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  Partner: Cleveland Historic Society
 Decade: 1930-1939
 Collection: Rescuing Texas History, 2010
[1932 Liberty County Officials]
Photograph of head shots of the 1932 Liberty County officials, including C. A. Miles, C. E. Smith, Pat C. Lowe, H. D. Grogan, Ernest Pickett, R. E. Biggs, V. E. Simmons, B. B. Lovett Sapp, Thomas B. Coe, W. W. Jett, E. H. McLean, Gerald Partlow, George L. Farmer, K. B. Rice, J. K. Turner, and Tom Minnock. A picture of a building is placed in the middle of the photo.
Thomas A. Boothe, M.D.
Photograph of an early physician in Cleveland.