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  Partner: Dallas Firefighters Museum
[Wreck at Colonial and Hatcher]
Photograph of a black and white truck wrecked at a residential block of Colonial and Hatcher, with policemen and three firemen in Engine 24.
[Firemen and Young Boy]
Photograph of five firemen, three standing and two seated, with a young boy sitting in the middle of a bench.
[Eight Firemen]
Photograph of eight men in dark uniforms with silver buttons, four seated in chairs with their hands crossed and four standing behind them.
[Letter of Recommendation for C. R. Raynes]
Letter of recommendation from the American-La France Fire Engine Company, Inc., in regards to Mr. C. R. Raynes, who was an engineer and salesman.
[Firemen of 1909]
Photograph of six men, three seated and three standing behind them, dressed in black in front of a brick building.
[Firemen Banquet]
Photograph of a large group of men seated around a table set with dishes and flowers. These are the firemen of Central Station during 1906 or 1908.
[Hobson and Chief]
Photograph of two men on a horse-drawn carriage. One is known as Hobson, the other is the fire department chief.
[Dallas Firemen and Families]
Photograph of decorated firemen of Dallas with their wives and children on the steps of the courthouse.
[Six Firemen in Front of Door]
Photograph of six firemen in a pyramid formation, wearing dark suits with silver buttons and fireman caps, standing in front of the steps that lead to a door.
[Firemen in Break Room]
Photograph of a large group of firemen gathered around a card table.
[Chief Hendrix at Desk]
Photograph of an older man wearing a black suit sitting at a desk with a pen ready to put to paper.
[Firemen in Parade]
Photograph of crowds gathering on the streets to see a parade float drawn by a team of four horses.
[Firemen on Break]
Photograph of a large group of firemen of Central Fire Station sitting around a card table.
[Good Street Baptist Church at Live Oak and Bryan]
Photograph of a two story brick church engulfed in smoke with firefighters on the street level operating hoses.
[3 Alarm Fire at Second and Grand]
Photograph of six firemen and four civilians wading through the remains of a fire at the corner of Second and Grand street.
[4 Alarm Fire at Ervay and Pacific Fire]
Photograph of a three story building decorated with ladders that lead to charred windows.
[4 Alarm Parking Garage Fire]
Photograph of a three story brick building with ladders and firemen leading hoses inside the windows.
[Good Street Baptist Church]
Photograph of a group of firemen operating or overseeing the operation of a hose on the street level in a residential area.
[Firemen Inside Building]
Photograph of a large group of men wearing helmets, disrobing from their emergency gear.
[Travis School Fire]
Photograph of a two story brick building with flames roaring from the rooftop as firemen scale a ladder.
[Barbecue Diner Fire]
Photograph of a car crashed into a one story barbecue restaurant with Dr. Pepper signs, at the corner of Harwood and Corinth street. Two were killed in the accident.
[1949 Fire]
Photograph of three firemen silhouetted by a large fire.
[Ben Griffin Auto Fire]
Photograph of a two story white brick building at 1601 South Ervay with black smoke engulfing the roof while two firemen operate a hose at the top of a ladder.
[Black Horses Pulling Fire Engine]
Photograph of two large, black horses pulling a water engine out of the firehouse with three men standing to the side and one at the reigns.
[Men Fighting Fire]
Photograph of men wearing thick coats and helmets operating hoses among smoke.
[Remains of 1948 Fire]
Photograph of four firemen operating a hose on the charred remains from the inside of the brick building.
[Wheat Furniture Co. Fire]
Photograph of firefighters running hoses on a busy street with Good Nite Industries, a thrift store, and Keller Plumbing Supplies.
[Wheat Furniture Co.]
Photograph of firemen on a busy street with furniture stores, pawn shops, and department stores.
[Officer's Class Group 17]
Photograph of ten men wearing a light colored shirt and dark pants, standing behind a chalkboard sign which reads "Group #17 Date 9-30-63 Officer's Class." The men's names, from right to left are unknown, Lt. D. L. Reed, T. G. Gray, Joe Copeland, Captain C. N. Hunter, Captain R. O. Chase, Captain F. F. Francis, unknown, unknown, and Captain G. W. Hunt.
[Chief Hendrix Speaking to Reporters]
Photograph of the fire department Chief Hendrix speaking to a male reporter who holds an audio recorder to his mouth, while a female reporter in a coat waits on the other side.
[Officer's Class Group 11]
Photograph of ten men standing behind a chalkboard that reads "Group 11 Date 5-15-63 Officer Class." Their names from left to right are Harry Boyd, Batt Chief R. A. Shinn, Captain F. W. Harolson, Captain W. G. Russell, unknown, Lt. C. R. Bailey, Batt Chief A. J. Davis, Deputy Chief Charlie Haas, Lt. James O. Camp, and unknown.
[Firemen Standing In Front of Red Truck]
Photograph of eleven men in black pants and light blue shirts standing in front of a red fire truck.
[Firemen Standing In Front of Red Truck 2]
Photograph of eleven men in black pants and light blue shirts standing in front of a red fire truck.
[Five Men in Uniform]
Photograph of five men in black uniforms standing near an American flag. Their names from left to right are M. C. Byrom, B. W. Taylor, J. D. Osborn, R. F. Tayler, and unknown.
[Members of #14 Engine]
Photograph of four men standing and two kneeling in front of them near a brick wall. Their names, from left to right, are Bill Haft, Henry, Marable, Morin, Ely, and Markham.
[Retired Firemen In Front of Engine]
Photograph of two rows of four older men dressed in suits and casual ties, standing in front of an old fashioned fire engine.
[Firemen Playing Croquet]
Photograph of five men dressed in white shirts, black ties, and black Fireman hats holding croquet mallets on a croquet course.
[Water Tower Test in Dallas]
Photograph of three men, two wearing suits and one man in the center wearing a Fireman's uniform. From left to right, the men's names are Chief Gerguson from Fort Worth, Anderson Houston from South West English Dallas, and Johnnie Southwell from Beaumont.
[Water Tower Test]
Photograph of four men dressed in suits near a train car.
[Police and Fire Department Band On Steps]
Photograph of five rows of policemen and firemen at the ready to play marching band instruments.
[1909 Firemen]
Photograph of eleven men in Fireman uniforms sitting in two rows in front of the fire house.
[#7 Station Firemen]
Photograph of two rows of men in suits wearing Firemen hats, six standing and four sitting, in front of the fire station.
[Firemen of 1895]
Photograph of seven men wearing fireman uniforms, three sitting and four standing, with two young boys bookending the line of firemen.
[1957 Firemen]
Photograph of five men standing and three kneeling in firemen gear in front of a fire truck.
[Firemen and Truck]
Photograph of seven men standing in front of of a fire truck.
[Portrait of R. W. Ely]
Photograph of a young man wearing a fireman's hat with a suit and tie. His name was R. W. Ely, and he worked with engine #16
[#5 Parry Firemen]
Photograph of two rows of firemen, the front row seated and the second standing, all in black firemen uniforms.
[Firemen on Steps of Courthouse]
Photograph of seven men standing on the courthouse steps wearing dark firemen uniforms.
[#16 Colombia Firemen]
Photograph of one row of men wearing dark colored suits and firemen hats in front of a brick building with three windows.
[200 Block West Jefferson Fire]
Photograph of firemen scaling a burning brick building's roof from an adjoining roof.
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