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  Partner: Austin History Center, Austin Public Library
 County: Travis County, TX
2-J Hamburger [Interior]
Photograph of interior of 2-J Hamburger at Guadalupe and 40th streets in Austin, Texas. The overhead view shows male kitchen workers preparing burgers on the left, female workers bagging orders and cashiering in the center, and the customers ordering at the counter on the right. The back of a large menu hanging from the ceiling is visible on the right above the customers. Cars are visible in the parking lot, seen through the windows. The male employees wear white pants, white shirts, and white paper caps that say "2-J". The female workers wear white dresses with name badges. There are both Caucasian and African-American employees.
2-J Hamburgers
Photograph of 2-J Hamburgers in Austin, Texas. A large sign reading "2-J / Hamburgers / Over 6 million sold" is visible on the left side of the image and the restaurant is visible on the right. A parking lot surrounding the restaurant is full of cars. Crowds of people are lined up to order food at the windows. On the left side of the roof of the restaurant there is a large model of a man in a white suit with white hair who holds a sign reading "Colonel / Sanders / Recipe." Across the top of the restaurant is a neon sign reading "Kentucky Fried Chicken / Hamburgers."
[600 Block of Congress Avenue]
Photograph of businesses along the 600 block of Congress Avenue at Christmas: the Baptist Cervice Center, Zales, Rapp Brothers, Western Union, and McKinnon's. Cars line the streets and holiday lights stretch across the street. Men, including two sailors in discussion, stand on the corner of Congress Ave and West 6th Street.
[12th Air Force Headquarters]
Photograph of the headquarters of the 12th Air Force, a round building at Bergstrom Air Force Base. Cars are parked in the background.
1887 Graduating class of Austin High School
Photograph of the 1887 graduating class of Austin High School. Front row (left to right): Pearl Caswell, Nannie Kelley, Florence Collins, Lucille James. Middle row (left to right): Eliza Mitchell, J. H. Bryant (professor), Minnie Sykes. Back row standing (left to right): unidentified woman, Mila Morris, Janie Maxwell, unidentified woman, Eve Sadler, Gertrude Whitis, Helen Grant, and William Gorden.
[1900 Flood of Austin]
500 block of East 1st Street with street rail car in the water.
1906-7 City Directory of Austin With Street Directory of Residents
General directory for Austin, Texas includes address listings for businesses and individuals as well as advertisements from local businesses. According to the title page, the directory contains "a Classified Business Directory, Complete Revised Directory of Austin, Rural Routes, Directory of the State, County and City Governments, and a Reference Directory of the Churches, Educational Institutions, Associations, Societies and Organizations of the City."
[1908 County Officials]
1. John W. Hornsby, County Judge; 2. Tom Anderson, Commissioner Precinct 1; 3. Jack Booth, Commissioner Precinct 4; 4. Sid Nolan, Commissioner Precinct 3; 5. J. Ben Fischer, Commissioner Precinct 2; 6. Tom Davis, County Auditor; 7. Orlands Caldwell, Secretary to the Commissioners Court; 8. John Kreuz
1910 Auto with Capitol Building
Old fashioned couple stands next to 1910 automobile with the State Capitol in the background
1938 Colorado River Flood
Colorado River in flood at 1st Street.
[1959 Dairy Princess Crowning]
Photograph of the crowning of the 1959 Mid-Texas Milk Producers Association Dairy Princess. A group of 17 female contestants stand in a row behind a banquet table with a punch bowl full of milk. All of the contestants pose with glasses of milk in front of a sign that says "June's Best Meals Start With Dairy." Other signs on the wall behind them are obscured. In the foreground a long dining table is set.
[1986 Reconnaissance Air Meet]
Photograph of the 1986 Reconnaissance Air Meet at the Bergstrom Air Force Base. A crowd is gathered and there are four planes on display.
1st Southern Presbyterian Church
Exterior of Church, Brazos and 8th St. looking north.
[The 27th Fighter Escort Wing]
Photograph of the 27th Fighter Escort Wing, identified as Cooper, Gibson, Fritz, and Thatcher.
[27th Korea Plane]
Photograph of a 27th Korea plane during night time.
[39th Annual Convention of Texas Funeral Directors Association]
Panoramicphoto of a group of people lined up on E. 7th Street in front of the Stephen F. Austin Hotel.
[40th and Avenue G in Hyde Park ]
Photograph of the site of 40th and Avenue G in Hyde Park, taken before Avenue G was built.
[E. 4th Street, Austin, TX]
Photograph of the 800 blocks of E. 4th Street looking east. Austin Pipe & Supply Co. is on the south side of the street.
50000th Telephone in Austin
Woman talking on telephone, men standing and smiling
50th Wedding Anniversary
Photograph of couple standing behind fiftieth wedding anniversary cake.
