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  Partner: Dallas Historical Society
 County: Harrison County, TX
[Johnella Patton and Friend]
Photograph of Johnella Patton and an unidentified friend sitting on the grass at Wiley College.
[Johnella Patton and Friends in Snow]
Photograph of Johnella Patton and two unidentified female friends sitting in the snow at Wiley College.
Lillian Coffin
Lillian Coffin (Marshall, TX). Woman and small child posing.
Thirkield Hall, Wiley College
Thirkield Hall was erected in 1918 and named for Bishop Thirkield, a close friend of the College and a former president of Howard University. This building houses instructional classrooms, computer laboratories, faculty offices, offices for the Vice President for Academic Affairs and staff, the Distance Learning Laboratory and the Lilly Teaching Renewal Center.
Wiley College
Two men standing in snow.
Wiley College: three women laying on grass
Wiley College, 1937. Three women laying on grass.
[Young Girl in Dress]
Photograph of a young girl in a white dress, taken in Marshall, Texas.