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  Partner: Bosque County Historical Commission
[School-football 1950-51 #32]
Football team and two coaches
[School-football 1950-51 #33]
Football team and two coaches
[Schultz Funeral #1]
Casket covered with floral sprays
[Seven Children]
Photograph of a group of seven children sitting in the grass in front of a bush.
[Simril-Standefer Wedding #1]
Bride and Groom walking up the aisle.
[Simril- Standefer Wedding #2]
Bride and groom cutting the cake
[Simril-Standefer Wedding #3]
Unidentified church decorated for wedding
[Snow Ball Fight]
Photograph of a group of children in winter clothes having a snowball fight. Trees are visible in the background.
[Snow on a Hill]
Photograph of snow on a tree-covered hill in Texas. There is a building and a corral to the right.
[Snowy Hill]
Photograph of a snowy hill covered in trees and brush in Texas. A barbed wire fence is visible in the foreground.
[Sormrude, P. M. Memorial #1]
A wreath of flowers around a photograph of a soldier
[Sormrude, P. M. Memorial #2]
Church prepared for memorial service
[Standefer, June Children #6]
A small girl and boy, in front of Christmas tree
[Swenson, J. 60th Wedding Anniversary #1]
Man and woman seated, both are wearing flowers
[Swenson, J. 60th Wedding Anniversary #2]
Man and woman seated, both wearing flowers
["Tea party" in the yard]
A group of people have a "tea party" in the yard in front of their home. Some sort of device consisting of a barrel and pump appears to be producing the "tea".
["tea party" in the yard aftermath]
The aftermath of a "tea party" in the yard.
["tea party" skit performers]
Group of men and women posing for picture after exchanging some apparel.
Tennison Livery
In Clifton, shows stone building with high arched doorway with metal canopy over front. Sign says: S J Tennison Livery Feed and Stable. Four men holding four horses at halter in front; one man standing on wagon pulled by two horses. Show telegraph poles in front.
Terry T Terguson and Family
Family group posing in front of house, some young ladies are seated on ground in the front, three people seated in center, in chairs, four men standing in back. Young ladies are wearing white dresses and woman wearing black, all men are dressed in dark suits.
Texas Central Railroad Steam Engine
Near Walnut Springs, a Texas Central "Lone Star" steam engine with fuel car. A group of men and boys standing in front and around back and side of engine. Also shows railroad workers. Engine is No. 104. Photo by M E Hughes, Walnut Springs.
[Texas in Winter]
Photograph of a field with brush and trees on it, covered in snow during the winter in Texas.
[Three children with sheep]
Three children in a field with a herd of sheep
[Three Children with Shetland Pony]
Photograph of two boys standing on either side of a Shetland pony, with a little girl on its back, in front of a building in Texas. Trees are visible in the background.
[Three Girls in Bushes]
Photograph of three young girls standing in a bush behind a brick and stone building.
[Three Kids on Horseback]
Photograph of three kids on the back of a Shetland pony in front of a clapboard building in Texas. The boy in the middle stands on the pony's back, and the other two sit.
[Three Women at a Table]
Photograph of three women, two sitting and one standing, behind a table with a vase on it. There is a cabinet behind them.
[three women posed inside house]
Three women and a girl sitting by a window in a house. They are surrounded by plants, and the women are reading.
Tom M. Pool
Pencil drawing of Tom M Pool, on manilla paper
Trade Day in Hico
Downtown street scene in Hico on a trades day showing many men with horse drawn wagons of cotton bales and other produce.
Trade Day in Meridian
Downtown street scene in Meridian, presumably a trades day, showing many people on foot milling around, many men and women in horse and buggies, several store fronts with top of courthouse showing in background.
[Trinity Lutheran Dinner #1]
Group of men serving a meal
[Trinity Lutheran Dinner #2]
Large group of people, men, women and children, some seated around long table and some standing
[Trinity Lutheran Dinner #3]
Group of people seated at table for meal
[Trinity Lutheran Dinner #4]
Group of people around table for meal
Turner Drug Store
Inside J E Turner Drug Store on Main Street in Meridian. Shows Rexall Fountain, glass display cases. Group of six unidentified women sitting around table in back. Identified from L: 1) Dude Standefer, 2) Mrs. Mariam Turner, 3) J E Turner, 7)Barney Word, unidentified man, 6) Arty Dunlap Jr (barefoot boy), 4) Preston Hornbuckle, and 5) BJB Chiles (sodajerk). From Avirett Collection.
Turner Drug Store
J E Turner Drug Store; 103 N Main, Meridian. Group of seven men posing inside Turner Drugstore located in Meridian. Preston Hornbuckle is first on left and J E Turner is last on right. Group of unidentified men in center of back of store near woodstove. From Avirett Collection.
[turnip field #1]
Five children in a turnip field. It appears to have rained recently or the field is irrigated.
[turnip field #2]
Family of six in an irrigated turnip field.
[two children, baby in wagon]
Two children standing by a wagon containing a baby.
[two children (in knitted caps) on porch]
Two children in knitted caps standing on a porch. The mother is in the background.
[Two Men in a House]
Photograph of two men, possibly construction workers, standing by a barrel and several sawhorses inside a building in Texas.
[Two Men Kneeling in Snow]
Photograph of two men kneeling in a field covered in snow during the winter in Texas. There are trees on either side of them.
[Two Men on a Hill]
Photograph of two men standing on a hill looking at the trees to the right.
[Two unidentified churches]
Two unidentified churches in Bosque County.
[Two Women and Child]
Photograph of two women seated in a wood chairs in a field. The woman on the right holds a baby in her lap, and buildings are visible in the background.
[Two Wooden Buildings]
Photograph of two one-story wooden buildings in Texas. Trees are visible in the background.
[Unidentified church #1]
Unidentified church in Bosque County.
[Unidentified church #2]
Unidentified church in Bosque County.
[Unidentified church #3]
Unidentified church in Bosque County.