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 Collection: Texas Patents
Patent for improvements in plows by providing “a reversible colter adapted to be applied to any style of plow; such as shovel-plows, half or turning shovels, bull-tongue, or other forms of plows. Also to provide a convenient means of attaching and detaching the plow” (lines 12-17). Illustration is included.
Patent for an improvement in plows by “employing a combined brace for the mold-board and a locking device for the share” (lines 46-48), including illustration.
Patent for an improved planting machine by securing a seed-plate with a central longitudinal slot, in the bottom of the hopper, a circular seed disk is placed into the slot; two pairs of gage-plates arranged at the front and rear end of said slot. These gage-plates can be adjusted to regulate the quantity of seeds being discharged when planting cotton. When planting corn, the rear pair of gage-plates can be brought closely together to prevent the escape of seeds. Illustration is included.
Strap and Buckle Shield.
Patent for an improvement in strap and buckle shields by having a flat elongated plate which has a longitudinally slot in the center. This shield can be movebly secured on to the strap to admit the tongue of a buckle thus the cross-bar of the buckle will rest upon the shield. By having this shield, the strap is protected from wear that would result from a direct contact with the buckle. Illustration is included.
Patent for improved “reversible hillside-plows and enable the plowshare to be rapidly changed from one side of the plow to the other and to move in front of the standard and over the foot of the same and obviate the necessity of lifting the entire plow every time it is desired to change the position of the plowshare" (lines 10-17), includes illustration.
Patent for an improvement in automatic vehicle-brakes by using sliding rods that are movable within staples or guides and a brake-bar indirectly attached to the rear axle by means of a coiled spring. When the brake bar moves forward, it forces the break-shoes from contacting the wheels. When the brake bar moves backward, it forces the brake-shoes into contact with the wheels, thus stopping the vehicle. Illustration is included.
Mosquito-Canopy Frame.
Patent for an improved mosquito canopy frame using two different forms of locks and metal loops with screws or nails to increase the strength of the parts which “insure easy attachment and detachments of parts and at the same time preserve a close joint” (line 100-102), includes illustration.
Patent for an improvement in plows by using a series of spring-tines that are secured above the mold-board, when in operation these independently-moving tines “serve to jar and break the clods, thus not only pulverizing the clods to a certain degree but also insuring the freeing of the tines of all dirt” (lines 90-93), including illustration.
Improvement in Curing Meat, &c.
Patent for curing meat using an air-tight brine vacuum to heat and purify the meat, including illustrations.
Patent for a machine, which the inventor calls "The Concussion Brick-Machine", that makes bricks using molds, including illustrations.
Improvement in Propelling Vessels.
Patent for a hydraulic propeller that uses a current of water and steam power, including illustrations.
Improvement in Cotton-Seed Planters.
Patent for the improvement of the cotton-seed planter in the arrangement of the hopper, roller with stirring and feeding teeth attached while distributing seeds accurately, including illustration.
Arrangement for Supplying Air to the Furnaces of Stem-Boilers from the Wheel-Houses of Steamers.
Patent for the "improvement in supplying air to furnaces on steamers" (lines 5-6), including illustration.
Improvement in Machines for Polishing Marble, &c.
Patent for an improved machine that rubs and polishes marble using a sand and water box moving forward and backward to polish the stone without man power and tools, including illustration.
Improvement in Plows.
Patent for the improvement of the plow using braces and mold-board for a sturdy and very durable plow, including illustration.
Patent for an improved millstone-dress that produce less heat while grinding by employing a greater number of furrows, including illustration.
Improvement in Presses.
Patent for pressing cotton, hay, and tobacco with moveable notches for more control in producing bales and using less power than previous presses, including illustration.
Improvement in Cotton-Seed Planters.
Patent for an improvement in cotton-seed planters using a combination of an adjustable agitator and a movable self-adjusting stirrer, including illustration.
Patent for an improved pessary, as an instrument to support for the uterus against prolapse, including illustration.
Improved Water-Wheel.
Patent for the improvement of the water-wheel using curved buckets over a spiral water passage to increase power and volume, including illustration.
Escapement for Timekeepers.
Patent for the improvement in the escapement of the watch for a "more regular and less liable to get out of order" through wear (lines 23-24), including illustration.
Patent for a spring lever for fastening sliding windows, including illustration.
Patent for a ring pessary used as a female birth control device, including illustration.
Improvement in Seeding-Machines.
Patent for the improvement of the seed-box so the seeds are properly distributed into the soil while preventing the seed from clogging the machine, including illustration.
