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[School Demonstration]
Photograph of a young woman and two young men standing in front of an auditorium at a table giving a demonstration. Other students sit in desks facing them.
[School of Military Aeronautics]
Marching band at the front of a formation of students.
Schools and Schools
Short story about courtship.
Scofield Ranch Sign
Sign advertising Scofield's Ranch - "Tops in Texas Type Shorthorn Cattle". 2 men and 2 cattle standing by sign.
Scottish Granite Cutters
Group photo of men. Back of photograph reads, "Scottish granite cutters imported to cut granite at Granite Mountain."
The Scouting Expeditions of McCulloch's Texas Rangers; or, the Summer and Fall Campaign of the Army of the United States in Mexico--1846; including Skirmishes with the Mexicans, and an accurate detail of the Storming of Monterey; also the Daring Scouts at Buena Vista together with anecdotes, incidents, descriptions of country, and sketches of the lives of the celebrated partisan chiefs, Hays, McCulloch, and Walker.
A narrative recounting the experiences of Texas Rangers in Texas and the actions they were involved in. Includes lists of soldiers killed and wounded.
Se. E. Small seated behind desk
Se. E. Small seated behind desk.
[Seaholm Power Plant]
Photograph of the Seaholm Power Plant at 800 West Cesar Chavez Street. The plant has a water tower, vent stacks, and railroad tracks crossing the foreground of the image. The plant is surrounded by a short, chain-link fence on all sides except where the main gate is open on the right side of the image. The plant was constructed during the 1930s and was eventually demolished in the 1960s.
[Seaholm Power Plant]
Photograph of the Seaholm Power Plant in Austin, TX.
[Seaholm Power Plant]
Photograph of Seaholm Power Plant. A dirt road and power lines are in the foreground and there are buildings in the background with two smoke stacks. One of the smoke stacks reads "Austin The Friendly City".
[Seaholm Power Plant]
Photograph of the Seaholm Power Plant in Austin, TX during the 1920s. Inscribed on the back of the photograph is "From left to right: "New" boiler room, turbine room, "Old" boiler room, which became the shop after equipment was removed and black stack torn down - 1927?". "Austin the Friendly City" is painted down the tall stack.
[Seaholm Power Plant]
Photograph of an aerial view of the Seaholm Power Plant taken from south of the Colorado River (present-day Lady Bird Lake).
[Seaholm Power Plant]
Power plant buildings showing the smokestacks, employee cars and railroad tracks on 3rd Street.
[Seaholm Power Plant]
Power plant building looking south from 3rd Street, with smokestack in view.
Seaholm Power Plant
Looking west at the power plant buildings from the railroad bridge over 3rd St.
Seaholm Power Plant
Looking west at the power plant buildings from the railroad bridge over 3rd St.
Seaholm Power Plant
Photo of the exterior Seaholm Power Plant, surroundings still looking unfinished, two cars parked outside.
[Seaholm Power Plant boiler room construction]
Photograph of ongoing construction of the Seaholm Power Plant boiler room building. Other established plant buildings and the water tower can be seen behind the boiler building on the right. Various debris including wood, metal pipes, and a work shed surround the new building. The Seaholm Power Plant, located at 800 West 1st Street (later renamed Cesar Chavez Street), began construction in the 1930s and was eventually demolished in the 1960s.
[Seaholm Power Plant Intake Facility]
Photograph of the lake side view of the Seaholm Power Plant Intake facility. The Art Deco concrete facility was designed by Burns & McDonnell Engineering Company and was built in two phases in 1950 and 1955 by Odom Construction Company. The facility operated as a power plant until 1989 and was finally decommissioned in 1996 by the city of Austin. The intake facility is located on the shores of Lady Bird Lake and the Ann and Roy Butler Hike and Bike Trail.
[Seaholm Power Plant rear view]
Photograph of the rear view of the Seaholm Power Plant. The river can be seen on the right with the capitol building in the background. The Seaholm Power Plant was constructed in the 1930s and was eventually demolished in the 1960s.
[Seated Man]
Portrait of an unidentified man, seated.
Seats of the Haughty
Short story by O. Henry.
[Senate Chambers]
Image of the Senate Chambers from the back of the room at the State Capitol.
Senate Gallery
Interior view of the Senate Gallery.
Senator Hazelwood
Man standing behind desk w/family in background
Senator Hazelwood
Man seated at desk signing document
Senator Hazelwood
Man and two women standing behind desk
[Senator Henry L. Winfield with Woman]
Photograph of Senator Henry L. Winfield standing with a woman in an office.
