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 Decade: 1900-1909
 Collection: Rare Book and Texana Collections
The Alamo, and other poems
Book of poetry, mostly written in rhyming couplets, glorifying heros of Texas.
Brave Dick Dowling ; Robert Edward Lee.
Brief, subjective narratives of select events in the Mexican-American War.
Cabeza de Vaca ; La Salle.
Brief narratives of Cabeza de Vaca and La Salle, respectively.
Drawing the Black Beans; Castle Peroté.
Brief, subjective narratives of select events during the Republic of Texas era.
Ellis P. Bean ; Stephen F. Austin.
Brief narratives of Ellis P. Bean and Stephen F. Austin, respectively.
Forty years at El Paso, 1858-1898; recollections of war, politics, adventure, events, narratives, sketches, etc., by W. W. Mills.
Recollections of war, politics, adventure, events, narratives, sketches, etc.
The great Galveston disaster, containing a full and thrilling account of the most appalling calamity of modern times including vivid descriptions of the hurricane
This book covers the Galveston Hurricane of 1900, the United States' deadliest natural disaster. Includes accounts from survivors and eyewitnesses, and photos of the devastation.
A history of greater Dallas and vicinity, Vol. 1
A history of the settlement of the Dallas area. Includes profiles on the Peters Colony; John Neely Bryan; early settlers; Civil War and Reconstruction; railroads; industry and trade; and other matters up to 1907.
A history of greater Dallas and vicinity, Vol. 2
A history of the settlement of the Dallas area. This volume includes profiles and biographies on citizens of Dallas and the surrounding area. Also includes profiles of several local businesses.
The journeys of Rene Robert Cavelier, sieur de La Salle
The journeys of Rene Robert Cavelier, sieur de La Salle published in 2 volumes. This is volume-1, as related by his faithful lieutenant, Henri de Tonty; his missionary colleagues, Fathers Zenobius Membre, Louis Hennepin, and Anastasius Douay; his early biographer, Father Christian LeClercq; his trusted subordinate, Henri Joutel; and his brother, Jean Cavelier; together with memoirs, commissions, etc. Edited with an introduction by Isaac Joslin Cox
Map of Texas.
Map of Texas circa 1900 showing counties, towns, major roads, railroads and advertising land for sale in Brazos Valley area.
Reminiscences of reconstruction in Texas ; and, Reminiscences of Texas and Texans fifty years ago
The author's personal recollections of the Reconstruction in Texas. The work is "intended to be illustrative of the conditions existing in Texas, the customs, feelings, and sentiments of the people, that came under the obersvation of the author at that time; and in addition some short sketches of the judges that occupied the bench and the lawyers that practiced in the Third and Thirteenth Judicial Districts fifty years ago, with a few short sketches of some early settlers, clerical and lay"
Sam Houston ; David Crockett.
Brief narratives of Sam Houston and David Crockett, respectively.
Sixty years in Texas
Sketches of the old pioneers of Dallas County, especially the Jackson family.
A soldier's letters to charming Nellie
A soldier's letters to charming Nellie, by J.B. Polley, of Hood's Texas Brigade.
Texas History Stories, Number 4: The Alamo, Remember Goliad, Story of San Jacinto.
Brief narratives of the battles at the Alamo, Goliad, and San Jacinto.
De Witt's Colony
A history of DeWitt's Colony which was established by Green DeWitt and James Kerr in 1825.
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