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  Partner: Dallas Municipal Archives
 Collection: Dallas Farmers Market - Henry Forschmidt Collection 1938-1986
[Poultry and Egg Storefronts]
Photograph of the Ablon Poultry & Egg Co. and 4-H Poultry & Egg Co. storefront.
[Ladies of the Show]
Photograph of the ladies of the show at the Dallas Farmer's Market. A banner above the group reads: "The Junior Farmers Show."
[Two Girls Displaying Tomatoes]
Photograph of two girls displaying tomatoes at the Dallas Farmer's Market. The tomatoes are displayed on a table in front of the girls.
[Gorman Bros. Wholesale Fruits & Vegetables Loading Dock]
Photograph of the Gorman Bros. Wholesale Fruits & Vegetables loading dock. A truck is parked on the loading dock. Men are unpacking barrels from the truck and stacking them on the floor of the dock.
[Grocery Market Storefront]
Photograph of the Grocery Market storefront. Fruit and vegetables are arranged on the wall of the storefront. A sign reads: "Pick-em Up 50 cents each."
[Girl Receiving Award at Ceremony]
Photograph of a girl receiving award at a ceremony in the Dallas Farmer's Market.
[Storefront Selling Watermelons and Pecans]
Photograph of a grocery market storefront which is selling watermelons and pecans.
[Goodman Produce Loading Dock]
Photograph of the Goodman Produce loading dock. A truck is parked on the loading dock.
[Conner Produce Company]
Photograph of the storefront for the Conner Produce Company. In the photograph, produce is displayed outside the storefront. Crates are stacked against the storefront. A truck is parked on the street.
[Boy Accepting Award]
Photograph of a boy shaking the hand of a woman as he accepts an award. In the photograph, the boy stands on the left. On the right, women stand as they present the boy a ribbon and cash reward.