Gaines County Libraries

About this Partner

The Gaines County Library System's main branch is located Seminole, Texas, with another branch located in Seagraves, Texas. The Gaines County Library System (GCLS) provides free services to all residents living within the state of Texas. Gaines County Libraries give residents of all ages the means to learn throughout their lives, to meet their reading interests, to find, evaluate and use this information in a variety of formats, to get answers to their questions and better understand their community's heritage. Gaines County Libraries strive to reach out to the entire community to foster the love of reading and lifelong learning. These goals will be guided by long-range plans which will be continuously worked on and updated. Used as blueprints, these plans will be used for providing quality services for the citizens of Gaines County and help in cultivating a sense of community at the libraries.

Contact Information

Name: Jane Bering

704 Hobbs Highway
Seminole, TX 79360

Phone: (432) 758-4007