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[Photograph of College Quartet]
Group photograph of the 1922-1923 Abilene Christian College student quartet. Left to Right: George Klingman (Baritone), Ernest Walls (2nd Tenor), Ernest Witt (1st Tenor), and Jack Meyer (Bass).
[Photograph of Administration Building]
Three-quarter photograph of the Administration Building with a "Abilene Christian College" sign on the front, taken from across the street. The front entrance and steps as well as a side entrance are visible.
[Photograph of Jump Shot]
Enlarged photograph of an Abilene Christian College basketball game where number 7 is jumping in the air with other players with the referee looking on, and a crowd in the background looking on. The photo is very grainy. They are playing in the Wildcat Cage built in 1921.
[Photograph of Abilene Christian College Band]
Group photograph of the Abilene Christian College band, showing each student holding his or her own instrument.
[Photograph of an Abilene Christian College Dormitory]
Photograph of a three-story brick dormitory on the Abilene Christian College campus, visible from a three-quarter view. Small trees that appear to be newly planted are visible in the building's front lawn. Several one-story buildings can be seen in the background.
[Photograph of Sherrod Apartments]
Photograph of Sherrod Apartments, showing the newly finished apartments with student's vehicles, light poles, and freshly manicured dirt all around.
[Photograph of Zellner Hall]
Photograph of the front of Zellner Hall at Abilene Christian University. Two other buildings can be seen in the background, to both the left and the right.
[Twelve Lectureship Portraits]
Portraits of the twelve speakers at the Abilene Christian College lectureship, arranged in a brown cardboard mat of two rows of six. From left to right: T. M. Carney, W. Fledlow, R. D. Smith, G. H. D. Showalter, John Rowe, J. N. Armstrong, Winteround, A. B. Barrett, John T. Smith, T. A. Etheredge, and F. L. Rowe.
[Photograph of J.P. Sewell in Group]
Photograph of a group of 34 men forming four rows in front of a stone building. J.P. Sewell can be seen sitting on the front row, the second person to the right wearing glasses and a lighter suit than the men around him.
[Photograph of House]
Photograph of an older, abandoned home, possibly the first built on the property, with weeds and brush growth all around the structure.
Celebrating An Uncommon Commitment: ACU's Seventy-Fifth Anniversary
Two pages of a pamphlet set in a scrapbook for the Abilene Christian University seventy-fifth anniversary academic convocation "Confronting the Critical Issues of Our Time" on August 30, 1980. The schedule of events lists times and locations of presentations, speakers, and luncheon information.
[Churches of Christ Missionary Portraiture]
Black and white poster of Church of Christ missionary workers, showing the portraits of 60 men, women and children, arranged in a 12x5 patter. Each person is identified with notes on where and when his or her missionary work was done. A series of testimonials from the missionaries are located at the bottom on the poster.
[Photograph of Suburban Houses]
Photograph of two houses with red tiled roofs and a windmill in the background and cars in the driveway. The frame has "Custom Print by Polaroid" printed on the inside, beneath the photo.
[Photograph of a Group of Men and Women]
Group photograph of six women in matching grey uniforms and five men in suits of different styles and colors. One of the women has been identified as Inez Norton Rambo.
[1930 Basketball Portraits]
Eight portraits on cardboard backing of the 1930 Abilene Christian College men's basketball team: Harrell Cheves, Frank Northam, Lennon Hill, O.B. Hendrick, Rudolph Black, Britt Pippen, Goober Keyes, James Lawrence. Beneath each players photo is a typed description, including name, weights, height, and position on the team. Handwritten note written in the lower margin reads, "Presented by 'C' Association."
[Photograph of Thorp Spring Christian College Chapel]
Photograph of the Thorp Springs School Chapel, showing rows of wooden auditorium seats with the stage in the background. The stage is set up with a desk and five chairs sitting on an oriental rug.
[Photograph of Daisy Hall]
Three-quarter view photograph of the three-story stone and brick Daisy Hall building on the Abilene Christian College campus. Large bushes and shrubs can be seen surrounding the building.
[Lectureship Portraits]
Ten portraits of the 1919 lectureship speakers at Abilene Christian University. Top row, left to right: H. E. Speck, F. L. Rowe, G. A. Klingman, G. Dallas Smith, and John Straiton. Bottom row, left to right: Batsell Baxter, Cleo Wallace, G. H. P. Showalter, F. B. Shepherd, and J. U. Yarbrough.
[Photograph of Thorp Spring Christian College Buildings]
Photograph of two buildings on the Thorp Spring Christian College campus. The building on the top is two-stories with columns and a picket fence around the entire perimeter. The building on the bottom is brick with a tall bell tower.
[Photograph of Abilene Christian College Students]
Photograph of a group of Abilene Christian College students holding an A.C.C. banner, with the women wearing their graduation caps and the men in suits - some with banners on their chests.
[Drawings of Abilene Christian College Buildings on Old Site]
Painted renderings of the Abilene Christian College campus on the old site on a cardboard backing with a gold-colored rope tied through two holes at the top. The collage includes paintings of Zellner Hall, President’s Home “Shady Dell,” McDonald Hall, Administration Building, Daisy Hall, Dining Hall, and Gymnasium.
[Portrait of M.C. Kurfees]
Portrait of M.C. Kurfees, visible from the shoulders up, wearing a dark double-breasted suit and a black bow tie.
[Photograph of Spanish-style Building]
Photograph of a large Spanish-style building with many balconies and a large palm tree in front. Several cars are parked along the circle drive. A gardener can be seen working in the lawn, kneeling down with a wicker basket by his side.
