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 Collection: Texas Patents
Patent for a metallic produce basket. Includes instructions and illustrations.
Flour or Meal Bin.
Patent for "a device of improved form for holding flour and meal and from which the same may be drawn and sifted in any desired quantity." (Lines 14-17) Includes instructions and illustrations.
Patent for nut-locks specifically adapted for use on railroads. Includes instructions and illustrations.
Apparatus for Barreling Soap-Stock.
Patent for "an apparatus for filling barrels with soap-stock or other thick liquid of similar consistency, the object being to provide a machine whereby the barrels may be filled quickly through the bung-hole." (Lines 12-16) Includes instructions and illustrations.
Combined Barrel Truck and Support.
Patent for "a combination of devices for hoisting and hauling and supporting barrels and other receptacles for use in stores and other places" (lines 8-11).
Combined Cradle, Swing, and Clothes-Drier.
Patent for "a cradle which may be easily and quickly converted into a child's swing or into a clothes rack or drier." (Lines 10-12) Includes instructions and illustrations.
Patent for a cotton chopper with adjustable choppers and axles, so that the distance between the hills of cotton and between rows of hills of cotton can be variable. Includes instructions and illustrations.
Molding Sash-Weights.
Patent for a new mold design for sash-weights which describes "a mold of simple and improved construction whereby a number of weights can be cast at the same time" (lines 14-17), including illustrations.
Patent for a whip holder that locks the end of the whip into the holder, and lap-robes and other similar articles can also be held in the invention so they cannot be stolen.
Attachment for Vehicle-Brakes.
Patent for "an extension-handle for the manipulating-levers of vehicle-brakes" (lines 9-10). This invention was designed especially for vehicles with extra side-boards, so the brakes can be employed as conveniently as possible while the driver would normally have a hard time reaching the brake-lever.
Automatic Wagon-Brake.
Patent for a new wagon brake design which allows the break to be automatically set, with illustrations.
Beer Tapping Apparatus.
Patent for a new and improved beer tap. This design calls for the air pipe to go within the beer tapping pipe and for a pump to supply the air pipe with air. This eliminates the need of a rubber nipple to connect the air pipe, easily cleans the pipe coil, and allows for the tapping of the keg from without the icebox.
Patent for a churn in which a can has an opening in the center of its lid, in which a dasher-staff fits. The can fits in a frame. There are two parts to the frame, the part that rotates the can, and the part that holds the churn in place. The frame also holds the dasher-staff and a crank to rotate the can's frame.
Gas-Vent for Molds.
Patent for a gas-vent for molds. Its object is "to provide a simple and cheap construction whereby free escape of the gas or air is permitted form the mold into which molten metals...are to be poured for the purpose of forming a casting" (lines 12-18). Construction of the vent may vary.
Patent for a log-cart in which "one end of the log is elevated or drawn up underneath the axle, while the other end drags along on the ground" (lines 14-17). This design is more efficient than other models of log-carts.
Patent for an inexpensive and simple mold with few parts and can separate easily. It is designed specifically to make semicircles and rectangular shapes, of concrete or earthenware. The mold also can be held together simply and inexpensively.
Non-Refillable Bottle.
Patent for "a non-refillable bottle of simple, cheap, and improved construction, which can be quickly and easily sealed" (lines 13-15). The bottle can be emptied easily.
Patent for car locks "that cannot be tampered with without the fact being readily perceptible, and thus prevent the car passing unobserved the point where such lock was opened." (Lines 13-16) Includes instructions and illustrations.
Patent for a steam engine which is more economical than other steam engines. "Steam is cut off in the earlier or later part of the stroke, according to the conditions of the work" (lines 15-17), according to a governor or engineer.
Patent for ball-bearings that "consists in improvements in hubs or journal-boxes and in the journals of axles or spindles" (lines 8-10), the "object [of which] is to construct journals and journal-boxes which will be perfectly adjustable and durable and which will be subjected to the least possible friction" (lines 12-15).
Bed-Slat Fastener.
Patent for an improved construction of a bed-slat fastener, one "adapted to support a bed-slat firmly in position and to prevent the side rails of a bedstead from springing outward" (lines 14-16). There are also "no recesses or crevices for the accumulation of vermin" (lines 19-20) in this design.
Patent for an improved locomotive or traction-engine, with a series of water-shells, each containing "a series of fire-flues, a feeding-water heater, a pipe discharging steam" (lines 118-121), and a double-action plunger-pump.
Patent for a penholder that is worn on the finger and is an "open-ended hollow thimble with a detachable and reversible cap-piece" (lines 20-22). The pen-point can be unscrewed and screwed back in the opposite way so that the pen-point is inside the thimble, so the pen-point doesn't break in one's pocket.
Patent for a book-support made to hold large, heavy books used in commercial and government offices. The platforms can be moved up and down by a crank on the side of the support.
Patent for a churn with an improved dasher-operating mechanism. It simply and effectively combines a "rotary and reciprocatory movement to a churn-dasher to hasten the separation of the butter" (lines 11-13). The dasher is attached to a frame, and is operated through a crank. The churn rests on a platform also attached to the frame.
Patent for a sectional moldboard plow that is "capable of being easily taken apart and put together when it is desired to replace the points or shares" (lines 18-20). It also has "a socket which is removably held to the bar of the cultivator and which is provided to hold the removable boards" (lines 22-25). The bar can fit double-cut or sweep plows.
Refrigerating Apparatus.
Patent for a refrigerator that cools things "with the minimum expense for refrigerants; also, for affording ready access to the refrigerated substances" (lines 19-21). The cabinet has an outer layer, an inner layer, and a cooling layer. Ice is used to achieve lower temperatures.
