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  Partner: Dallas Historical Society
 Year: 1925
[Woman Posing in Yard]
Photograph of Johnnie Sholars Sparks McGaughey posing in a yard next to a tree stump.
Mrs. Daisy Stanton
Known by Mrs. Daisy Stanton. Woman posing.
Lula Mason
Mrs. Lula Mason. ????Atty. Roger L. Mason. Ruth Mason Ward. Wife of Dr. Edgar Ward. Woman in glasses posing.
Mrs. Lula Mason and another woman
One of them is Mrs. Lula Mason: Two women standing near a sidewalk.
Minnie Mae Bailey Thomas
Minnie Mae Bailey Thomas at 1925. Woman in dress standing in front of a house.
[Woman on Grass]
Photograph of Mrs. Johnnie Sholars Sparks McGaughy sitting on the grass next to bushes.
Wooden house
Wooden house and yard (in 1925)
[African American Home]
Photograph of a wooden African American home in 1925.