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  Partner: Denton Public Library
 Decade: 1950-1959
 Year: 1959
[Cleve B. Singleton]
Head-and-shoulders portrait of Cleve B. Singleton, a Denton police officer.
[Julia Williams, In Account With The Dallas Morning News]
Receipt for an ad posted in the Dallas Morning News by Julia Williams on Sunday February 15, 1959. Williams advertised three Shetland fillies for sale. The ad is also contained. Rue Simmons documented the charge of $3.30 for the advertisement.
Lyndon Johnson
Lyndon Johnson, in a suit, standing beside a large sign which reads: "Site of the Nation's First Federal Underground Center, Denton, Texas." Opened in February 1964, this center ultimately became known as the "FEMA Region VI Federal Regional Center". It was the first protected underground federal regional emergency operating center built in the nation.