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  Partner: Austin History Center, Austin Public Library
 Collection: Chalberg Collection of Prints and Negatives
Camp on Sanitarium grounds, Hyde Park
Men in military uniform lined up in front of tents.
Seaholm Power Plant
Looking west at the power plant buildings from the railroad bridge over 3rd St.
Southern Pacific rail car
Photograph of train car at depot.
[East Avenue unpaved]
East Avenue (now IH-35) from 8th to 10th streets looking north.
Seaholm Power Plant
Looking west at the power plant buildings from the railroad bridge over 3rd St.
[Texas Rangers]
Portrait of Texas Rangers on the steps of the Capitol.
[Group photo of Texas Rangers]
Group photo of men on the steps of the Capitol.
[Texas Rangers with Governor Miriam "Ma" Ferguson]
Group of men in suits with a woman standing on the steps of the Capitol.
[Travis County Courthouse under construction]
Exterior of the Courthouse in the final stage of construction. Sign in foreground details contractors used.
[Texas Ranger Captains]
Four men standing behind a seated man on a porch. Back reads: "Texas Ranger Captains. Seated: Captain Dan Roberts. Standing L to R: Captain J. A. Brooks, Adjutant General W. W. Sterling, former Ranger Captain Frank A Hamer and Captain John R. Hughes."
[Travis County Courthouse under construction]
Exterior of the Courthouse under construction. "Progress Photo No. 4."
[Texas Rangers]
Group portrait of seven men on the steps of the Capitol. Back reads: "Adjutant General Sterling, Roxie and group of Rangers."
[Cornerstone of Travis County Courthouse]
Group photograph of men and building under construction.
[Texas vs. Notre Dame football game]
Paul Simmonds being tackled in a 7-30 loss to Notre Dame on Thanksgiving Day, 1913.
[Texas Rangers]
Group portrait of six men. Back reads: "Adjutant General W. W. Sterling with group of Rangers on steps of Capitol."
Governor’s Mansion with first family
Black and white photograph of the Campbell Family standing in front of the Governor's Mansion. Governor Campbell served 1907-1911.
[Governor’s Mansion with snow]
Front elevation and south elevation, screened porch, snow, and evergreens.
Governor’s Mansion
View of front elevation with walkway lined with plantings, Porch is screened, no fences visible.
Governor’s Mansion
Front facade, walkway with urns, gazebo, carriage house, grounds, curb.
Governor’s Mansion in winter
Front elevation, south elevation, from southeast, picket fence, gazebo.
[Governor’s Mansion]
Front elevation walkway with urns, gazebo, carriage house, grounds, curb, dirt street and no picket fence.
[Governor’s Mansion]
Front elevation, walkway with urns, gothic screen door, grounds.
Governor’s Mansion
Front elevation, grounds, gardens, walkway, very lush landscaping.
Governor’s Mansion
Front elevation, walkway with urns, Gothic screen door is in place, carriage house visible, as well as gazebo and wood fence, grounds shown.
[Governor’s Mansion with snow]
Front and north elevation, grounds, evergreen trees, flag pole, carriage house visible.
[Victor's Italian Village Restaurant]
Exterior of the restaurant. The restaurant, owned by Victor D. Nardecchia, was located at 409 West 23rd Street.
[Hogg Memorial Auditorium]
Looking west at the front and southside of the building.
[Gearing Hall, Painter Hall and Lily Pond]
Looking northeast from the lily pond behind the Tower on the University of Texas campus. Gearing Hall, known then as the Home Economics building, on the left and the Painter Hall, then the Physics building, on the right, are in view.
[Seton Infirmary]
Front of building with cars in the driveway.
[Falstaff Beer Trucks]
Beer trucks belonging to the Lightsey Carroll Company Distributors stand at the ready to deliver beer to thirsty Austinites. Featuring the Capitol in the background lends an air of legality to beer distribution, particularly considering that Prohibition had ended just five months before.
[Seton Infirmary doctors]
Group portrait of men on steps of building. Back reads: "1923 Seton Infirmary. Top row: 1. Richardson, Dalton, 2. Watt, William Elliot, -1961, 3. Hilgartner, Henry Louis, 1868-1937, 4. Granberry, Howard B., 1870-1942, 5. Kreisle, Matthew Ferninand, 1886-1964, 6. Gilbert, Joseph M., 1873-1951. Second Row: 7. Gibson, James W., 8. Kirk, Louis Harry, 1877-1938, 9. Black, 10. Hill, Homer Barksdale, 11. Weller, Cyrus Burford, 1881-1935, 12. Gilbert, G. Horace, 1879-1945, 13. Gregg, Frank (?), Third row: 14, Loving, James M., 1879-1948, 15. Hudson, Samuel Edward, 1860-1943, 16. Mathews, Claud, 17. Thomas, John, 18. Stroberg, 19. Beverly, Albert Fitzhugh, 1884-1943, 20. Scott, Zachary Thomson, 1880-1964. Fourth Row: 21., 22. Wooten, Goodall Harrison, 23. Key, Samuel N. Sr., -1956, 24. Wooten, Joe Sil, 1871-1949, 25. Harper, W. A., 26. Wickline, Robert M., 27. Boerner, Morris Hirshfield, 1885-1932, 28. Herd, Alan"
[Victor's Italian Village Restaurant]
Portrait of the staff of the restaurant behind the bar. The restaurant, owned by Victor D. Nardecchia, was located at 409 West 23rd Street.
[Flood waters on Shoal Creek]
Looking south from the bend in Shoal Creek at the corner of Nueces and West 4th Street. The railroad bridge at West 3rd is in view. The back of Quality Mills can be seen slightly obscured by trees.
[Camp Mabry Auto Repair Shop]
Men with machine parts in a workshop.
[Battle Hall]
Looking southwest at the front and side entrance to Battle Hall on the University of Texas campus. The street in front of the building no longer exists.
[Cows pulling plow]
Two dairy cows pulling a plow followed by a man.
[Austin Country Club]
The exterior of the Austin Country Club with cars out front.
[Dedication of the Municipal Airport]
People on a stage listening to a man speaking into a microphone.
[Congress Avenue at 7th Street]
Looking south down the east side of Congress Avenue and 7th Street.
[Governor’s Mansion]
Exterior of the Governor's Mansion, as seen from main entrance off of Colorado Street.
"The Tower" University of Texas
Looking north at the Tower from 19th Street
Servicemen celebrating in the streets
Crowd gathered around two servicemen dancing in the street.
[Longhorn Waffle Shop]
Exterior facade of the Longhorn Waffle shop at 609 Congress Avenue.
[Pavillion at Hyde Park]
A crowd watching four men in the lake behind the pavillion.
Austin Cotton Gin
Austin Cotton Gin was owned by W. T. Caswell and was located on the west side of Chicon St. Horse-drawn wagons with bales of cotton. Workers pose for photograph. Hand-crank loading cranes on platform.
Armistice Parade up Congress to Capitol
People lining Congress Avenue watching a parade of military personnel pass on their way toward the Capitol.
Alexander Jackson Hamilton Funeral
View of Capitol looking north. People crowded on the steps and to the east of the building.
Texas School for the Deaf
Stereoscopic photograph of school building surrounded by trees. Man standing off to the left.
Texas State Capitol
View of Capitol looking north. Man in horse-drawn cart hauling hay. Back of photograph reads, "Picture of the Capitol made before Congress Avenue was paved. This was before the street car line was extended up East 11th St."
Log Cabin on the Pedernales
Dog-run style log cabin. Back of photo claims this cabin was near the Pedernales River.