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  Partner: Childress County Heritage Museum
[Eubank & Park Drugs]
Photograph of the Eubank & Park Drug store in Childress, Texas. The drug store is sandwiched between two other businesses. There is a large sign in front of the drug store and above the entrance of the drug store.
[Childress City Hall and Fire Station, Early 1900's]
Photograph of the Childress fire station next to City Hall. There are two men standing in the open doorway of the garage. The building is unmarked except for a sign that says "City Secretary, City Tax Collector, Water Department" which is to the right of the men standing in the garage.
[The Best Courts in Childress, Texas]
Photograph of Best Courts in Childress, Texas. The tourist court is located on the corner of an intersection and stands next to residential homes. The tourist court is labeled with several signs.
McFarland Battery & Electric
Photograph of five unidentified men inside McFarland Battery & Electric which was owned by A. V. McFarland, the original director of the Childress County Heritage Museum. The men are standing in a garage area and there is an early-model car behind them. A sign on the wall on the left side of the image says "We are not responsible for loss by fire or theft."
[Furr Home in Kirkland]
Photograph of the Furr residence in Kirkland, Texas. It is a two story house with a front and back porch. A picket fence surrounds the home.
Aerial Photo of High School, Rodeo Arena, Football Stadium
Aerial photo of the high school, rodeo arena, and football stadium.
Ribbon Cutting of the First Childress County Heritage Museum
Janet Norris (Mrs. E. E. Smith) cuts a red ribbon as Mayor Glen Buckley and County Judge Harper Knight hold the ribbon taut for her at the ribbon cutting and opening of the Childress County Heritage Museum in 1976. The ribbon cutting and opening of the CCHM happened in conjunction with the county's bi-centennial celebration. The museum's new home was in a refurbished jail on the courthouse square.
Judge A. J. Fires
Framed portrait of Judge A. J. Fires looking towards the camera in a dark suit with white collared shirt and a polka-dot bow tie. His right hand is sitting on an open book and holding his eye glasses. Fires arrived in Childress in a snow storm on November 10, 1886, and was active in the organization of the county seat. He was elected county judge and later district judge. The flag at the Childress post office was lowered to half staff at the time of his death at age 81.
["Boneheads" Working in the Community]
Photograph of an explorer scout troop, known as the "Bonehead Boys", putting up signs in an open field. The men and boys are standing around a newly put up sign labeled "Childress & Baylor Lakes".
[Childress Green House 1950's]
Photograph of a greenhouse in Childress, Texas. There are several trees and plants surrounding the greenhouse and there is a bench in the foreground.
[Childress High School Boys Football Team 1930]
Photograph of Childress High School Boys Football Team in 1930. The members are posing in three rows, the back two rows are standing and the front row is sitting. Two men in suits are standing on the right hand side of the photograph. The football players are wearing their team sweaters which displays a large "C". They are standing in front of an unidentifiable brick building.
The Childress Index
Photograph of a window display at The Childress Index taken at night. There is a poster on a Samson card table which reads: "Win! A genuine Samson regular $4.00 card table in our canned foods guessing contest. Ask for details!" On either side of the table are stacked IGA products including apricots, cranberry sauce, salad dressing, fruit cocktail, and tomato juice. There are two unidentified men sitting inside of the store in the center of the frame.
["Bonehead" Troop Gathers for Cato's Funeral]
Photograph of the "Bonehead Boys" at the funeral of their deceased scout master, Edwin "KOW" Cato. The men are posing in four rows, the front two are kneeling and the back two rows are standing. There is a bus behind them with their troop name "Bonehead Boys" painted across the roof, right above the windows.
[Former Childress County Agent Chile Smith and 4-H Member Larry Murphy]
Photograph of former Childress County Agent, Chile Smith, and 4-H member, Larry Murphy. The two men are shaking hands as Chile Smith hands a certificate to Larry Murphy. The certificate is facing the camera. They are inside an office and are both wearing cowboy hats.
Aerial View of Fair Park, Looking Southeast
Aerial photograph of Fair Park, looking southeast.
