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 Collection: Texas Patents
Sham-Bolster Frame.
Patent for "sham-bolster frames, and more particularly to that class that are lengthwise adjustable to admit of their being used with beds of any width" (lines 8-12) including illustrations.
Machine for Separating Fiber from Stalks.
Patent for a machine that separates fibers from the stalks and leaves of a variety of plants, including ramie, flax, pineapple, and sisal.
Memorandum Clip Board.
Patent for an improved clipboard, which provides different clasps to support checks and other sized items at specific points.
Patent for an improved bailing-press.
Crude-Oil Burner.
Patent for a crude oil burner used for fuel.
Patent for an adjustable easel.
" I have invented new and useful improvements in ice-trays that relates to a combined water-cooler and ice-tray, and has for its object the cooling of water by ice without the ice coming in contact with the water, and the flow of water through the device..." Henning, Thomas W. (1902). Ice-Tray. United States Patent Office. Retrieved from
Patent for a tool that removes Locoweed and other plants.
Patent for a mat for presses which is to be used to express oils from vegetables.
Patent for a railway crossing which will not sink in mud and will not be as loud as previously.
Patent for a scaffold-bracket.
Cinder Guard.
Patent for a detachable cinder guard to be used with car panels. This cinder guard prevents cinders and other items that may cause combustion from entering a car window.
Combined Cultivator and Planter.
Patent for a new part that attaches to an ordinary cultivator. The device has a plow that runs in front, and a planting mechanism that spreads seeds in the plowed rows. This device makes it possible to plough and plant in one sweep of the field.
Patent for an improvement in cotton-press to form cylindrical cotton bales, including illustrations.
Photographic-Printing Frame.
Patent for a new Photographic-printing frame. The "invention relates to certain improvements in photographic-printing frames, and has for its object to construct a frame of such character as to readily permit of the raising of the glass negative from its printing position for the inspection of the sensitized paper and to return the same accurately to printing position." (Lines 8-15) Illustration is included.
Patent for an improved plow, which can support a rudder-blade adapted for use with a middle-breaker moldboard.
Patent for an improvement on Pump-Pistons."This invention has for its object to provide a pump-piston constructed entirely of metal in order to avoid the use of packings constructed of leather or other rapidly-wearing material; and the invention consists in certain novel features of construction herinafter fully described." (Lines 15-21) Illustration is included.
Wheel Cultivator and Planter Attachment Therefor.
Patent for an improved wheel cultivator, which includes a planter attachment, a hopper, a seed-dropping and fertilizer distributing mechanism, and covering plows.
Patent for an improved baling press including instructions and illustrations.
Patent for improvement to cylindrical baling-press for packing cotton, cotton-seed hulls, bran and similar objects into cylindrical bales, including illustrations.
Combined Rake and Stacker.
Patent for an improved combined rake and stacker. The improvement includes an added horse-rake for hay, which can be used to load hay into a wagon or place in a stack.
Cotton-Chopper Attachment for Cultivators
Patent for a chopping device that can be attached to an existing cultivator, allowing for the use of the cultivator to become a more versatile farm vehicle.
Harvester Attachment.
Patent for an attachment that cleans and scrapes the drive wheels of mowing machines and harvesters, to keep them free of accumulated mud and running smoothly.
Paper Bag Machine.
Patent for an improved paper bag machine, which rapidly converts continuously moving paper into bags.
Patent for a metal punch for use on cold metal. It is designed to sit atop a blacksmith's anvil.
Patent for " a certain new and useful Saw-Swage." (Lines 5-6) including illustrations.
Patent for an improved cultivator that utilizes wheels and implements adapted for working in adjacent parallel furrows. The cultivator can be used to remove potatoes and similar crops from the earth.
Gage for Plows.
Patent for a new type of gage for a running plow, that can be adjusted for a specific depth
Saw Set
Patent for saw sets that allow for a smoother cut and includes adjustments.
Suspended Rotary Fan
Patent for "certain new and useful improvements in Suspended Rotary Fans." (Lines 6-7) including instructions.
Card-Cutting Attachment for Printing Presses.Speight,
Patent for a device that can be attached to a printing press, for the express purpose of being able to cut multiple copies of cards from a single sheet of card stock with metal dies.
Patent for a corn harvester "for use in harvesting crops such as corn and cane, the purpose being to provide a machine of this type of simple, durable, and compact construction and which will be light construction and not fatigue the team, since the body or frame supporting the operating parts is balanced upon the ground or supporting wheels" (lines 12-19) including instructions and illustrations.
Belt Tightener and Stretcher
Patent for a device that stretches and tightens belts, ropes, wire, etc.
Cattle Guard
Patent for a cattle guard that will turn horses, cattle, mules, etc.
Combined Concentrator, Amalgamator, and Separator
Patent for improvements to a Combined Concentrator, Amalgamator, and Separator used for ore and gravel.
Patent for adjustable-height lamp hanger primarily for electric lamps, including description and illustration.
Wagon Bed Lifting Device
Patent for a wagon-bed lifter that will remove and wagon beds and position them for easy re-assembly.
Card-Cutting Attachment for Printing-Presses.
Patent for an attachment for printing presses that not only acts as a card cutter, but can also change the shape of the design and automatically eject the paper.
Patent for indicator "for vessels by which to show accurately and readily the draft of the vessel, as well as any list and pitch that may exist" (lines 8-11) including instructions and illustrations.
Patent for a new and improved lawn mower that "consists in the novel construction and arrangement of its parts." (lines 13-14), including description and illustrations.
Patent for an invention that relates to locks. "The prime object of the invention is to provide a supplemental locking device for the holding element, which is entirely separate from the usual locking mechanism, so that should one unacquainted with the lock attempt to open it in the ordinary manner by operating said usual mechanism the holding element will still be securely locked and the attempt would thus be frustrated." (Lines 14-21) Illustration is included.
Patent for "certain new and useful improvements in Plows" (Lines 5-6) including illustrations.
Patent for bag holder " an improved cabinet for holding paper bags and the like articles; and the object is to construct a useful, inexpensive cabinet which will be light and compact and practical and in which bags may be placed and taken out when needed without mutilating the bags" (lines 7-13) including instructions and illustrations.
Patent for improvements to a device used to trap birds, to keep them from damaging or consuming agricultural crops..
Corn or Cotton Planter
Patent for a corn or cotton planter that is simple, durable and low-cost.
Apparatus for Floating Vessels.
Patent for a mechanism for raising, and hauling into deeper water, a floating vessel that has run aground.
Folding Cot
Patent for
Hay Or Cotton Press
Patent for "certain new and useful improvements in Hay or Cotton Presses" (lines 4-6), including illustrations.
Patent for a rotary motor "to provide a simple and efficient motor particularly adaptable for vehicle propulsion and which when once started in either direction will automatically arrange its valve to continue that direction of rotation" (lines 13-18), including illustrations.
Patent for improving the construction of sash fasteners making them simpler and inexpensive. These mounted window sash fasteners are capable of locking the window in it's closed position and supporting it in an open position at "any desired adjustment" (line 17).