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The Abilene Public Library has partnered with us to provide access to The Community Bulletin, a local weekly publication that reported on church and community events, civil rights, political races, educational changes, and the job market. A regular feature highlights famous African Americans in history and includes excerpts of African American poetry. The bulletin is a unique document of the time that describes crushing economic contrasts, the inequity of segregation and desegregation and demonstrates the alternate feelings of hope and despair about a society that undermines the efforts of its most promising black citizens.

The Abilene Public Library is the primary information and resource center for Abilene and Taylor County. More than 300,000 volumes and numerous library services are available to the public. Services range from Internet access and on-line databases, to large type materials and children's reading programs. The Abilene Public Library is comprised of a Main Library, a South Danville Branch Library and the new Mockingbird Branch Library. The three libraries serve 42,000 library cardholders who check out more than 750,000 books and materials each year.

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Partner URL: http://www.abilenetx.com/apl/

Abilene Public Library
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Phone: 325-676-6025