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Aerial View of Town Lake
Aerial view of Town Lake looking north. Congress bridge on far right, South First Bridge mid-center and railroad bridge far left. The Auditorium (later known as Palmer Event Center and now Long Center) in center foreground, Disch Field lower left with the Coliseum next to the field.
[V.E. Sterzing singing with the Sterzing Orchestra]
V. E. Sterzing singing along with the Sterzing Orchestra. Sterzing is singing into a microphone while the rest of the orchestra is playing several different musical instruments.
[Photo of J. Frank Dobie]
Photo of J. Frank Dobie sitting and smoking cigar while reading book. Austin, Texas.
[W.B. Campbell]
Photo of W.B. Campbell. Austin, Texas.
Exterior view of Disch Field and parking lot.
[Buffet table at the Perry Hotel]
Photo of a buffet table at the Perry Hotel with a chef standing next to table of food. Austin, Texas.
[Customers eating inside Youngblood's Fried Chicken restaurant]
Photo of customers eating inside Youngblood's Fried Chicken restaurant. Austin, Texas.
[A crowd of people outside Delwood Pharmacy]
A crowd of people standing outside of Delwood Pharmacy. There are men, women, and children evenly mixed throughout the crowd.
[The exterior of Delwood Pharmacy]
The exterior of the Delwood Pharmacy building. The signs on the building say "Delwood Pharmacy", "Checker", "Free Packard", and "Register Here." There are automobiles parked to the left of the photo.
Aerial View of Town Lake
Aerial view. Downtown Austin. Congress Avenue in center, the Driskill Hotel on the lower left, the Brown building upper right. Fifth street on the left and Eight Street on the right.
[Men working inside workshop area]
Photo of two men working inside workshop. Austin, Texas.
Bus collision on Burnet Rd/Northland
Street scene with cars and bus. One car has collided with the rear end of the bus. Located just south of Allandale Shopping center.
[Magazine Stand]
Photo of Jobbs Newstand. Austin, Texas.
Virgil Oliver - first "Negro" in South to serve on jury
View of a jury - 4 men standing, 3 men sitting in jury box. Virgil Oliver, seated at right, was first "Negro" in the South to serve on a jury.
Aerial View of Town Lake
Aerial view of Town Lake looking north.
Exterior State Archives Building
Exterior view of State Archives Building and landscaping in front.
Mr. King
Head and shoulders portrait of Mr. King, wearing suit.
Hyde Park Baptist Church Choir
Interior photograph of the Hyde Park Baptist Church choir; members unidentified.
[Two men in front of airplane]
Two men in front of plane, the 1st DC-4 in Austin. Austin, Texas.
Unidentified Woman Listens to a Recording
An unidentified elderly woman sits in an armchair and is listening to a record player. There is a bookshelf behind her and a floor lamp in the corner of the room.
Austin High Orchestra
Photograph of an orchestra on stage. Several people are in the audience of the auditorium.
Homer Thornberry portrait
Head and shoulders portrait of Homer Thornberry, wearing a suit.
Cars in lot
Cars in lot next to Slaughters Supermarket.
Beard's Grocery 7 exterior building
Man standing outside store. Sign says Beard's Grocery, Humble Dealer. Truck parked by sign.
New Steck Building Exterior
Exterior of Steck building, showing parking lot and surrounding land. Near Shoal Creek Blvd.
[Girl Scouts sitting along a table with two adults]
A group of Girl Scouts sitting at a long table. Two adults are sitting at the ends of the table.
[The exterior of CB Smith Volkswagen Motors]
Three men holding a piece of paper and standing next to CB Smith Volkswagen Motors. There are a few cars parked next to the sign advertisement. All three of the men are wearing suits.
John Wayne with Allen Russell
Color photo of Allen Russell and his family with John Wayne at Driskill.
Lago Vista Open House BBQ
2 men and 2 women seated at table outdoors. 1 man standing.
[Unidentified man giving speech]
Unidentified man giving speech at Hyde Park Baptist Church. Austin, Texas.
Facade of building - drawing
Drawing of the front of a store. Sign says French Bootery.
Children on Slide
Three unidentified adults post behind five unidentified children on a slide at the Austin Community Nursery.
Woman and gas stove
Man showing a woman a gas stove with 3 men watching.
Senator Ralph Yarborough
Senator Ralph Yarborough sitting in chair by small table with lamp. Magazine in his lap. His eyes are closed.
[Exterior of C.B. Smith Motors]
Photo of C.B. Smith Motors car dealership. Austin, Texas.
Houseboat launching
Houseboat launching. Trucks parked by boat.
[The interior of the Kress store]
The interior of the Kress store. There are flowers, cards, and records amoung other items on display in the Kress store. There is also a glass door leading to the "Garden & Patio Shop."
[Ribbon Cutting]
Farmers Insurance Group, grand opening ribbon cutting. Austin, Texas.
[Church Parishoners]
A group of unidentified people inside church.
Dinner party at Commodore Perry Hotel
Buffet table with food and flower arrangement.
[Men standing beside trucks at Heating and Ventilating Company]
A few men standing beside trucks outside of the "Heating and Ventilating Company of Texas." All of the men are dressed in their work uniforms. The company was located at 605 West 37th Street.
[The exterior of Hillcrest Baptist Church]
A view of the exterior of the Hillcrest Baptist Church. It is a brick building with a sign in front that states "Hillcrest Baptist Church, Thos S. Burress, Pastor."
Clergymen discussing with each other.
14 people on lawn in front of house. 6 seated, 8 standing behind.
Imperial 400 Motel
Exterior view of Imperial '400' Motel. Street in foreground is South Congress.
[Two men playfully fighting with swords]
Photo of two men playfully fighting with swords. This was a publicity picture of "Zorro". Austin, Texas.
[Braniff International Airways]
Photo of a Braniff DC-4, the 1st DC-4 in Austin. Austin, Texas.
Bradford's Paint Company
Exterior of the Bradford's Paint Company building on a city block with other unknown buildings and a number of parked cars. The building was located at 4th and Guadalupe. Missouri Pacific railroad tracks are visible in the foreground.
Dinner party at Commodore Perry Hotel
Group of 7 women, sitting at dinner table. Waiter in background.
[A large group of employees in front of the Jefferson Chemical Company plant]
A large group of employees from the Jefferson Chemical Company posing for a photo out in front of the plant.