[Photograph of Maintenance Building]
Photograph of a maintenance building with the parking lot being prepared to be paved, showing the dirt packed down tightly. Several pieces of construction equipment can be seen parked along the side of the building.
[Photograph of English Class]
Photograph of an English class taught by Brother Logne in 1897-1898 on the steps of the old military building-Nashville Bible School.
[Two Photographs of a Man and a Woman]
Two tintypes of a man with a book in his right hand resting on his right knee and of a young woman in a dress with a flower on her chest, sitting in front of a tree. Both are in a different paper frames, contained within a purple paper frame. There is an envelope included which has, "Miss Maggie" written on it, as well as a white piece of paper that has, "Tintype, from Mary Wade Smith Materials" written on it.
[Portrait of D. McDougal]
Side-view portrait of D. McDougal, visible from the chest up, wearing a dark-colored overcoat and a black bow tie. He was thinning hair with a mustache and prominent sideburns.
[Photograph of Hubert Bookout and John Cranfill]
Photograph of Hubert Bookout and John Cranfill, both wearing dark-colored suits, playfully holding hands on a very small print.
[Portrait of Don Morris]
Copy negative of a sketched portrait of Don Morris, visible from the shoulders up, wearing a dark-colored suit and a striped tie. Don Morris was the 7th President of Abilene Christian University from 1940-1969.
[Photograph of 1961 ACU Board of Trustees]
Photograph of the 1961 Abilene Christian University Board of Trustees, showing a group of men sitting and standing in three rows behind a long table. A portrait in an ornate frame can be seen hanging on the wall in the background.
[Photograph of 1963 Board of Trustees]
Photograph of the 1963 Abilene Christian College Board of Trustees, showing seven rows of men in suits sitting down in auditorium seats.
[Photograph of British Millennial Harbinger]
Photograph of a shelving unit with several volumes of the British Millennial Harbinger from the late 1800s on display in the Brown Library at Abilene Christian University.
[Photograph of Japan Missionary Books]
Photograph of several issues of the Japan Missionary set out on red velvet background, showing the spines, endpapers, and interior pages.
[Portrait of Lucille Harrell]
Portrait of Lucille Harrell, visible from the shoulders up, wearing a dark-colored dress with a broad, decorative collar, trimmed in lace.
[Portrait of Walter Adams]
Portrait of Walter Adams, visible from the shoulders up, wearing a pinstripe suit and tie.
[Photograph of Students in Art Studio]
Photograph from the 1917 Prickly Pear yearbook of three Abilene Christian College students at work in the art studio. An instructor can be seen looks over the shoulder of one of the students to evaluate her work.
[Postcard of Girls' Home]
Postcard of the Girls' Home in Thorp Springs, Texas, with students on the porch and balcony. There is a green, George Washington 1 cent stamp on the back with, "How is Inez? Everything is O.K. here. I'm working hard and studying too. Tonight is 'College' night and we'll have a ... (the rest is illegible and partially missing)." Addressed to Miss Inez Norton in San Angelo, Texas.
[Photograph of J. P. Sewell in the Snow]
Photograph of J.P. Sewell, wearing a dark-colored overcoat and a hat, standing in the snow in Denver, Colorado. A traffic sign that states, "Keep to the right" is to his left.
[Portrait of John Paul Gibson]
Portrait of J.P. Gibson, visible from the shoulders up, wearing a suit jacket, white shirt, and tie. He has his hair slicked back and wears small, circular glasses.
[Photograph of Commencement in Moody Coliseum]
Photograph of a graduation service in Moody Coliseum at Abilene Christian University in Abilene, Texas, taken from the balcony.
[Photograph of George Klingman on Camel]
Photograph of George Klingman on a camel in front of the Great Sphinx of Giza and a pyramid in Egypt. Two other individuals stand on the ground on either side of the camel.
[Photograph of Domestic Science Room]
Photograph of the Abilene Christian College Domestic Science classroom in the early 1900s. There are two sewing machine tables in the background with two cutting/design tables in the foreground. There are curtains on the windows and the pull shades are down.
[Photograph of Abilene Christian College Campus]
Aerial view photograph of the Abilene Christian College campus with Zellner Hall, Daisy Hall, the expanded Administration Building, McDonald Hall, and another building visible.
[Aerial Photograph of Abilene Christian University]
Photograph of an aerial view of the Abilene Christian University campus. It is blurry, but you can see the Administration Building, Sewell Coliseum, McDonald Hall and two other buildings, as well as a few houses, and part of the wing from the aircraft.
[Photograph of Abilene Christian University]
Aerial-view photograph of the Abilene Christian University campus with the library completed.
[Scrapbook Page: Abilene Christian College Students]
Photocopy of a scrapbook page of six panoramic views of photographs taken on the Abilene Christian College campus during the 1920s and 1930s. Five of the pictures are group photographs of graduating students and one (second from the top) is of three campus buildings.
[Photograph of Tennis Courts]
Photograph of the tennis courts behind the old AD building with the Gray Cottage in background. There are eight people standing and two people sitting in the photocopy enlargement, and there are twelve people standing and two people sitting in the original.
[Photograph of Abilene Christian University Building]
Photograph of a one-story building that could also be described as a large home. Chairs can be seen through the windows open on the left side of the photograph. The building has a slight "U" shape with a small covered porch on the front. The building could be used for either academic or living purposes.
[Photograph of Alcatraz]
Photograph of Alcatraz Island, taken from the deck of a boat.
[Photograph of Administration Building]
Photograph of the Abilene Christian University Administration Building with an "Abilene Christian College" electric light sign on the front.