Improvement in Seed-Planters.
Patent for a seed-planter that "may be attached to the leg of the attendant and operated by the natural movement of the attendant while walking along behind the machine" (lines 20-23), including illustration.
Improvement in Seed-Planters.
Patent for the improvement of seed planters using a gage-wheel "to regulate the depth of the furrow made by the plow" (lines 16-17), including illustration.
Improvement in Revolving Fire-Arms.
Patent for discharging buckshot without reloading and with the precision of firing "a single bullet fired from a barrel of proper bore to fit it" (lines 17-18), including illustrations.
Patent for a simple, efficient, and low maintenance submerged rotary pump, including illustration.
Improvement in Compositions Used as Building Materials.
Patent for making a new kind of building and fencing materials by using farm waste and inorganic settable ingredients such as quick-lime, clay or soil. No illustration.
Method of Repairing Circular-Saw Teeth.
Patent for enabling the teeth of circular saws to be drawn out and hammered for repair, including illustration.
Mode of Straining Saws by Atmospheric Pressure.
Patent for the improvement of the reciprocating saw by simplifying the arrangement of cylinders, pipes, and exhaust pumps to produce the necessary vacuum, including illustration.
Improvement in Cotton-Seed Planters.
Patent for covering cotton seeds by using a hoe transversely with cams and slides with the main axle of the planter, including illustration.
Improvement in Gang-Plows.
Patent for the improvement of the gang plow by the plows arrangement and pivoted beams to be adjustable for convenience, including illustration.
Improvement in Cotton-Presses.
Patent for the improvement of the cotton press using screws and nuts in conjunction of a shifting pinion for changing the motion for the revolving wheels and shafts, including illustration.
Machine for Sawing Marble in Obelisk Form.
Patent for "a new and Improved Machine for Sawing Marble Blocks in Polygonal Taper Form" (lines 4-6), including illustration.
Improved Mode of Regulating the Velocity and Furling the Sails of Wind-Wheels.
Patent for a new windmill using different parts to help regulate the sails and for folding and unfolding the sails, including illustration.
Improvement in the Manufacture of Black Bottle-Glass.
Patent for manufacturing black bottle-glass by using "combination with other ingredients, an earthy slate of a peculiar character, called "clay-slate," for the purpose of furnishing the coloring-matter of the glass,as well as forming one of the bases of the glass itself."(line 10-15) Instruction only, no illustration.
Improved Cultivating-Plow.
Patent for a cultivating plow with a series of cutting-disks and digging-hoes, including illustration.
Improvement in Fish-Hooks.
Patent for "new and useful improvement in the Sockdolager Fish-Hook" (lines 4-5), including illustration.
Dressing Millstones.
Patent for "a new and improved mode of dressing millstones for the purpose of grinding every kind of grain into meal flour &c., &c." (lines 4-7) including instructions and illustrations.
Valve-Gear for Steam-Engines.
Patent for improving the cut-off of steam-engines through a simple valve motion, including illustration.
Spring Bed-Bottom.
Patent for the improvement of bedsteads using a spring bottom-construction with zig-zag wire, including illustration.
Preparation of Portable Soup-Bread.
Patent for "extracting the nutritious part of flesh or animal meat of every description and combining this concentrated extract with flour or vegetable meal, and baking the two substances in an oven, thereby forming a portable desiccated soup-bread....." (lines 8-14), instruction only, no illustration.
Improvement in Plows.
Patent for the improvement of the Rotary-Disk Cutters for plows that enable it to swivel and be supported by guides, including illustration.
Wire Fence.
Patent for wire fencing using wooden and iron posts to be more readily seen by cattle, including illustration.
Improvement in Cultivators.
Patent for the improvement of the rotary cultivator with adjustable thinning-points and rotating cutter, including illustration.
Propeller of Machinery to be used in Currents.
Patent for a propelled water wheel that is attached to the back of a vessel that uses a current of water and stream power, including illustrations.
Patent for improving seawalls to "preserve channels across the bars at the mouths of rivers, creeks, or canals and between bays and gulfs" (lines 6-8), including illustration.
Improvement in Cotton-Gins.
Patent for the improvement of the cotton-gin by the arrangement of two cylindrical brushes and rollers to reduce damaging the staple of the cotton, illustrations included.
Improvement in Fastening Iron Bands on Cotton-Bales.
Patent for an iron band to tie and hold cotton bales with convenience and quickly during the first pack and during the compression process, including illustration.