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Anderson High School
Phys Ed Class basketball
Anderson High School
students in hallway looking at display case
Anderson High School
Students in class
Anderson High School
Group of girls with sewing projects
Anderson High School
Boys & girls learning Mexican dances
[Anderson High School]
Two high school football players identified as James Moten and Maurice Miller.
Anderson High School [basketball team]
Photograph of the 1956 Anderson High School basketball team. The boys are lined up in one line according to height, facing left. They wear shiny warm-up track suits, which have numbers embroidered on the shoulders. Every other boy holds a basketball under his arm against his left hip. The photo was taken on the basketball court, under one of the baskets.
Anderson High School [building exterior and students]
Photograph of a group of students outside the entrance to Anderson High School. In the mixture of boys and girls, most students are exiting the building after school, while a few stand and talk to each other. One girl sits on the wall and reads from a notebook. The girls all wear long skirts, blouses, white socks and black shoes. The boys wears slacks and shirts, and one wears a jacket.
[Anderson High School Football Team]
Photograph of Anderson High School Football team in gymnasium.
Anderson High School [Students]
Photograph of eight female students and a teacher at Anderson High School. The students are in uniform. They stand posed in front of a chalkboard.
[Anderson High School students]
Photograph of Anderson High School students lined up outside the schoolhouse which is either at Olive and Curve Streets or at Pennsylvania Street (currently Kealing Middle school). This class is composed of mostly female African American students.
Anderson High School [Students In Class]
Photograph of a classroom of coed, African-American students at the old Anderson High School in Austin, Texas. On the left, a student and teacher study a map of the United States with the major rivers emphasized while the rest of the students, who are seated at their desks, look on.
Anderson High School - "three sites"
Anderson High School- "three sites"
school building under construction
Anderson High School- "three sites"
house different angle
Anderson High school - "three sites"
Anderson High School - "three sites"
school buildings
[Anderson Mill]
Ruins of the building on the banks of Cypress Creek.
[Andy Anderson with Maintenance Worker]
Photograph of Andy Anderson, the chief of maintenance at the Bergstrom Air Force Base, with a maintenance worker. The worker kneels next to a large tire, and holds its hubcap in one hand.
Ann Boyett
Young woman seated on a sofa.
Ann Boyett
Five young ladies seated on a sofa.
[Anna Duval Bank's Spring Dance Recital]
Photograph of Anna Duval Bank's Spring Dance Recital with a row of five young girls, including Sharon Ward (second from the front) and Elizabeth Ann Curry (third from the front), wearing drummer costumes and sitting on wooden chairs. They are holding drums decorated with cartoon characters on their laps. Champ Howell, a young boy wearing a similar costume, sits at the end of the row.
Annie Webb Blanton
Three women seated at a table.
Another Glimpse
A note from the editor about the reception of Arthur W. Page's "Little Pictures of O. Henry" series. Includes a letter to the editor written by Robert H. Davis about the author's first impressions of O. Henry. Illustrated by a self-portrait of O. Henry.
Apperson Girl
Two women. One is seated in a chair. The other is standing over her shoulder pointing out a Women's Auxillary Army Corps button on her lapel.
[Applying Scotchlite Striping to police cars]
Photograph of members of the Austin Junior Chamber of Commerce (Jaycees) applying Scotchlight reflective striping tape to the bumpers of police cars. Four Jaycees and two police officers stand around the rear of the vehicle. A roll of striping tape sits on the trunk of the car.
April Olrich - movie star by plane
April Olrich, movie star, standing beside nose of airplane named Graf Spee.
[Arc welder at Weigl Iron Works]
Photograph of a member of the Weigl family using an arc welder on a project. The Weigl Iron Works was founded in 1922 by German immigrant and founder Fortunat Weigl. In 1935 Weigl moved his foundry from its Exposition Boulevard location to 100 Red River location where it remained for several decades. He was joined in business by his sons Lee and Herbert who continued to operate after Fortunat's death in 1973 until their retirement in 1977. In 1978, the location was reopened as Iron Works BBQ in honor of the history at that location.
