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  Partner: Cleveland Historic Society
 Language: English
 Collection: Rescuing Texas History, 2010
Allen & Bazoon Garage
Photograph of a local garage. There is a jeep parked under the drive-through part of the building. A pick up truck and several cars are parked on the side street. Note that the name of the establishment on the window is backwards... installer put it in backwards and was never corrected.
Anderson Hotel
Photograph of the Anderson Hotel which was located on the corner of old highway 59 and San Jacinto Street in Cleveland, Texas. The hotel had a large stairway leading to the upstairs rooms from the luxurious lobby. It also had a resturant within the hotel.
Austin Library (First Public Library)
Photograph of first public library in Cleveland built by Ms. Austin. It was about 1/2 block from the grammar school. Students would walk single file to check out books. Three sides of the Library were shelves of books. The only other item was a small desk and chair where the librarian worked.
Autumn Hills Flag Dedication
Photograph of Autumn Hills flag dedication
Autumn Hills NNursing Home Flag Dedication
Photograph of...
Autumn Hills Nursing Facility
Photograph of Flag dedication by troop of boy scouts/
Autumn Hills Nursing Home
Photograph of flag dedication at Autumn Hills Nursing Home.
Bailey's Cleaners
Photograph of Bailey's Cleaners which was located on the east side of the railroad in the same block as the Farmers State Bank. At the time of this picture it was customary for the clothes to be picked up and delivered to the home. Pictured in front of the cleaners L to R is ?; ?; ?; Ray Skelton; Mary Clements Bailey; Graham Bailey.
Bailey's Cleaners
Photograph of the physical plant of Bailey's cleaners. All cleaning was done on site by long time employees.
Bailey's Cleaners
Photograph of the area where clothes were cleaned and pressed. The people working in the area were long time employees.
Ben Franklin Store
Photograph of the Ben Franklin store in Cleveland, Texas.
Bid McClelland at his Construction Business
Photograph of Bid McClelland in his office at his construction company.
Blue Haven Nursing Home
Photograph of...
Blue Haven Nursing Home
In the 1950's & 60's a converted home was turned into a group home that housed elderly and impaired individuals. Photograph of residents and staff gathered around a donated Christmas tree.
Blue Haven Rest Home
Photograph of nurses and 4 residents of home at Christmas.
Blue Haven Rest Home Christmas
Photograph of Christmas at the Blue Haven Rest Home. Caregivers/staff standing by Christmas Tree.
Bootlegger's Arrest
Photograph of local law enforcement exhibiting the evidence after arresting a bootlegger.
Boy Scout Troop and their Leaders
Photograph of.Boy Scout Troop riding in parade.
Business District of Cleveland, Texas
Photograph of Railroad Ave in downtown Cleveland in the early 1950's. Looking North, The First National Bank can be seen at the end of the block. From the left foreground is Cleveland Dry Goods, Enloe's Grocery, RR Ave Cafe, Jercik's Bakery, City Cleaners, Weeren Bros Dry Goods, and 1st National Bank.
Capco Industry
Photograph of executives and staff of Capco Industries. (from left to right)Glea Ramey..
Cattle Dipping
Photograph of cattle being herded into the squeeze chute. Two cowboys are on the fence to the right, herding the animal. Once in the chute they were treated.
Christmas Parade
Photograph of unknown young ladies on a float in the Christmas parade.
Christmas Parade
Photograph of annual Christmas parade in Cleveland
Christmas Parade entry
Photograph of...
The Church at Fostoria, Texas
Photograph of a chuch that was located in Fostoria, Texas on the grounds of the Foster Lumber Company.
City Council
Photograph of City Council or Cleveland, Texas standing in front of City Hall.
Clesson Welding Shop
Photograph of Clesson Welding Shop.
Cleveland Auto Parts [Pilgreen & Sons]
Photograph of the interior of Pilgreen Auto Parts on the east side of Highway 59 south between the township and hwy 105. The picture is of Mr.George Pilgreen, owner and his oldest son, George Wright Pilgreen. Note the air cooled auto cushion display. This product was due to most cars still not having air conditioners.
Cleveland City Council
Photograph of swearing in ceremony of Joe Ivey for Mayor of Cleveland, Texas.
Cleveland City Hall 1985
Photograph of Cleveland City Hall building, 1985.
Cleveland High School Football
Photograph of Friday night football game. The games were popular in Cleveland, as it was in most East Texas towns of the mid and late 20th century.
The Cleveland Indian Statue
Photograph of a statue of an Indian warrior that stood in the entry of Cleveland High School representing their mascot.
Cleveland Volunteer Fire Department
Photograph of Fire trucks, volunteers in action fighting a fire. A group of on-lookers stand by watching.
Cleveland Volunteer Fire Department
Photograph of three members of the volunteer fire department at a fire. Members would immediately rush to a fire when the siren's were sounded.
Cleveland's Local Radio Station
Photograph of KLVB Radio station opened in 1954.
Cox Machine Shop
Photograph of Cox Machine Shop that was located north of Cleveland just off the Coldspings road. The shop was located by the Cox's home where they raised their children. All the children attended Cleveland schools. L to R is Mr.Cox, Charlie Welborn, ?,?,?.
Dark's Drive Inn
Photograph of Dark's Drive Inn on the west side of highway 59 in Cleveland, Texas. It was the local meeting place for young people in the community and had great hamburgers, etc. There was also an inside dining area.
Dunnam Home
Photograph of the Dunnam Home at Fostoria, Texas. Mr. Dunnam was an executive for Foster Lumber Company,
First Baptist Church Choir
Photograph of First Baptist Church Choir in 1954. Choir members from left to right are: Front row: Mrs. Theo Scott, Mrs. Ernest Cummings, Mrs. Newman Powers, Mrs. Edsel Brown, Mrs Cam Arrendell, unknown Second row: unknown, unknown, Sally Harkins, Aunt Annie Wright, Elma Lee Tanner, Tula Overton Third Row: unknown Choir Director: Max (last name unknown)
First City Mail Delivery
Photograph of...
First Methodist Church
Photograph of of First Methodist Church (1918) located at Hwy 59 and Hanson Street.
First Methodist Church
Photograph of First Methodist Church, erected in 1905. Writing on photograph indicates address E. Church South. A.L. Carnes, P.C.
Flag Dedication at Aut;umn Hills Nursing Home
Photograph of Boy Scout Troop dedicating the flag at Autumn Hills Nursing Home.
Flag Dedication at Autumn Hills Nursing Facility
Photograph of Chief Batiste of the Alabama-Coushatta Indians delivers an address.
Flag Dedication at Autumn Hills Nursing Facility
Photograph of Chief Batiste of the Alabama Coushatta Indians, along with Mayor of Cleveland and administator of the facility.
Flag Dedication @ Autumn Hills Nursing Home
Photograph of local Boy Scout Troop dedicating the flag at Autumn Hills nursing home in Cleveland Texas.
Flag Dedication Ceremony
Photograph of the Flag dedication ceremony at Autumn Hills Nursing Home in Cleveland, Texas. A local scout troop conducted the dedication while officials and citizens observed.
Foster Lumber Company
Photograph of Foster Lumber Company shortly before it closed. Shown in the picture is the railroad tracks ("Dinky") connecting the mill with the Santa Fe Railroad. The commissary, post office and mail office is also in this location.
Foster Lumber Company's New Office
Photograph of a new office built at Fostoria by Foster Lumber Company.
Photograph of Fostoria, West of Cleveland off Hwy 105. Fostoria was a saw mill community for the Foster Lumber Company.