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  Partner: Dallas Municipal Archives
 Decade: 1920-1929
[Cedar Creek Main Sewer Line Entering Trinity River]
Photograph of the, "Cedar Creek main sewer line entering the Trinity River," as notes a handwritten note on reverse.
[Filter Control Table]
Photograph of a filter control table at White Rock Purification Plant. Handwritten note on reverse reads, "Filter control table, White Rock Purif. Plant, 1924."
[Girls' Volleyball Teams]
Photograph of the three top citywide girls' volleyball teams including the champions from Exall Park (front row), the runners-up from Winnetka (middle row), and the third-place team from Trinity Play Park (back row). In the image, the girls are seated in three rows outside a brick building and looking to the right of the photograph. On the back of the photograph, there are notes and identifications, though some of the information has been cut off by a missing section of the photograph.
[Harvey J. Bailey FBI Criminal Record]
FBI Criminal Record for Harvey J. Bailey. It dates from his first arrest in 1920 to his last wanted notice in 1933
The Kessler City Plan For Dallas: A Review of the Plan and Progress on its Accomplishment
This pamphlet contains the reprints of twenty-three articles from The Dallas Morning News regarding the Kessler Plan for the city of Dallas, Texas and the progress that had been made over the fifteen years since its inception. The articles in order are: Article 1--Origin of the Plan; Article 2--Early Efforts at Civic Development; Article 3--Kessler Plan for All of the City; Article 4--The Trinity River Levee Plan; Article 5--Belt Line Railway Proposal; Article 6--Pacific Avenue Track Removal; Article 7--Street Widening and Extension; Article 8--The Supplemental Plan of 1920; Article 9--The Central Avenue Boulevard; Article 10--Lamar Street Trafficway; Article 11--St. Paul Street Improvements; Article 12--The Cadiz-Williams Proposal; Article 13--Downtown Street Extensions; Article 14--Oak Cliff Trafficways; Article 15 -- Beauty to Follow Utility; Article 16--Cooperation in Suburban Development; Article 17--Park and Parkway Plans; Article 18--Large vs. Small Parks; Article 19--Playgrounds Considered; Article 20--Inner and Outer Boulevards; Article 21--The Mill Creek Parkway; Article 22--Outer Parkway and White Rock Plans; Article 23--Financing the Plan.
[Letter from Chief of Police E. M. Flattery to W. F. Rhinow, Superintendent of the St. Paul, Minnesota Bureau of Criminal Investigation - 02/29/1928]
Letter from Chief of Police E. M. Flattery to W. F. Rhinow, Superintendent of the St. Paul, Minnesota Bureau of Investigation providing information on Harvey J. Bailey and his known associate, Scholberg.
[Letter from McCarty Moore to John E. Surratt, December 31, 1925]
Letter from W. McCarty Moore to John E. Surratt at the Kessler Plan Association congratulating the Association on the success of the Kessler Plan. The letter included a check for $50 for a membership subscription.
[Letter from the Kessler Plan Association, January 19, 1926]
Letter from John E. Surratt at the Kessler Plan Association to members of the Advertising League regarding ways that the special committee could help to promote the Kessler Plan Association's city plan for Dallas, Texas. The original letter included copies of maps and literature about the Kessler Plan.
Park and Playground System, Dallas, Texas, 1921-1923 [Annual Report]
Annual Report from the Dallas Park Department for the years 1921 to 1923. The report includes a sketch of the park and playground system.
Prospects Bright for Kessler Program Cary Report Urges Action: Points Out Unity of Support and Cost of Further Delay
Article describing the changes to the city of Dallas, Texas during 1925 under the supervision of the Kessler Plan Association which designed the city plan. The article includes an over view of the plan, expenses, progress, county assistance, legal issues, and opinions. A sub-section includes a breakdown of some specific projects that happened under the plan.
[Seven Views of White Rock Construction]
Seven photographs of construction at White Rock Lake. Each photo is identified by a handwritten caption, including sedimentation, manifold systems, mixing channels, and pipe galleries.
Trinity River Sanitary Survey
This river survey is a report about the the health and sanitation of various portions of the Trinity River in Texas. The report includes accompanying photographs, diagrams, and graphs as well as statistical readings from the monitoring stations along the river. There is a table of contents following the title page and letter of transmittal.