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  Partner: Dallas County Community College District
 Collection: Texas History Collection
[Apparel Construction Class]
Photograph of four students working at tables. Dressforms are around the room. One student appears to have her garment on a dress form and is inspecting her work. It's a sewing class.
[Bill J. Priest with Baseball Award]
Photograph of Bill J. Priest standing with baseball award in dark suit coat and bow tie. There is a miniature baseball as part of the plaque. This photograph is discussed by Dr. Priest on the Sept. 5, 2002 audio tape made during a photo identification session. Transcript is available at the District Service Center Archives.
[Aerial View]
Aerial view of Eastfield College looking North. The buildings are bright white with dark roofs. Many parking lots are visible.
[Aerial View Spring-Winter Snow]
Aerial view of North Lake College in the snow. Many of the parking lots are visible at the top of the photo and the lake is visible in the bottom right hand side.
Photograph of people seated in folding chairs on cleared ground. They are attending the groundbreaking ceremony for Cedar Valley College. There are some people standing in back. One man has a movie camera in his hands. Some of the women are wearing headscarves. Some leafless trees in background and apparently one cedar tree.
[Art discussion]
Photograph of a man in a plaid shirt speaking to a group of students. Standing with the students is Marty Ray, art instructor.
[Aerial during construction]
Aerial photograph of Brookhaven College during construction.
[Aerial From West]
Aerial photograph of Richland College. You can see the water which runs through the middle of the campus. The planetarium is visible as well.
[Angie Runnels]
Photograph of Angie Runnels speaking at Mobil Green Team/Future Builders event. An unidentified woman is to the left and a green sign begins 1996 Mobil Green Team/Future Builders, etc. Angie is wearing a navy blue dress. She appears to be on the porch of a house.
[Animal Surgery]
Photograph of two people performing surgery on an animal. Cedar Valley College offers veterinary classes.
[Aerial Looking West]
Aerial view of Mountain View College under construction. Photograph was taken so that observer is looking from East to West. Some neighborhood homes are visible in the bottom of the photograph.
[Archery Class]
Photograph of students in archery class. The students and instructor are sitting in a tent with bows in hand. Instructor is standing up. Tents were used as temporary classrooms until the final construction on Mountain View could be completed. There is a light bulb in the tent. A pole can be seen, as well as cars in the parking lot.
[Architectural Detail]
Photograph of an architectural detail on a building showing a carved face and scrolls.
[Buses in Background]
Photograph of people gathered for the groundbreaking of Cedar Valley College. There is a large striped tent in the background. Even farther back there are two school buses. Most people in the photo are looking to their left.
[College Students]
Black and white photograph shows four students in class. They are sitting at desks. Three female students. One male student. The classroom door shows in the background.
[Lady Know Your Car Class]
Seven ladies and their instructor looking under hood of car at Eastfield College in Mesquite, Texas. Automotive class.
[Construction with white pickup]
Color slide of Brookhaven College construction site. Unidentified building with scaffolding. A white pickup truck is visible to the right. No landscaping. The building has a angular roofline.
[Brass Choir Tenth Anniversary]
Photograph of the Brass Choir performing at the Tenth Anniversary of Richland College. Conductor: George Massingale. They are performing outdoors in a covered breezeway area.
[Brookhaven from distance with topless windmill]
Photograph of Brookhaven College taken from a distance. Entire college is visible. The windmill base if prominent in the center of the campus. The top is not on the windmill. It appears the campus is nearly completed.
[Campus from the West]
Photograph of the entire campus of Eastfield College. It show lots of sky and lots of the property. The photograph was taken from the West and is dated October, 1971.
[C and D Buildings]
Photograph of two buildings on Cedar Valley College campus. Foreground is C building and background is D building. The lake is visible on the left side of the photograph. Steps and sidewalk are visible.
[Windmill without blades]
Photograph of the windmill at Brookhaven College. There is no top on the windmill. The photograph has buildings on either side and the Brookhaven flag is visible to the right.
[Walnut Hill Entrance Complete]
Photograph of the masonry structure entrance for North Lake College. It is a tall structure with the North Lake logo on the top. The bricks from which it is built are the same as the original campus buildings.
[Unveiling Sculpture Jan LeCroy Speaking]
Photograph of Jan LeCroy speaking at the unveiling of the sculpture: Solar Magnet No. 29 by Raffaele Martini at Eastfield College. Jan LeCroy is at a podium with the Eastfield logo on the front. Two people in foreground are holding umbrellas over their heads.
[Unveiling Sculpture Byron McClenney at Podium]
Photograph showing Byron McClenney at podium. His back is to the camera. There is an American flag beside podium. The man in front row with beard is Raffaele Martini. The first man from right is James Hall. Sculpture is Solar Magnet No. 29 by Raffaele Martini.
[Board of Trustees]
Photograph of Board of Trustees about 1978. Seated from left: Mrs. Eugene McDermott, R.L. Thornton, Jr., Pattie Powell. Standing from left: Robert H. Power, Durwood A. Sutton, Carie Welch, Jim Scoggins. Mrs. McDermott has on a patterned dress and Pattie Powell has on a solid colored dress. There are three flags in photograph. There is a brick wall behind the people.