Senator Jimmy Phillips
Photograph of man posing with a cigar.
[Senator McGregor]
Photo of Senator McGregor. Austin, Texas.
Senator Ralph Yarborough
Senator Ralph Yarborough sitting in chair by small table with lamp. Magazine in his lap. His eyes are closed.
[Senator Wayne Warren Wagonseller]
Up close portrait of Senator Wayne Warren Wagonseller.
[Senator Weaver Moore]
Photograph of Senator Weaver Moore in the Senate Chamber holding right hand up. Moore served as Senator from Harris County 1939-1947.
Service man
Man working on gas line
Service Man
Group of service men
Service Man
Man working on a stove
[Service Station]
Photograph of the service station for the Bergstrom Air Force Base in Texas. Several cars are getting gas, and others are visible around the station.
Servicemen arriving in Austin
Servicemen departing buses and walking south from Bowen Trailways Motor Coaches at 708 Brazos. Moonlight tower visible at corner of 8th and Brazos.
Servicemen celebrating in the streets
Crowd gathered around two servicemen dancing in the street.
[Servicing Plane]
Photograph of a man on the wing of a plane at Bergstrom Air Force Base.
[Seton Infirmary]
Front of building with cars in the driveway.
[Seton Infirmary doctors]
Group portrait of men on steps of building. Back reads: "1923 Seton Infirmary. Top row: 1. Richardson, Dalton, 2. Watt, William Elliot, -1961, 3. Hilgartner, Henry Louis, 1868-1937, 4. Granberry, Howard B., 1870-1942, 5. Kreisle, Matthew Ferninand, 1886-1964, 6. Gilbert, Joseph M., 1873-1951. Second Row: 7. Gibson, James W., 8. Kirk, Louis Harry, 1877-1938, 9. Black, 10. Hill, Homer Barksdale, 11. Weller, Cyrus Burford, 1881-1935, 12. Gilbert, G. Horace, 1879-1945, 13. Gregg, Frank (?), Third row: 14, Loving, James M., 1879-1948, 15. Hudson, Samuel Edward, 1860-1943, 16. Mathews, Claud, 17. Thomas, John, 18. Stroberg, 19. Beverly, Albert Fitzhugh, 1884-1943, 20. Scott, Zachary Thomson, 1880-1964. Fourth Row: 21., 22. Wooten, Goodall Harrison, 23. Key, Samuel N. Sr., -1956, 24. Wooten, Joe Sil, 1871-1949, 25. Harper, W. A., 26. Wickline, Robert M., 27. Boerner, Morris Hirshfield, 1885-1932, 28. Herd, Alan"
Settlement Home
Group of children at Settlement Home.
Seventh Day Adventists
Entire congregation of the Seventh Day Adventists pose together outside church
Seventh Day Adventists
Child congregation of the Seventh Day Adventists in front of church
Seventh Day Adventists
Group shot of Seventh Day Adventist Choir in front of church.
Sewanee vs. [University of] Texas, 1899
Photograph of Texas vs. Sewanee. Bleachers seat from 150 to 300. Clark Field. Spectators (almost entirely men) crowd the bleachers and the sidelines on both sides of the field. The University of Texas began its football program in 1893 managed by Albert Lefevra, playing two games in the fall and two in the spring. The following year, the team hired its first official head coach, R.D. Wentworth.
[Sewing machine and mail bin in the Travis County Jail]
Photograph of a sewing machine workstation at Travis County Jail. The sewing machine is a Kingston by Brother deluxe zag zag sewing machine and sits on a sewing table base with ruler markings. To the right of the sewing machine is an open wooden box sitting on a folding table. The box is labeled "MAIL IN-OUT" and is stuffed with sewing patterns (including one by Jiffy) and other printed paper materials, including the instructions for pattern number 8211. Cell bars separate the sewing workstation area from an eating and recreation area with a metal picnic style table and bench holding rolls of toilet paper, a percolator, an open bag of sugar and a cup. There is a wall-mounted sink on the far wall.
Shanks-Meyers Furniture Company
Photograph of the exterior of the building of Shanks-Meyers Furniture Company at 1105 Lamar.
Shanks-Meyers Furniture Company
Exterior photograph of Louis Shanks - Frank Meyers Furniture Store which was located at 1105 Lamar.