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Texas land titles : an essay (preliminary to the Texas review)
An essay about Texas land titles and how to correct errors.
The Capitol of our great state, Austin, Texas
A book about Austin, Texas.
Reminiscences of an ex-Confederate soldier : or, Forty years on crutches
A narrative of a soldier's experiences in the Civil War. T.H. Bowman was a soldier in Company A, William Wirt Adams's regiment of Mississippi Cavalry. He fought in Kentucky and Tennessee, and later settled in Texas.
Catalogue of The Kelley School, 1910-1911
The catalog for The Kelley School includes information about the institution, calendars, course offerings, a register of students, and photographs.
Morrison & Fourmy's General Directory of the City of Austin, 1900-1901.
General directory for Austin, Texas includes address listings for businesses and individuals as well as advertisements from local businesses. According to the title page, the directory contains "the Present State, County and City Governments, and a Complete List of all Postoffices and Money Order Offices in Texas; Also an Index of Societies, Associations, Churches, Corporations, Educational Institutes; Full Name and Address of all Residents, Their Occupations or Pursuits, and a Complete Classified Business Directory, also a Valuable Street and Avenue Guide." Table of Contents is on page 3 and Index to Advertisements is on page 4.
La Prelle Place, Austin, Texas
This booklet describes La Prelle Place, which is "Austin's Restricted Residence District" with descriptions of the amenities and accompanying photographs.
Souvenir of Austin, Texas, 1911
This book includes written information about the history, and schools in Austin, Texas as well as an overview of statistics for Texas and a description of the Austin Business League. Primarily, the book has photographs of different views and buildings around the city.
Morrison & Fourmy's General Directory of the City of Austin, 1893-94
General directory for Austin, Texas includes address listings for businesses and individuals as well as advertisements from local businesses. According to the title page, the directory contains "the present state, county and city governments, and a complete list of all county officials, post offices and money order offices in Texas; also an index of societies, associations, churches, corporations, educational institutes, the full name and address of all residents, their occupations or pursuits, and a Complete Classified Business Directory, also A Valuable Steet and Avenue Guide." The Table of Contents starts on page 6; the Index to Advertisements is on page 8.
Weather Wisdom of the Texas-Mexican Border
Essay discussing folklore about predicting weather, gathered from the areas around the Texas-Mexican border.
Our religion : a discourse to the First Unitarian Society, Austin, Texas
Sermon to the First Unitarian Society in Austin from Edwin M. Wheelock, dated Oct. 8, 1899.
War and reconstruction times in Texas : 1861-1865
Book discussing Civil War and Reconstruction in Texas.
Songs of the Y.M.B.L., Austin, Texas
Songbook for the Young Men's Business League of Austin. Includes lyrics for America; 'Tucky Home; 'Round Her Neck She Wears a Yeller Ribbon; Peggy O'Neill; Pack up Your Troubles; and others.
The windows of old St. David's
Booklet describing the stained glass windows of St. David's Episcopal Church in Austin.
By-laws and house rules of the Country Club, Austin, Texas.
Bylaws of the Country Club of Austin, Texas in 1911.
Constitution and by-laws of the Daughters of the Republic of Texas
Constitution and by-laws of the Daughters of the Republic of Texas.
Charter, by-laws and prospectus of the Austin Trust Co. ... : chartered May 3, 1873
The charter and bylaws of the Austin Trust Company.
The great dam and water and light system at Austin, Texas
Update from the mayor of Austin about current constructions projects on the water system, dam and electrical utilities.
The fiftieth anniversary of the organization of the First Presbyterian Church, Austin, Texas, May 26 and 27th, 1900
A book celebrating the 50th anniversary of the First Presbyterian Church of Austin.
Miss Flora McFlimsy
Poetry published by Mrs. E.C. Kent, inspired by her memories of the series on "Miss Flora McFlimsy" published in Harper's Monthly.
The Elm Grove Dairy farm
Pamphlet printed by the owner of the dairy when he was trying to sell it. Notes the improvements on the dairy, price per various acreage, buildings, and terms of sale.
Account of the Removal of the Remains of Stephen F. Austin from Peach Point Cemetery in Brazoria County, Texas to State Cemetery, Austin, Texas, October 18 to 20, 1910
This book describes the ceremonies and processes involved in moving Austin's remains and includes the relevant formal decisions by the Texas State Legislature.
Difficulties of a Mexican revenue officer in Texas
This book discusses the action by the Mexican government to send a revenue officer and small contingent of soldiers into Texas during 1835 to collect taxes from the citizens and the resistance they faced. Includes some letters and notes from the author about later excerpts from newspapers.
Journal of the Reconstruction Convention, Which Met at Austin, Texas, June 1, A. D. 1868.
Minutes of the Reconstruction Convention including text of Resolutions and Declarations made during the session. The Reoport of the Attorney-General of Texas and other documents are included in the Appendix, starting on page 947. Index begins on page 995.
In the Bosom of the Comanches: A Thrilling Tale of Savage Indian Life, Massacre and Captivity Truthfully Told by a Surviving Captive
Theodore 'Dot' Babb describes his experiences when he and several others were taken captive in the 1865 by Comanches near present-day Decatur, Texas and what happened after he was released.