Childress Concert Band, c. 1906
Photograph of the Childress Concert Band seated and standing with their instruments outside of a nondescript building. The band consists of all men; a large bass drum occupies the center of the frame which says "Childress Concert Band."
Bricking of the City Streets
Photograph of the bricking of an unknown street in Childress, Texas, in the early 1920's. A sign for the Central Filling Station is visible on the left side of the street. Early automobiles are parked on either side of the street past the area where bricks are being laid by unidentified workers.
[Childress Lions Club]
Photograph of the members of the Childress Lions Club. All of the members are adult men. They are posing in three rows, the two back rows are standing and the front row is sitting cross legged. There is an unidentifiable building in the background.
[A. L. Mills with Buffaloes in Childress Fair Park 1960's]
Photograph of a man, A. L. Mills, looking at a mother buffalo and her calf through a wire fence. The man is wearing a coat and has his hands in his pockets. Both the buffaloes and the man are faced towards each other. There are leafless tress in the background.
Gene Autry in Childress, Texas
Photograph of a smiling Gene Autry dressed in a button-up shirt, cowboy hat and cowboy boots with a baseball glove on his hand behind his back. We see his left profile. Behind him is a large building with a large screened window on the right side of the frame, a screened door behind Mr. Autry, and three electricity gauge boxes. There is grass and weeds in front of the building.
Old Settlers 1946
Photograph of several young and old gathered in Fair Park for the 58th Old Settlers Reunion on July 18th, 1946. There are several cars parked behind the settlers beneath some trees.
[Cowboys Riding Mules]
Photograph of four cowboys on a ranch. Each cowboy is posing on a mule and are equipped with their rancher gear. The second cowboy from the left is Andy Scott and the last cowboy on the right is Reese Barton.
[Crews Ranch Cowboys, Early 1900's]
Photograph of eight cowboys on horseback. They are completely equipped with their ranching gear and posing in front of a heard of cattle.
[Third Courthouse in Childress, Texas Torn Down 1939]
Photograph of a close-up view of the current courthouse in Childress, Texas. There are trees and electrical lines in the foreground.
[Cowboys of the OX Ranch]
Photograph of a group of cowboys sitting cross legged on the grass during a meal. There are a few pots scattered around and behind the cowboys on the far right and there is a wagon in the background. Some of the cowboys are holding plates and eating utensils in their laps.
[Fort Worth & Denver City Railroad Childress Depot Employees]
Photograph of railroad employees working in an office. All the employees are men and they are completing various tasks, mostly paper work.
The Car-Vu
Photograph of two people sitting in a car and watching a movie at the drive-in theater Car-Vu. The movie is projected on a large screen in front of the vehicle.
[Chow Time for the Shoenail Ranch Cowboys]
Photograph of a group of cowboys on a ranch during lunch time. There are ten adult men and two young boys posing along two wagons with cooking and eating utensils scattered all around them.
[Fort Worth & Denver City Roundhouse Built at Childress Shop Yards in 1910]
Photograph of the Forth Worth & Denver City Railroad roundhouse and shop yards in Childress, Texas. This photograph contains two images. The top image is of the roundhouse and the bottom image is of the shop yard. The roundhouse is made of brick and mortar and is surrounded by several train tracks and wheels. The shop yard is full of buildings, structures, and steam engines labeled "Fort Worth & Denver".
The Palace during WWII
Photograph of two soldiers in uniform standing in front of the Palace Theater in Childress, Texas during World War II. Two jeeps labeled "U. S. Army Recruiting Service" are parked in front of the theater. A sign that reads "What Next Cpl Hargrove" is affixed to the front of the theater.
[The Era of the Steam Engine Would Soon End]
Photograph of seven steam engines lined in a row on a railroad track. The first steam engine is labeled number 402. There are poles in the background and weeds in the foreground.
[Cattle Roundup on Crews Brother Ranch]
Photograph of a heard of cattle running across an open field. There is an automobile and a man standing on the horizon.
