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 Collection: Rare Book and Texana Collections
The encyclopedia of Texas, Vol. 2
Features short biographies of prominent Texans.
History of Texas : from its first settlement in 1685 to its annexation to the United States in 1846, Vol.2
Texas history up to the time of annexation to the United States of America. Original volume is housed in Anson Jones Collection, Rare Book & Texana Collections, University of North Texas Libraries.
Texas: the rise, progress, and prospects of the Republic of Texas, Vol.1
No Description
Thoughts on the proposed annexation of Texas to the United States
A book containing Theodor Sedgwick’s opinions about the annexation of Texas to the United States. The book contains discussions of issues that arise if Texas is annexed to the United States Union. A couple of the issues addressed are slavery and diplomatic relations between Texas and Mexico.
History of Texas : from its first settlement in 1685 to its annexation to the United States in 1846, Volume 1
Texas history up to the time of annexation to the United States of America. Original volume is housed in Anson Jones Collection, Rare Book & Texana Collections, University of North Texas Libraries.
A new history of Texas for schools : also for general reading and for teachers preparing themselves for examination
Texas history textbook
Mexico & Guatemala / by H.S. Tanner ; engraved by J. Knight.
"Tanner's universal atlas." Relief shown by hachures. Prime meridian: Washington. Insets: Valley of Mexico -- Guatemala.
North America.
A map of the entire North American continent. The map is color coordinated by countries and territories. Many of the North American landmarks and cities are present on this map.
Mexico, or, New Spain : in which the motion of Cortes may be traced / for the Rev. Dr. Robertson's History of America by Thos. Kitchin Senr., hydrographer to His Majesty.
Relief shown pictorially. Prime meridian: Ferro. Inset: Supplement of the environs of Mexico. "Vol. 2."
Indian fights on the Texas frontier. A true account of the last exciting encounters with Redskins in Hamilton, Comanche, Brown, Erath and adjoining counties as recorded by E.L. Deaton, a Texan of pioneer days
The author came to Texas in 1843, and writes about his experiences on the frontier.
Pioneer history of Bandera County : seventy-five years of intrepid history
A history of Bandera County from 1847 to 1922.
Guide to Texas emigrants
A promotional guide enticing settlers to come to Texas.
History of the regulators and moderators and the Shelby County war in 1841 and 1842, in the republic of Texas, with facts and incidents in the early history of the republic and state, from 1837 to the annexation, together with incidents of frontier life and Indian troubles, and the war on the reserve in Young County in 1857
Pamphlet from Texana Collection
Rangers and sovereignty
A book about Texas Rangers and the events they took part in. Some of the contents detail the battles that the Rangers fought in, the different criminals they dealt with, and some of the events in their own personal lives.
Houston, a history and guide
This book contains information about Houston including: Houston's history, Houston's economic interests, and interesting things to see and do while visiting Houston.
Cram's railroad & township map of Texas.
Hand drawn color map showing railroads, counties, cities and towns of Texas in 1879.
The United States of Mexico.
Relief shown by hachures. Prime meridians: Greenwich and Washington. Inset: Guatemala, or, The United Provinces of Central America.
[Land grant] : Austin, [Tex.], 1860 January 26.
Land Grant for 160 acres in Denton County, signed by Sam Houston.
The M K and T : Missouri, Kansas & Texas Railway.
Map showing location of railway through Missouri, Kansas, Oklahoma and Texas. Adjoining states also shown. Counties, cities, towns and rivers included. Back of map has text describing the state of Texas and its counties including cultural, industrial, agricultural and geographical highlights. Schedule of train service is included.
Spanish North America.
Hand drawn and engraved color map showing Texas in North America. Place names and topographical features included.
[Land grant] : Austin, [Tex.], 1873 August 27.
Original Land Grant for 272 1/3 acres in Harrison county. Grant for two hundred seventy two and one-third acres of land in Harrison county to J. P. McDaniel. Signed by Edmund Jackson Davis and Jacob Kuechler.
Mexico and West Indies
Color map showing the West Indies, Central America, northern South America, Southwest U.S. and Mexico showing place names, political boundaries, rivers and some roads in 1824. Relief shown by hachures.
[Land grant] : Austin, [Tex.], 1888 January 26.
Land Grant for 99 2/5 acres in Montague County.
[Land grant] : Austin, [Tex.], 1861 May 21.
Original Land Grant for 160 acres in Denton County.
Map of Texas.
Map of Texas circa 1900 showing counties, towns, major roads, railroads and advertising land for sale in Brazos Valley area.
Map of Spanish-Texas / [J.H. Colton & Co.]
Map showing Spanish Texas including place names, regions of American Indians, rivers and early roads.
