sham-Bolster Frame.
Patent for "sham-bolster frames, and more particularly to that class that are lengthwise adjustable to admit of their being used with beds of any width" (lines 8-12) including illustrations.
Machine for Separating Fiber from Stalks.
Patent for a machine that separates fibers from the stalks and leaves of a variety of plants, including ramie, flax, pineapple, and sisal.
Memorandum Clip Board.
Patent for an improved clipboard, which provides different clasps to support checks and other sized items at specific points.
Patent for an improved bailing-press.
Crude-Oil Burner.
Patent for a crude oil burner used for fuel.
Patent for an adjustable easel.
" I have invented new and useful improvements in ice-trays that relates to a combined water-cooler and ice-tray, and has for its object the cooling of water by ice without the ice coming in contact with the water, and the flow of water through the device..." Henning, Thomas W. (1902). Ice-Tray. United States Patent Office. Retrieved from
Patent for a tool that removes Locoweed and other plants.
Patent for a mat for presses which is to be used to express oils from vegetables.
Patent for a railway crossing which will not sink in mud and will not be as loud as previously.
Patent for a scaffold-bracket.
Cinder Guard.
Patent for a detachable cinder guard to be used with car panels. This cinder guard prevents cinders and other items that may cause combustion from entering a car window.
Combined Cultivator and Planter.
Patent for a new part that attaches to an ordinary cultivator. The device has a plow that runs in front, and a planting mechanism that spreads seeds in the plowed rows. This device makes it possible to plough and plant in one sweep of the field.