[The "Silver Chief" Texas Zephyr]
Photograph of the Texas Zephyr known as the "Silver Chief". The zephyr is traveling along the Fort Wort & Denver- Burlington Route. There is another set of train tracks in front of the moving zephyr and power lines are present in the top right hand corner of the photograph. The name "Silver Chief" is visible on the side of the zephyr.
[And the Shriners! Ready to Roll!]
Photograph of Shriners and a marching band on and in front of a steam engine train. There is a sign on the train labeled "El Mina Temple, Galveston".
[Shoenail Cook, Bill Stone and Family]
Photograph of the family of Bill Stone, the long-time cook at the Shoenail Ranch. The family is sitting in two rows on rocks on the side of a hill. From the left sits Bill stone and his wife Lee Stone. Next to them on the right hand side sits their daughter, Nellie Mae, holding her youngest son, baby William, and her husband, Hugh Hassell. In the front row sits Nellie Mae and Hugh Hassell's children (from left) Emma Stone, Rose Stone, and Floyd Stone.
[First Courthouse in Childress, Texas]
Photograph of side view of a courthouse in Childress, Texas. The courthouse is a wood frame structure in the center of a desolate area. There are a few other buildings and structures scattered in the background. The foreground consists mostly of dirty and grass.
[The Denver Road Band - Childress]
Photograph of the Denver Road Band of Childress, Texas. The marching band is posing in a semi-circle in front of an unidentifiable building with a sidewalk lined with flowers in the foreground.
Saturday morning at The Palace
Photograph of several children standing in line at the Palace Theater on a Saturday morning circa 1950. Posters for "Cariboo Trail" are visible on the front of the theater.
[The First Diesel Engine in Childress, Texas]
Photograph of boxcars being pulled by a diesel engine train. The train tracks are located in a barren area and there is a railroad sign on the far right hand of the photograph.
[Railroad Office Employees on and around a Steam Engine in the Shop Yards]
Photograph of several railroad office employees posing on and around a steam engine. The group is comprised of both men and women. There are two other sets of railroad tracks in the foreground of the photograph, in front of the posing group.
Palace Theater rebuilt 1937
The Palace Theater was opened in 1937 after a previous theater was destroyed by fire. The theater was opened and operated by Mrs. Mable Phipps, widow of F. M. Phipps, and G. R. Layton, son of the late G. S. Layton.
Palace's new &50,000 interior in 1937
Photograph of the Palace Theater's interior. Several rows of seats are visible on the ground level and in the balcony. The interior was rebuilt in 1937 after fire damage.
[The Railroaders Who Make Them Roll]
Photograph of four men and the railroad conductor posing in front of a steam engine. The train is labeled number 67 and is carrying a single car. There are buildings along the side of the train tracks.
[The Train That Brought FDR to Childress, Texas]
Photograph of a steam engine traveling across an open field. There are parked cars waiting along both sides of the train tracks and the drivers are waiting outside their cars. President Franklin D. Roosevelt is a passenger on the train according to the handwriting on the edge of the photograph.
[Third Courthouse in Childress, Texas Completed 1892]
Photograph of the third courthouse built in Childress, Texas. The courthouse is surrounded by leafless trees and community houses.
[Childress Railroad Shops Store Department Employees]
Photograph of several railroad shop store department employees. This group mostly consists of adult men but there are two adolescent boys in the front of this small crowd. The group is posing in front of an unidentifiable brick building.
[Fourth Courthouse in Childress, Texas]
Photograph of the fourth courthouse built in Childress, Texas. This current version of the county courthouse is surrounded by trees and a parking lot filled with parked cars. Large white clouds are scattered throughout the sky.
[Childress Shop Yards Built in 1910]
Photograph of railroad shop yards in Childress, Texas. There are two sets of train tracks, one smaller than the other, with various buildings and structures in the background.
Rufus Layton
Photograph of Rufus Layton, son of G. S. Layton. Co-owner of Phipps and Layton Theaters.
Facade of the Monogram, the oldest P-L theater
Photograph of a movie theater. The marquis and movie poster advertise "Winter Carnival" with Ann Sheridan.
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