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  Partner: Dallas County Community College District
 Collection: Texas History Collection
[Neil Johnston First basketball coach]
Black and white photograph shows Neil Johnston playing basketball. He has the ball. Inside a gymnasium and other players are on the court.
[Enrique Chamberlain]
Black and white photograph shows Enrique Chamberlain in dark suit and tie. He has black hair and dimples.
[Long Line Between Buildings]
Black and white photograph of newly completed Eastfield College shows a long line of students waiting to register. No landscaping is complete yet.
[Original Staff]
Black and white photograph of some of the original North Lake College administrative crew. Don Newport has a cola in his hand. Glen Bounds is in back with dark shirt checked shirt.
[Mobil Green Team Group photo]
Color photograph of Mobil Green Team Group From left: Connie Cruse sp?, Wright Lassiter, David England, Tom Macton, Roger Wilson. Partnership with Mobil and North Lake going GREEN. They are standing in front of a banner which says Mobil Green Team.
[Business Division]
Photograph of the North Lake College Business Division employees taken about 1988. There is a clock on the wall showing about 3:05. Five people are sitting. Four on regular height chairs and one man in the center on a higher stool.
[First Floor]
Photograph of the lobby on the first floor of El Centro College. There are plants in the foreground and seating in the background. There are columns and lots of windows. The Sanger Harris department store was remodeled and is now part of El Centro College.
[Diesel Class]
Student working on diesel motor in classroom at North Lake College in Irving, Texas.
[Student Lounge]
Black and white photograph shows the spacious lounge area at Mountain View College. It serves as the "living room" of the campus. The Dallas County Community College District feels much "accidental" learning occurs in such areas designed to intermingle students of various backgrounds.
[Informal Class in Brazos Gallery]
Black and white photograph of class being held in the Brazos Gallery of Richland College. The chairs are very unique. There is a panel of speakers in regular chairs. The students are sitting in the chairs which were part of the Gallery.
[Cafeteria El Paso Hall with swirled carpet]
Photograph which includes a partial view of the Richland cafeteria. Sofas, a student and very colorful carpet in El Paso Hall of Richland College are the main part of the picture.
[Fall Semester]
Black and white photograph shows five students walking in hallway. There are three women and two men in photograph. One male student has on a dark top. One female student has on a white blouse.
Black and white photograph of the planatarium on the campus of Richland College. Originally had a copper top. [Replaced twice?] There is a small treee in front of the planatarium and a campus building to the right.
[Don Newport speaking boots in photo]
Black and white photograph of Don Newport speaking at podium. He is wearing a light colored suit jacket and black tie. There is a pair of cowboy boots on the table in front of the podium.
[Jim Horton in dunking cage]
Photograph of the President of North Lake College in a dunking booth. He is wearing shorts, a tee shirt and cap. He's laughing.