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  Partner: Austin History Center, Austin Public Library
 Collection: Chalberg Collection of Prints and Negatives
[Wooldridge Square Park]
Dedication of the bandstand at Wooldrige Square Park. Crowds of people gathered around the bandstand, dressed in formal wear.
[South Congress Avenue looking north]
Looking north from the about the 1100 block of South Congress. State Capitol is in view.
Travis County Clerk's Office
County Clerk's office inside the Travis County Courthouse.
[Texas State Capitol with snow]
Exterior of the Capitol building looking north with snow on the ground.
[The UT Tower and Littlefield Fountain]
Looking north at the Tower on the University of Texas campus from the Littlefield Fountain with lily pads in the foreground.
[Governor’s Mansion]
Looking west at the entrance of the Governor's Mansion.
[Corner of South Congress and Riverside]
Looking northwest at the corner of South Congress Avenue and Riverside Drive. Gulf Service Station visible.
[Capitol Laundry & Cleaning Co.]
Exterior of building with delivery van in driveway. 801 Barton Springs Road.
[Hall Level Works]
Four women making levels in a workshop.
[Capitol Greenhouse]
Exterior of a greenhouse building.
[University of Texas Old Main Building]
Back of photograph reads: "University of Texas. This view shows the west wing of the present main building taken from about where Sutton Hall now stands. The erection of this was started in the fall of 1883 and finished in the summer of 1884. The University of Texas opened Sept. 1883 in the temporary Capitol building and moved to the west wing in the fall of 1884. Copy of old photograph."
[Capitol Grounds]
Looking northwest at the Capitol dome from a pond on the grounds. Pond is no longer present, but noted by a marker on the grounds.
[Texas State Capitol]
Looking north at the Capitol buidling from the roof of a building, possibly the Littlefield buidling at 6th and Congress. The photo shows the Travis County Courthouse in a state of disrepair at the corner of 11th and Congress.
East Avenue
East Avenue below 3rd St. before the street was paved.
Nineteenth Street looking east
Nineteenth Street looking east after street paving. Waller Creek bridge in view. Photo reads, "Asutin Street Paving, Soutwest Bitulithic Co., Contractor, H. R. F. Helland, Consulting Engineer."
Armistice parade down Congress
Crowds on both sides of Congress as the American Legion section of the parade passes.
Austin City Hall
Looking northeast at the Austin City Hall building at the northeast corner of Colorado and 8th St.
Travis County Courthouse
Looking east at the Travis County Courthouse on 11th St.
St. Johns United Methodist Church
Looking east at Church building at 2140 Allandale Rd.
East First Street
East First Street looking west. Photo reads, "Austin Paving, L. E. Whitham and Co., Contractors, H. R. F. Helland, Consulting Engineer."
Temple Beth Israel
Looking northeast at the entrance of the Temple at 1101 San Jacinto Blvd.
Fulton's Ice Cream Parlor
Two men and a little girl at the bar. A rooster is standing on the stool next to the girl. Fulton's was located at 1608 Lavaca St.
Unpaved Nineteenth Street
Nineteenth Street looking east before street paving. Waller Creek bridge in view. Photo reads, "Asutin Street Paving, Soutwest Bitulithic Co., Contractor, H. R. F. Helland, Consulting Engineer."
Stephen F. Austin Hotel
Looking east from W. 7th at intersection of 7th and Congress. Photo taken after the extension to the Stephen F. Austin Hotel.
Congress Avenue looking north from 5th Street
Looking north up Congress Avenue towards the Capitol. Automobiles and horses can been seen.
South Congress Avenue looking north
South Congress looking north towards the Capitol.
Stephen F. Austin Hotel
Looking down from the southwest corner of 7th and Congress looking northeast. Photo shows the Hotel before construction of the addition.
South Congress Avenue looking north
View of South Congress Avenue looking north, just south of Academy Dr.
Stephen F. Austin Hotel under construction
Hotel under construction. The hotel is on the corner of 7th and Congress Streets.
Policeman directing traffic
Officer O. G. Hill directing traffic at 6th and Congress while holding a large umbrella.
Ferry boat on Colorado River
Looking across to the other bank. Ferry holds a horse and cart. Men on horseback in the background.
Congress Avenue looking north
Looking north from the southwest corner of the Congress Avenue bridge.
Congress Avenue looking towards Capitol
Aerial view of Congress Avenue looking north from the Scarbrough Building at 6th and Congress.
Capitol Dedication
Parade south down Congress Avenue from the Capitol. Caption reads: "Chichasaw Guard from Murpheesburo, Tenn."
Scottish Granite Cutters
Group photo of men. Back of photograph reads, "Scottish granite cutters imported to cut granite at Granite Mountain."
Sam Houston's Bed
Sam Houston's bed in the Governor's Mansion.
Temporary Capitol Burning
View of the Temporary Capitol building burning looking west. People witnessing the event in the intersection of 11th and Congress Avenue
View of Downtown Austin and Capitol
Photograph of downtown looking northwest from south of the river.
Drawing of the Capitol Building of the Republic of Texas
Drawing of the layout, street position and artist rendering of the Capitol and stockade 1839-1856.
Governor's Mansion
Exterior of the Governor's Mansion looking south.
Drawing of the Capitol Building of the Republic of Texas
Photograph of a drawing of the Capitol of the Republic of Texas.
The Burning Capitol
View of the Capitol as it burns looking north from the corner of 11th and Congress.
Armistice Parade up Congress
People lining Congress Avenue watching a parade of military personnel pass on their way toward the Capitol.
[Snow on Capitol Grounds]
Looking south from the Capitol. The Temporary Capitol is in view on the right with the Travis County Courthouse on the left.
Texas School for the Blind
Group of men in suits and hats lined up in front of campus buildings. For more information:
V-J Day Celebration
Group of servicemen, women, and children on Congress Avenue celebrating the end of the war.
Pontoon bridge across the Colorado
Men on horses crossing the Colorado River on a pontoon bridge.
St. David's Episcopal Church
Looking northeast at the church building at 304 E. 7th St. Two cars are parked in front.
Texas State Capitol
View of the south side of the Capitol building.
Waller Creek Bridge at Twelfth Street
Waller Creek bridge at 12th St. looking south. The creek, though running swiftly, is low.