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[Robert G. Williams Receiving Card]
Photograph of Colonel Robert G. Williams, center, receiving his 200-mission club card from Colonel Herman J. Tillman, Jr., right. Another man stands to the left, and Williams holds his card in front of his chest. There are pictures and maps on the wall behind them.
Robert Lloyd Smith
Robert Lloyd Smith, member of the Texas House of Representatives in 1894 and 1896, stands for a photograph with hat in hand.
[Rodes Truck and Trailer Co.]
Photo of men standing in front of truck made by Rodes Truck and Trailer Co. Austin, Texas.
[Rogers Locomotive Works Locomotive]
Photograph of a steam locomotive built by Rogers Locomotive works about 1875. One of the operators stands on the pilot attached to the engine by the front center coupler. Steam locomotives operated until the mid 20th century, when electric and diesel models took over. Rogers Locomotive and Machine Works, based in Paterson, New Jersey, was a popular 19th century manufacturer of railroad steam locomotives. This model is a 2-4-2 indicating its wheel-arrangement.
Rolling Stones
This work is a collection of short stories, sketches, letters, and poems by O. Henry. The volume was named after the periodical the Rolling Stone, of which O. Henry was editor. It was published posthumously and includes a photograph of O. Henry, taken in 1909 shortly before his death.
[Rolls of paper at the Austin American-Statesman]
Photograph of a machine with large rolls of paper at the Austin American-Statesman newspaper facility.
[Rooftop Terrace of the Stephen F. Austin Hotel]
Group photo of people sitting at long tables.
[Rose Marie Powell]
Photograph of Rose Marie Powell wearing a bathing suit and heels. She is standing in front of a wall in a room.
The Rose of Dixie
Short story about a magazine and its editor.
[Rosedale Baptist Church]
Exterior of Rosedale Baptist Church at 1300 W. 44th St.
[Rosewood park bandstand]
Photograph of the empty Rosewood Park bandstand. The bandstand is surrounded by electric light posts, and a large tree offers shade to the left.
Rosewood Park for Negroes
Photograph of a group of black children watching a youth prepare to dive from the diving board into the public pool at Rosewood Park.
[Rosewood Park pool]
Photograph of the swimming pool at the Rosewood Park for Negroes. The pool was built by J.F. Johnson Construction and is seventy feet wide by seventy five feet long, and runs three feet to seven feet and six inches deep. The photo is of the shallow end of the pool. Two cars are parked in near the pool. A lifeguard sits underneath a rules notice.
[Rosewood Park swimming pool]
Photograph of the empty swimming pool at Rosewood Park for Negroes. The photograph shows the shower in the middle left where swimmers can wash off grass and dirt before entering the pool. The diving board is visible behind the shower indicating this is a photo of the deep end of the pool. A lifeguard sits in the lifeguard chair at the far end of the pool. A swing set is partially visible behind the diving board and a some trees.
[Rosewood playground pageant, August 1960]
Photograph of the Rosewood Playground Pageant at Rosewood Park. In this performance, two actors sit next to each other on folding chairs before a painted cityscape background. The male actor holds his arms apart and looks at the female actress as if he is showing her something. Lights are strung above the actors in the outdoor stage area. Three boys in the foreground watch the play. A woman sits at a piano on the far right.
[ROTC Disembarking]
Photograph of ROTC boys disembarking an aircraft at the Bergstrom Air Force Base.
Rouge et Noire
A short story about the banana trade in Central America based on O. Henry's experiences in Honduras in the late 1890s. This is perhaps the first instance of O. Henry's use of the term "banana republic."
Round Rock Motor Company [exterior]
Photograph of Round Rock Motor Company garage and service station. Two cars are parked halfway in two garages. A number of cars are parked around the lot near signs advertising used cars for sale. Three gas pumps sit at the street side of the station. A sign advertises Sinclair Gasoline and another sign advertises regular gas for 21 cents.
Round the Circle
Short story set in Texas.
[Roy Acuff seated at dining table]
Man seated at dining room table, holding fork and knife. A bread basket, a coffee cup, a plate and a glass of water can be seen on the table in front of him.
[Roy Bedichek standing next to his tomato plants in his garden]
Roy Bedichek standing in his garden. He is standing next to his tomato plants with his hands in his pockets.
[Roy Bedichek standing next to tomato plants with a house in the background]
Roy Bedichek standing in his garden, next to his tomato plants. There is a house behind the garden.
Roy Harrington at legislature desk
Congressman Roy Harrington at desk in Texas Legislature
Rudy "Cisco" Cisneros
Rudy "Cisco" Cisneros wearing a bow tie and a suit. He is sitting in a chair.
Rudy Navarro and Orchestra
Whole Orchestra and Rudy pose together without instruments
Rudy Navarro and Orchestra
Photograph of Rudy Navarro and his Orchestra posing with instruments.
[Ruins of Building After Fire]
Photograph of the ruins of building T-407 after a fire at the Bergstrom Air Force Base.
A Ruler of Men
Short story about two old friends meeting in New York.
[Rural barrack buildings]
Photograph of the exterior of rural, barrack-style buildings, possibly owned by the State Hospital Board. One car is parked at a building in the back, but other buildings appear empty. No other vehicles or people are on the property.
Rus in Urbe
Short story about a press-agent in New York.
O.S. Carpenter
O.S. Carpenter in uniform standing at the steps of the Texas State Capitol building.
Saengerrunde Halle and Scholz Garten
Photograph of Saengerrunde Halle and Scholz Garten beer garden at 1607 San Jacinto.
Saengerrunde Halle and Scholz Garten
Photograph of Saengerrunde Halle amd Scholz Garten beer garden at 1607 San Jacinto.
[Sam Bass Tombstone. Round Rock, Texas]
Man squatting next to tombstone.
Sam Houston's Bed
Sam Houston's bed in the Governor's Mansion.
[Sam Martin and unidentified female]
Sam Martin and unidentified female at Austin High School. Austin, Texas.
Sam's Grocery
Exterior of Sam's Grocery, owner Sam R Wood, 4805 Burnet Rd.
[Samuel Huston College]
Photograph of a building on Samuel Huston College campus.
San Gabriel Flood
View of flooded area with house surrounded by water.
San Gabriel Flood
View debris in flooded area.
[Sanctuary of St. David's Episcopal Church]
Photograph of the interior sanctuary of St. David's Episcopal Church looking towards the altar. There are large windows, a vaulted ceiling, rows of pews, and a view of the altar in the photo.
Sand Art Judging
Group of children watch adults as they judge sand art.
Sandahl pool
two adults, three children in pool
Sandra Dee --movie star in governor's office
Governor Price Daniel standing at his desk in the capitol building with actress Sandra Dee to his left and an unidentified woman to his right.
Sani-Products for Texas [employee and customers]
Photograph of a Sani-Products for Texas employee handing out products to customers in front of the company truck. A man and woman accept a bag of potato chips from the employee. The truck's rear doors are open, and the truck is packed to the roof with boxes of Sani-Products potato chips and corn chips boxes.
Sanitation Truck
Two unidentified men work dump containers into a sanitation department truck.
Santa Claus Leaving by Plane
Santa standing by small airplane as it is being gassed up.
[Santa for Continental Airlines]
Photograph of man dressed as Santa boarding a plane.
[Santa Monica Springs of the Colorado River]
Photograph of people sitting around and wading in Santa Monica Springs of the Colorado River in 1890.
Santa Rita Street
Photograph of a view down Santa Rita Street looking West from Perdenales in East Austin. L.A. Preston Food Store can be seen on the South side of the street.