[Board of Trustees]
Photograph of the Board of Trustees about 1980. Standing from left: Bob Beard, Bart Romiger, J.D. Hall, Don Buchholz.Seated from left: Jerry Gilmore, Pattie Powell, Robert Power. There are three flags in picture and brick wall behind the board members. J.D. Hall has on a plaid suit jacket.
[Trailers and Students]
Photograph of Moutain View College, the trailers which were used for classrooms and office prior to completion of the college, and students. Trailers are in the foreground. They are on the main plaza and the college is visible in the background.
[Thornton Speaking]
Interior photograph of R. L. Thornton, Jr. speaking at Eastfield College dedication. He is standing at a podium with the Eastfield logo on the front of it. Front row from left: Mrs. Margaret McDermott, Bill J. Priest. Byron McClenney is wearing a light suit. Eric Jonsson is scratching head. There are various potted plants in the photograph.
[Thornton Speaking]
Photograph of R. L. Thornton, Jr. speaking at the groundbreaking for Cedar Valley College. In front of him is a model of the college. Dignitaries are on stage behind him and a large striped tent is in background.
[Board of Trustees with Scroggins]
Photograph of the Board of Trustees of the Dallas County Community College District in 1969. Seated from left: Mrs. Eugene McDermott, R.L. Thornton, Jr., Bill Priest. Standing from left: Durwood A. Sutton, Loncy L. Leake, Franklin Spafford, Carie Welch, Jim Scoggins. United States flag is on the left. Texas flag is on the right. Part of the Dallas County Community College symbol is visible behind the people. Dr. Priest is wearing a bow tie.
[Art Design Class]
Photograph of two students working a easels with pencils and drawing pad.
[David England in regalia]
Color photograph of North Lake President David England in regalia. He is speaking at a graduation ceremony. A Texas flag hangs in the background. An unidentified person is seated behind Dr. England.
[Patricia Corbett Chili cookoff]
Black and white photograph of Patricia Corbett holding an award for her chili. She is wearing an apron and a white long sleeved top. Two cooking pots are visible.
[Registration Office]
Black and white photograph of employee and student in the El Centro College Registrar and Admissions area. The employee is behind a counter and has on a white short sleeved blouse and scarf.
[Rene Castilla Striped shirt]
Black and white photograph of Rene Castilla. He is wearing a striped short shirt.
[Richard Bean Assistant Art Department]
Black and white photograph of Richard Bean. Richard was an assistant in the Art Department of Eastfield College. He is wearing a short sleeved shirt, a hat and has his arm resting on his chair. There is a painting beside him.
[Kim Green]
Black and white photograph of Kim Green. She is wearing a long sleeved blouse and vest.
[Glen Bounds and Art Southerland]
Black and white photograph of one of the first days on the campus of North Lake College. From left: Glen Bounds and Art Southerland. Glen Bounds, Vice President of Instruction, on the left. Boxes are on the floor. The men are holding papers in their hands. There is a small desk behind the men.
[Social Sciences Division]
Black and white photograph of two faculty members and one student at Eastfield College registration. Man with glasses is history professor, Tim Hughes, the man without glasses is psychology Professor, Adolf [Streng]. Unidentified student. The professors are seated. The student is standing.
[First Student]
Photographs shows the first students enrolled for Eastfield College and Mountain View College. The Eastfield student is a young lady and the Mountain View student is a young man. They are holding respective college flags in their hands.
[Piano Class]
Black and white photographs shows two women playing piano. A mirror is on the wall of the classroom. There is a coffee cup on top of one of the pianos.
[Lester Calvert Doing 3 Things at 1 Time]
Black and white photograph which has Lester Calvert trimming a bush, trimming the grass and pushing a lawnmover all in the same photo. The photograph has had two images of him working glued to an original base of him doing one job. He was on of the the maintenance men or groundskeepers for Eastfield College. The college is in the background. Lester is wearing a uniform and a cap.
[Financial Aid Secretary]
Photograph of college employee and student in the Financial Aid and Placement office. The employee is seated showing a piece of paper to the student who is standing. They are both female.
[Ruby Herd President]
Black and white photograph of Ruby Herd. She was president of El Centro College from 1976 through 1981. She is wearing a light colored jacket and striped scarf. She has on dark framed eyeglasses.
[Chopping Apples]
Black and white photographs shows person chopping apples. There is a large bowl of chopped apples in the foreground. The person wears a chef's hat. Pots and pans hang above the work area. Cooking class.
[Food Lab]
Black and white photograph of the Food Services Lab at El Centro College. Tables, stoves and stools are included in to photograph. Two people dressed in white appear to be working near a grill.
[El Centro Opening Chairs in Student Lounge]
Photograph of two students sitting in unusual chairs which were part of the main lobby at El Centro College. They are like round ball chairs. Interior photograph of lobby.
[Graduate with cowboy hat]
Black and white photograph of four graduates at commencement ceremonies at North Lake College. In the foreground is a young man with a straw cowboy hat. He also has long sideburns and glasses. His graduation gown is open to reveal his cowboy shirt. The woman behind him has her hand on her chin.
[Dr Don Newport President sitting on floor]
Dr. Don Newport sitting on floor leaning against desk. He is on the telephone. Moving boxes are on the floor. One box says Sunkist Oranges. The other box says California Peppers. Dr. Newport is wearing ankle boots and a white short sleeved shirt.