List of Fugitives From Justice: 1891.-- Part VII
A list of criminals, divided by county, which gives the name, crime, and description of each fugitive. Name index begins on page 27.
Hollow Reinforced-Concrete Structure Replaces Dam at Austin, Texas, Which Failed Fifteen Years Ago
This article gives historical background of the first dam at Austin, Texas and its failure followed by a discussion of the changes that were made when building the new dam, including plans.
Report on the Dam and Water Power Development at Austin, Texas
Report about the reconstruction of the Austin Dam including appendices of statistics, graphs, and a bibliography, as well as the letter of transmittal and relevant city resolution.
Life and Adventures of Ben Thompson the Famous Texan.
This book is a biography of Ben Thompson, "Including a detailed and authentic statement of his birth, history and adventures by one who has known him since a child" (from the title page). The original of this item includes an insert from The Steck Company giving a brief overview of the history of the book (number of copies published, prices, etc.).
Almanac, 1856.
The almanac includes general information about medicine, statistics, recipes, folk remedies, and meteorology for 1856.
Revised Ordinances of the City of Austin.
This book contains the text of Austin City ordinances which were revised and adopted in 1908. Subject index begins on page 351.
The Austin Silk Plantation and Manufacturing Company
This pamphlet describes the processes of silk production and compares it to raising cotton.
Proceedings of Investigation Committee, House of Representatives Thirty-Fifth Legislature: Charges Against Governor James E. Ferguson Together with Findings of Committee and Action of House with Prefatory Statement and Index to Proceedings
This publication documents the investigation of Governor Ferguson conducted by the Investigation Committee including transcripts of interviews, relevant documents, and the findings of the Committee. Index starts on page 531.
Journal of the Fifty-Second Annual Council of the Protestant Episcopal Church in the Diocese of Texas, Held in All Saints' Chapel, Austin, May 8th, 9th and 10th, 1901
This publication includes the reports made by the members of the council, lists of clergy in the diocese, and the minutes of the council meetings.
Prospectus of the Colorado Lake Chautauqua Association at Austin, Texas, For the Season of 1893
This prospectus outlines the ideals and intentions of the Colorado Lake Chautauqua Association to educate the people of the city and provide better public services.
Report of Construction of the Temporary State Capitol, at Austin, Texas.
This report is a compilation of the legislation and correspondence related to the building of the temporary state capitol in 1882.
The Daily News-Tribune, Industrial Review Edition: Austin, Capital City of Texas.
This edition gives an overview of the city of Austin including major buildings, businesses, and people as well as general information about the the layout and statistics of the city.
The Texas Fine Arts Association and Elisabet Ney Museum
This pamphlet gives an overview of the museum with a brief biography of Elisabet Ney and legal documents of the Texas Fine Arts Association.
History of Hill City lodge no. 456, A.F. & A.M.: from its constitution on June 19, 1876 to St. John's Day, June 24, 1919
A history of the Hill City Lodge in Austin from its constitution on June 19, 1876 to St. John's Day, June 24, 1919.
Souvenir of Austin, Texas
A series of views by photographer S.B. Hill.
Primary charge to the Clergy of the Protestant Episcopal Church in the Diocese of Texas : delivered in Christ Church, Houston, on Saturday, May 9th, 1863
Primary charge to the Clergy of the Protestant Episcopal Church in the Diocese of Texas : delivered in Christ Church, Houston, on Saturday, May 9th, 1863 by Bishop of the Diocese, Alexander Gregg.
Something of interest concerning Austin, the great capital of Texas
Pamphlet relating the benefits of Austin.
Footprints of Texas history
A book about Texas history.
Specifications: road and bridge construction
A book covering the details of road and bridge construction in Travis county, Texas.
The Scouting Expeditions of McCulloch's Texas Rangers; or, the Summer and Fall Campaign of the Army of the United States in Mexico--1846; including Skirmishes with the Mexicans, and an accurate detail of the Storming of Monterey; also the Daring Scouts at Buena Vista together with anecdotes, incidents, descriptions of country, and sketches of the lives of the celebrated partisan chiefs, Hays, McCulloch, and Walker.
A narrative recounting the experiences of Texas Rangers in Texas and the actions they were involved in. Includes lists of soldiers killed and wounded.
The Industrial Advantages of Austin, Texas, or Austin Up To Date
This book gives a brief historical overview of Austin, Texas and discusses the impact of the industries on the city, noting the major business enterprises of the time period. Index follows page 91.
History of the First Baptist Church, Austin, Texas
A history of the First Baptist Church of Austin, Texas.
Memories of the lost cause; and Ten years in South America
A biography by J.M. Polk about his life, and years with Hood's Texas Brigade.
Texas souvenir : a collection of poems devoted to the scenery and historical events of Texas
A book of poetry about the people, history and scenery of Texas.
A Texas scrap-book: made up of the history, biography, and miscellany of Texas and its people
A book about Texas history, biography, and miscellany.
Austin's gala season : second annual international rowing regatta to be contested May 15th, 16th, 17th & 18th, at Austin, Texas.
Flyer for the second annual rowing regatta.