[Land grant] : Austin, [Tex.], 1881 December 12.
Land Grant for 99 7/8 acres in Montague County.
Map of Denton County, Texas : showing names of original grantees.
Map showing location and names of original land grantees of Denton county. Railroad lines included.
[Land grant] : Austin, [Tex.], 1883 December 17.
Land Grant for 160 acres in Montague County.
Map of Mexico and Texas circa 1824 showing states, place names and rivers.
Map of Texas containing the latest grants & discoveries / by E.F. Lee.
Photocopied hand colored map showing grants and discoveries.
Industrial and agricultural map of Denton County / map drawn by Sena Mounts Wright ; drawings by Clydene Oliver : holograph, [1940?]
Hand drawn simple map of the industrial and agricultural resources of Denton county, Texas, in about 1940. Illustrated with drawings. Includes list of acreage of leading crops, and the numbers of business in 7 industries. Cities, towns, rivers, creeks, roads and railways included.
Carte du Mexique et de la Floride, des terres angloises et des Isles Antilles, du cours et des environs de la riviere de Mississippi / dressée sur un grand nombre de memoires principalement sur ceux de Mrs. d'Iberville et le sueur [...] ; par Guillaume del'Isle ; I. Stemmers, senior, sculp.
Hand drawn map showing North America, Mexico and a northern section of Amerique Meridionale in 1722. Place names and topographical features included.
Magruder's Victory: Grand March
Musical score and cover of Ernest Frenzel's Magruder's Victory Grand March, written January 1, 1863.
Map of Texas.
Map showing Texas in 1849 with some topographical features. Includes a list of Land Districts containing counties and the towns within each county.
Hand drawn map showing counties, cities, roads, rivers and creeks in Texas circa 1893.
[Map showing route of the Missouri, Kansas and Texas Railway]
Hand drawn map showing routes of the Missouri, Kansas and Texas Railway including Texas counties and cities, rivers and topography of part of Idaho, Montana, North and South Dakotas, Wyoming, Nebraska, Kansas, Missouri, Iowa, Wisconsin, Illinois and Arkansas. On the back of the map is text in German encouraging German Catholic colonization to Pilot Point.
Texas / prepared for Yoakum's History of Texas by J.H. Colton & Co.
Map showing Texas in 1856. Includes place names, roads, Plan of Galveston Bay and Plan of Sabine Lake.
A new map of Texas, Oregon, and California : with the regions adjoining / compiled from the most recent authorities.
Hand drawn map showing the emigration route from Missouri to Oregon in 1845 with geographical features. A table of stops along the routes with mileage included. There are some brief written descriptions of areas of the west.
Dalhart, Texas : the XIT city : Dallam and Hartley Counties / compliments of R.S. Coon Ranches.
Brochure for Dallam and Harley counties, Texas, highlighting Dalhart Texas, "The XIT City". Includes numerous photographs of people, places and livestock. Text describes the assets of the community.
[Land grant] : Austin, [Tex.], 1869 May 29.
Land Grant for 199 2/3 acres in Harrison county.
[Land grant] : Austin, [Tex.], 1863 August 14.
Land Grant for 176 acres in Montague County.
Photocopied hand colored map showing grants circa 1840.
A map of the Indian territory, northern Texas and New Mexico : showing the great western prairies / by Josiah Gregg.
Hand drawn map showing the Indian territory, northern Texas, New Mexico and the great western plains. Geographical features, tribal names, rivers and some place names are noted.
Texas, New Mexico & Indian Territory : with environs of Chicago & New Orleans / by J. Bartholomew.
Color map of Texas, New Mexico and Indian Territory circa 1890. Includes insets of the Environs of Chicago and the Environs of New Orleans.
Map of Texas : compiled from surveys recorded in the land office of Texas and other official surveys / by John Arrowsmith.
Hand drawn map of the Republic of Texas showing counties, cities, towns, rivers, creeks, roads, railroads and topographical features. Insets showing the western United States, and Plan of Galveston Bay
Accompaniment to Mitchell's New Map of Texas, Oregon, and California, With the Regions Adjoining
Text with detailed description of the areas shown by the accompanying map, including geographical and cultural information.
Part of north eastern Texas shewing the route of the inspectors.
Map of north eastern Texas showing route of the inspectors circa 1849. Includes counties, towns, rivers and some geographic features.
[Land grant] : Austin, [Tex.], 1876 July 18.
Land Grant for 320 acres in Montague County.
Articles of agreement between H.C. Hudson and Elihu Moss : Washington, [Tex.], 1838 July 17.
Handwritten agreement regarding lease of land in Washington County with details of agreed upon improvements.