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  Partner: Cleveland Historic Society
 Collection: Rescuing Texas History, 2010
Thomas A. Boothe, M.D.
Photograph of an early physician in Cleveland.
Southern Pacific Railroad
Photograph of...
Southern Pacific Railroad (looking north from Cleveland's junction)
Photograph of...
U. S. Postal Service
Photograph of postal workers preparing to make the first city postal deliveries in Cleveland.
Magnolia Pump Station
Photograph of employees in front of the Magnolia Pump Station
Allen & Bazoon Garage
Photograph of a local garage. There is a jeep parked under the drive-through part of the building. A pick up truck and several cars are parked on the side street. Note that the name of the establishment on the window is backwards... installer put it in backwards and was never corrected.
First City Mail Delivery
Photograph of...
McMahon Pharmacy
Photograph of...
The Cleveland Indian Statue
Photograph of a statue of an Indian warrior that stood in the entry of Cleveland High School representing their mascot.
Royal Braves Band
Photograph of 11 members of Cleveland High School Royal Braves Band that won First Place at state competition contest in 1967.
Austin Library (First Public Library)
Photograph of first public library in Cleveland built by Ms. Austin. It was about 1/2 block from the grammar school. Students would walk single file to check out books. Three sides of the Library were shelves of books. The only other item was a small desk and chair where the librarian worked.
Hank's Motel
Photograph of the guest rooms at Hank's Motel. The business was located North of Cleveland, Texas on highway 59.
Hank's Motel
Photograph of exterior of Hank's Motel which was located north of Cleveland, Texas on the West of Highway 59.
Flag Dedication Ceremony
Photograph of the Flag dedication ceremony at Autumn Hills Nursing Home in Cleveland, Texas. A local scout troop conducted the dedication while officials and citizens observed.
Hank's Motel Gas Station
Photograph of Hank's Motel which was located North of Cleveland on highway US59. The gas station was part of a complex which included a motel and dining establishment.
Autumn Hills Nursing Home
Photograph of flag dedication at Autumn Hills Nursing Home.
Law enforcement Interagency Work
Photograph of several agencies cooperating in an investigation. Far left is Deputy Perkins of the Liberty County Sheriff's Department, a City of Cleveland Policeman, and possibly another agency i.e. DPS, Ranger, or sheriff's office. The person with their back to the camera is unknown.
Autumn Hills Nursing Facility
Photograph of Flag dedication by troop of boy scouts/
Flag Dedication @ Autumn Hills Nursing Home
Photograph of local Boy Scout Troop dedicating the flag at Autumn Hills nursing home in Cleveland Texas.
Investigation of Coats Jewelry Robbery
Photograph of law enforcement agencies collecting evidence after the Coats Jewelry Store was burgularized.
Investigation of Coats Jewelry
Photograph of a law enforcement officer investigating a burglary as other officers observe and collaborate.
Bailey's Cleaners
Photograph of Bailey's Cleaners which was located on the east side of the railroad in the same block as the Farmers State Bank. At the time of this picture it was customary for the clothes to be picked up and delivered to the home. Pictured in front of the cleaners L to R is ?; ?; ?; Ray Skelton; Mary Clements Bailey; Graham Bailey.
Bailey's Cleaners
Photograph of the physical plant of Bailey's cleaners. All cleaning was done on site by long time employees.
Bailey's Cleaners
Photograph of the area where clothes were cleaned and pressed. The people working in the area were long time employees.
Little Shamrock Restaurant
Photograph of employees and owners of The Little Shamrock Restaurant before the grand opening of the Malarky Room, and addition to the original restaurant.
Investigation of Coats Jewely Burgulary
Photograph of Law enforcement investigating the burglary of the Coats Jewelry. It appears that he is dusting for finger prints on an item found in the store.
Clesson Welding Shop
Photograph of Clesson Welding Shop.
Ben Franklin Store
Photograph of the Ben Franklin store in Cleveland, Texas.
Wild Cat
Photograph of wild cat being treed by hunting dogs
Cleveland's Local Radio Station
Photograph of KLVB Radio station opened in 1954.
KLVB Radio Station
Photograph of Grand opening of the local radio station, KLVB.
KLVB Radio Station
Photograph of the Local radio station on Plum Grove Road SE of Cleveland.
Cattle Dipping
Photograph of cattle being herded into the squeeze chute. Two cowboys are on the fence to the right, herding the animal. Once in the chute they were treated.
Cleveland Volunteer Fire Department
Photograph of Fire trucks, volunteers in action fighting a fire. A group of on-lookers stand by watching.
Cleveland Volunteer Fire Department
Photograph of three members of the volunteer fire department at a fire. Members would immediately rush to a fire when the siren's were sounded.
Morrison Hay Barn
Photograph of unknown performers at the Morrison Hay Barn.
Morrison Family Singers
Photograph of performance of Morrison Family.
Morrison Country Music
Photograph of Singers at the Morrison Hay Barn in Shepherd.
Morrison Hay Barn
Photograph of...
Morrison Family Singing
Photograph of the Morrison family of Shepherd during one of their singing performances.
Morrison Hay Barn
Photograph of performance Morrison Hay Barn
Morrison Hay Barn
Photograph of performers at the Morrison Hay Barn
Morrison Hay Barn
Photograph of a performer at the Morrison Hay Barn
Morrison Hay Barn
Photograph of presentation at a performance at the Morrison Hay Barn.
Hank Williams performing at Bill Daniel's Ranch
Photograph of Bill Daniels and Hank Williams, Jr. in Daniel's collection of Texas memorabilia.
Hank Williams, Jr. at Bill Daniels Ranch
Photograph of Hank Williams, Jr., Bill Daniels and a group of visitors in front of a mock-up Western town on the Daniels' Ranch.
Bootlegger's Arrest
Photograph of local law enforcement exhibiting the evidence after arresting a bootlegger.
Hank Williams, Jr. performing at Bill Daniel's Ranch
Photograph of Bill Daniel, Hank Williams and a group of horseback riders at Daniel's mock frontier town at the time of Hank Williams visit and performance.
Dairy Day Contestents
Photograph of a contestant posing with the cow that he entered in the livestock-judging portion of the Dairy Day celebrations in Cleveland, Texas. The cow is multi-colored and wearing a halter. The young man is standing behind the cow and is wearing a checkered shirt, jeans, and cowboy boots. He is also holding a ribbon against the cow's back. There are trees and other contestants in the background.
Leggett Memorial Hospital Nursing Class of 1964
Photograph of some of the 1964 Nursing Class. Pat Oneal, R.N. conducted the curriculum for LVN's training.