[Arch construction of the Negro Recreation Building, now Doris Miller Auditorium, in Rosewood Park]
Photograph of the construction of an arch at the Negro Recreation Building, now Doris Miller Auditorium, in Rosewood Park. A man in a fedora sits astride a semi-circular laminated wooden truss, working on joining it at the center. This truss, and two completed trusses in the background are framed against the sky. The trusses are supported by posts, and temporarily joined together with wooden cross braces. The top of a wooden scaffold is visible in the lower right corner of the image.
[Ariel view of Camp Swift including Headquarters, Post Finance Office, U. S. Post Office and north cantonment area]
Photograph of an aerial view of Camp Swift Headquarters, Finance Building, U. S. Post Office and a portion of the north cantonment area. The long wooden buildings are arranged parallel to each other, with the two-story Headquarters building in the center and the one-story Finance and Post Office buildings to each side. A flag pole with flag is visible in the foreground, and the cantonment area buildings are in the background.
Armed Forces Day Parade down Congress Avenue
Anderson High School Band in parade
Armed Forces Day Parade down Congress Avenue
Troops marching down Congress Avenue
Armed Forces Day Parade down Congress Avenue
Groups w/ Corp. Eddie Vidal, ex P.O.W. in wheel chair
Armed Forces Day Parade down Congress Avenue
Troops on Congress Avenue
Armed Forces Day Parade down Congress Avenue
Group w/ serviceman, Corporal Eddie Vidal, ex P.O.W. in wheelchair
Armistice Day Parade
Bands marching up Congress Avenue in the Armistice Day parade.
Armistice parade down Congress
Crowds on both sides of Congress as the American Legion section of the parade passes.
Armistice parade down Congress from Capitol
People lining Congress Avenue watching a parade of military personnel pass on their way from the Capitol.
[Armistice Parade on Congress Avenue]
Looking south down Congress Avenue from 5th Street at military parade on street.
Armistice Parade up Congress
People lining Congress Avenue watching a parade of military personnel pass on their way toward the Capitol.
Armistice Parade up Congress to Capitol
People lining Congress Avenue watching a parade of military personnel pass on their way toward the Capitol.
Armstrong Tractor Company [Displays New Tractors]
Photograph of employees of Armstrong Tractor Company displaying the new Ford tractor and equipment. Signs read "We Welcome the New Ford Tractor to Texas" and "Ford Tractors Flown to Austin by Braniff for State Highway Department, Armstrong Tractor Co." A crowd of men and boys gather to look at the new equipment.
[Army enlisted men and women in civilian dress pose with leis at the Austin USO Club]
Photograph of a group of soldiers standing on a stage with women at the U.S.O. Club. All are wearing leis, and some of the soldiers wear white t-shirts with their uniform pants. Most of the women are wearing colorful cotton dresses or skirts. One couple is holding a U.S.O. flag. Two soldiers and one woman are standing on a ladder leading up to the stage. The people look like they are participants in a Hawaiian-themed party or show.
[Army Plane on Ground]
Army plane grounded in south Austin. Austin, Texas.
Arnold Chote and Buggy
Photograph of two men riding in a buggy. Arnold Chote was Travis County Commissioner, Precinct 1.
Arnold Chote and Buggy
Man sitting in a horse-drawn buggy on a city street. Arnold Chote was the County Commissioner for Precinct 1 according to the Austin City Directory for 1942.
Arnold Toynbee Shaking Hands with Unidentified Man
British historian Arnold Toynbee shakes hands with an unidentified man as an unidentified woman looks on. A plane is in the background.
Arnold Toynbee Shaking Hands with Unidentified Woman
British historian Arnold Toynbee shakes hands with an unidentified woman as an unidentified man looks on. A plane undergoing deboarding is in the background.
[Arrival in Italy]
Photograph of a U.S. Air Force pilot climbing out of his plane upon his arrival at the Aviano Air Base in Italy. Five men are lined up at attention on the tarmac.
Art Anderson
Photograph of six men joking around. Art Anderson, laughing, is being given a hat and a certificate. Anderson served as commander of the local Reserve Seabee Division after World War II. In the 1949 Austin City Directory he is listed as Utility Designer, Lower Colorado River Authority.