Patent for "a high-speed rotary engine wherein the steam-impelled wheel shall revolve in a horizontal plane within an upright open cylinder." (Lines 10-13) Includes instructions and illustrations.
Patent for "a trap of the character mentioned simple and efficient means for closing the entrance thereof, whereby an animal or fowl passing therethrough shall be prevented returning, and thus be held in the trap, and, further, to so construct such means as to permit the door of the trap remaining in an open position except when the animal or fowl attempts to pass out through the same, thereby affording a free passage to the interior of the trap and presenting and inducement for other animals or fowls to enter." (Lines 13-24) Includes instructions and illustrations.
Patent for an improvement on a previous faucet, patent no. 539,633. This faucet is "a valve-seat consisting of a cylinder having an internal shoulder, a tubular valve operating within said cylinder and below said shoulder, a packing-ring carried by said valve and engaging said shoulder, a piston-road attached to said valve for operating the same, and a drop-valve in the lower end of said tubular valve, substantially as specified" (lines 60-69)
Patent for "surgical instruments which are used for stopping the flow of blood during an amputation or other similar operation." (Lines 12-15) Includes instructions and illustrations.
Cotton Elevator and Distributer.
Patent for cotton elevators and distributors "whereby the cotton and air shall be separated in a simple and efficient manner and the air discharged from the suction-fan with the least possible degree of friction and back pressure." (Lines 11-15) Includes instructions and illustrations.
Patent for an easel that has a sliding picture-rest, which is has a "clutch mechanism for holding the sliding rest at any desired elevation" (lines 11-14). It also has a "auxiliary folding rest for holding a model or study while the artist is engaged at work" (lines 20-22), which can be folded up when finished.
Electric Railway.
Patent for an electric railway that has the electric conductor on or under the ground, in a tube. The tube gets electricity to the trains via contact-pieces embedded in the tube, and it collapses whenever the train wheels go over it. The tube and conductor are kept safe in a u-shaped hanger underground.
Patent for a mucilage-bottle that has a brush which stays in the bottle, and is held in place with a cork. A spring is in the neck, and is compressed when the cork is inserted. This mucilage-bottle will not get clogged with dried mucilage.
Patent "...relates to cabinets for spooladapted to contain spools of thread of different sizes and from which the spools may be easily extracted one at a time" (lines 7-11) including illustrations and descriptions.
Patent for "devices for tightening the tires on new wheels, as well as wheels that have been in use, and upon which the tires have become loosened, and the object of the invention is to provide a tightener which will be exceedingly simple, durable and economic, and wherein the tightener may be expeditiously and conveniently applied without altering the shape of the felly and at the same time maintain a true circular shape for the tire." (Lines 7-17) Includes instructions and illustrations.
Antirefilling Bottle.
Patent for a bottle that can be easily sealed but cannot be resealed after opened. There is a groove in the neck of the bottle, and the cork is placed below the groove. The cork is hollowed out and a plug is placed in the cork. The cork is hollowed out and a plug with a groove around it is placed in the cork.An elastic compressible locking-ring fits in the gap the groove in the bottle and the groove in the plug create.
Patent for "baling-presses of that class wherein motion is communicated to the plunger from a sweep operated by horse or similar power, and the object in view is to improve the construction of the baling-chamber and attachments, and, furthermore, to provide a simple and efficient construction of plunger-operating mechanism" (lines 8-15)
Patent for a baling-press meant to bale cotton. In this machine, "the power as applied to the plunger is increased in proportion to the resistance offered by the material being baled and whereby the forward movement of the plunger is automatically checked at the limit of its path and is returned to its initial positioin without effort upon the part of the operator" (lines 10-17).
Patent for a railway cattle-guard that is simple, inexpensive, and efficient. It prevents the cattle "from traversing a railway-track in order to pass form one field or inclosure to another" (line 12-14). It has spurred rollers, and has a unique way of mounting rollers or rotary ties, in that they do not block the track.
Patent for an ax that is "provided with a poll made in two sections adapted to be clamped or secured to the handle and receive a removable bit or hardened section presenting the cutting edge" (lines 16-20).
Combined Hatchet and Wire-Tightener.
Patent for a device that operates as a hatchet and as a wire-twisting device, so that "slack may be taken up in fence-wires as fast as it occurs" (lines 11-12). The wire-tightener is two triangles stick out from the side of the hatchet, where the operator can pinch the wire.
Eyelet-Hole Attachment for Sewing-Machines.
Patent for "a simple and perfect eyelet apparatus which can be attached to any sewing-machine" (lines 14-15).
Patent for a gate latch that works by having stop-pins secured to the gate, while a rod goes through the post, with a handle on one end and a latch on the other end. The latch is shaped so that it catches the pin.
Patent for a gate-latch. A latch-pin secured in a beam, another latch secured to the inside of another post, with two pivoting hangers, and plates come together to form this latch.
Patent for a simply constructed puzzle with a difficult solution, "but may be accomplished by the exercise of care, skill, and ingenuity in the manipulation of the device" (lines 15-18). It is a rectangular box with eight balls, four of which fit into holes in the corners of the box. There are segmented walls surrounding the holes.
Patent for "a construction of seed-planter providing a positive and efficient means for planting any desired number of rows at one time, while at the same time having means for opening the furrow, dropping the seed, and covering up the furrow in one operation." (Lines 14-19) Includes instructions and illustrations.
Patent for a float-valve used in water-troughs for cattle and other liquid containers. It closes "when the surface of the water reaches the desired point and [opens] when the surface of the water falls below said point" (lines 14-17).
Patent for a windmill that does not have a vane and can receive wind from any direction. It can also be "readily thrown out of and into operation when desired" (lines 15-16). It is a horizontal wind-wheel supported by a vertical shaft.