50th Wedding Anniversary, Mr. and Mrs. R. F. Holden
Mr. and Mrs. R. F. Holden's Golden Wedding Anniversary. Elderly couple standing behind anniversary cake.
50th Wedding Anniversary, Mr. & Mrs. Baird
Couple standing behind reception table
[67th Tactical Reconnaissance Wing's Maintenance Team]
Photograph of a line of military personnel standing in a line. They are the RAM maintenance team for the 67th Tactical Reconnaissance Wing. Several vans are visible to the right.
6th and Congress Streets in Austin
Photograph of the intersection of 6th and Congress Avenue looking east towards the Driskill Hotel. People, horse-drawn carriages and street cars occupy the street.
[E. 6th Street and Brazos]
Photograph of the Northeast corner of E. 6th Street and Brazos. St. David's is in the upper left of the photograph and the two story building is where the Driskell now stands.
A&A Insurance
Two men, one receiving check
ABC Shop
Eve Marie Martin and George Martin stand behind the counter in the ABC shop, located at 809 W. 12th St. in Austin.
[Abel Stationers at retail fair]
Photograph of Abel Stationers booth at a retail fair. An employee talks to a customer reclining in a chair. Another employee talks to a man at a typewriter at a desk in the background. The showroom is set up to look like a modern office, with wares on display as they would appear in an office setting. Other booths and customers are visible in the background.
Accident Scene
Looking down street of an accident for insurance claim for client Tom Davis
Accident Scene
Looking down train tracks for insurance claim for Tom Davis
[Accident Scene at East 32nd & Red River Streets]
Debris on the southwest corner of Red River St. and E. 32nd St. Northwood Terrace Apartments in view at 903 E. 32nd (demolished).
[Acock Laboratories interior equipment]
Photograph of the interior of the Acock Laboratories in east Austin near East Fifth Street. The machinery is dirty with use, and a fresh bag of Acock Brand product sits on one of the machines on the right.
Acock Laboratory
Exterior view of Acock Laboratories building with trucks parked in front.
Acock Laboratory
Exterior view of Acock Brand Cotton Poison Building.
Acock Laboratory
Storage building with 2 trucks parked.
Acock Laboratory
Exterior view of Acock Laboratories building with cars and company trucks parked in front. Truck painted with sign: "Another Load of Acock Brand Cotton Poisons, Acock Laboratories Ltd, Austin, Texas".
Acock Laboratory
Exterior view of Acock Laboratories building with cars and company trucks parked in front. Truck painted with sign: "Another Load of Acock Brand Cotton Poisons, Acock Laboratories Ltd, Austin, Texas".
[Adams Extract Company]
Photograph of a man working with equipment at the Adams Extract Company.
[Adams Extract display]
Photograph of a D.G. Benjamin Advertising campaign for Adams Extract displayed at a local retailer. A grocer in a white shirt and apron and bow-tie holds up a box of Adams Best, priced fifteen cents. Adams Pure Almond and Pure Lemon extracts retail for twenty-nine cents. Adams Extract is a top-shelf item in the spice aisle above McCormick and Colman's spices and extracts.
[Adams Extract Open House]
Photograph of a line of men, women, and children at the Adams Extract factory open house. Three factory workers stand at the machinery, while most men and women talk to each other in groups or wait for samples behind a rope.
[Adolph Boeh Golfing]
Photograph of Adolph Boeh swinging a golf club on the golf course. There is a woman watching in the background.
Aerial: 51st and Interegional Highway
Photograph of an aerial view of 51st Street and Interegional Highway.
Aerial: Austin downtown
Aerial photograph of downtown Austin.
Aerial: Austin Downtown
Photograph of a high aerial view of downtown Austin.
Aerial field day
News coverage, KONO Special events
Aerial field day
Five men standing in front of prop plane
Aerial (from blimp): Austin area, boarding etc
Boarding blimp
[Aerial Photo]
Aerial photo. Austin, Texas. Looking south toward the Colorado River from East Austin. East 7th Street running from right to left (West to East) in mid center of frame. The swimming pool area (notice baseball field) in the center foreground of the photograph is now Zaragoza Park. In the center is the Iglehart buildings next to the railroad and lower the Govalle Shopping Center . Far left center is Brooks School.
[An aerial photograph of the Davis Water Treatment Plant]
An aerial view of the city filtration plant in Austin, the Davis Water Treatment Plant. The view is from over a large body of water, looking east. There are many trees surrounding the plant. The dirt road coming to plant from northeast is 35th St. Mt. Bonnel Rd (with bridge) is on west side of plant. The open areas in the upper center of the image with rows of buildings is Camp Mabry.
[Aerial View-North towards Capitol]
Aerial View. North towards Capitol. Austin, Texas. The Commodore Perry Hotel (One Commodore Plaza and now Brazos Place) is prominient on the center right. [View from corner of 7th and Brazos]