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[Polaroid of woman and a dog]
Photograph of an unknown woman (believed to be Principal Flavia Wignall) sitting on stool next to a dog. There is a bricked building behind the woman.
[Ernest Linwood Reid Jr. stands in yard.]
Photograph of Ernest L. Reid Jr. Reid is shown in a yard filled with flowers with a large tree.
[Mary Lynn Weir and Mrs. John T. King]
Photograph of principal of the Tilley School, Mary Lynn Weir presents a Life Membership to the Texas PTA to Mrs. John T. King.
[Caution - Bad Bridge]
Photograph of a sign reading, "Caution Bad Bridge 1000ft. Drive Slow" The sign is standing in water from the flood of the Sabine River in 1953.
[Flood, Green Avenue at Front Street]
Photograph of flooding at Green Avenue and Front Street. Men are standing in knee-deep water in an empty lot surrounded by sandbags. Behind them is a Sinclair Filling Station.
[Flooded Roadway}
Photograph of a flooded roadway in Orange, Texas after the flood of 1953.
[Flooding along East Side of the Sabine River]
Photograph of the flooding along the East side of the Sabine River. A camper is submerged in the water. There is a lot of mud outside of the Show Boat landing.
[Railroad Bridge Crossing the Flooded Sabine River]
Photograph of the railroad bridge that crosses the Sabine River between Texas and Louisiana at Orange, Texas. In this photo the river is flooded and runs just under the bridge.
[Railroad Bridge Crossing the Flooded Sabine River]
Photograph of the railroad bridge that crosses the Sabine River between Texas and Louisiana at Orange, Texas. In this photo the river is flooded and runs just under the bridge.
[Sandbags Along the Flooded Sabine River]
Photograph of people walking and sitting on the sandbags along the flooded Sabine River in 1953.
[Sandbags Along the Flooded Sabine River]
Photograph of people sitting on sandbags along the Sabine River after the flood of 1953.
[Utility Pole and Billboard in Deep Water]
Photograph of a utility pole and a Humble Oil billboard in deep water after the flood of the Sabine River in 1953.
[Utility Pole in Deep Water]
Photograph of a utility pole in deep water after the Sabine River flooded in 1953.
[Wooden Building on the River]
Photograph of a building that flooded along the Sabine River in Orange, Texas. It is a long wooden building, most likely a business. Two automobiles are parked in shallow water near a side entrance to the building.
[Crime Scene in Orange, Texas]
Photograph of a crime scene. L - R : Captain L.B. Haydon, Deputy Sheriff Red Bland, Robert Charles Henderson, Alton Williams, and Sheriff Chester Holt. A victim named Mrs. Nick Leon was leaving Weingarten's on Turrett Rd. when she was robbed and stabbed. Henderson was the suspect. He was arrested on September 15, 1952 for the offence.
[Orange Tigers "B" Squad, 1951]
Photograph of the Orange Tigers Football "B" Squad. They are in front of a building with "Orange High School Tigers" written on it.
[Stark Hi Twirlers]
Photograph of seven girls who are members of the "Stark Hi Twirlers" They wear uniforms and boots and carry batons. They are posed as if marching across a field.
[Aerial View of Orange, Texas]
Aerial photograph of Orange, Texas. Many of the buildings in the photograph are now gone. Mrs. Lutcher Stark of Orange bought most of the downtown properties and built a performing arts theater and museum. The buildings that did survive are mostly occupied by Lamar University, Orange extension. The Sabine River is on the lower left.
[Aerial View of Sabine River and Riverside Area in 1950]
Aerial view of the Riverside area of Orange, Texas where the naval housing was located. Berthing piers jut out into the Sabine River. Louisiana is on the far shore.
[Classroom at Tilley School]
Photograph of two students in a classroom at the Tilley School in Orange, Texas. They are pointing to a poster of book covers of American biographies. Looking on are Principal Myrtle Richardson ans teacher Mary Lynn Weir.
[First Presbyterian Church]
Photograph of the First Presbyterian Church in Orange, Texas. This building is also know as the Lutcher Memorial Building because it was was planned, built and underwritten by Mrs. Henry Jacob (Frances Ann) Lutcher as a memorial to the Henry Jacob Lutcher Family. It is an example of classic Greek Revival architecture, completed in 1912. It was one of the earliest air-conditioned buildings in the United States. The church has a large copper dome, large granite Corinthian columns on the front, and exquisite stained-glass windows.
[Frances Ann Lutcher Hospital]
Photograph of the south side of the Frances Ann Lutcher Hospital in 1950. It is a four-story brick building seen from Second Street.
[National Guard Armory]
Photograph of the entrance to the National Guard Armory at Fourteenth and Cypress Streets. It was used as the USO headquarters during World War II. A flag pole stands in the courtyard area.
[Remodeling Job at 503 Front Street]
Photograph of a remodeling job at 503 Front Street in 1950. A man is standing on a desk, lifting a board, while a woman types at a desk next to him. They both wear hardhats. The man wears a nail bag with '"Harding & Lawler Building Materials" written on it.
[Sabine River Authority Offices Drawing]
Photograph of an architectural drawing of the Sabine River Authority Office Building, Canal Division, in Orange, Texas. The drawing is by Dimitri Demopulos. The building was designed by Golemon & Rolfe A.I.A. Architects and Engineers.
[Street scene]
Photograph of street scene in Orange. The view is from 5th Street looking south from Green St.
[Tilley School in Riverside]
Photograph of the Tilley School in Riverside. Later this building became part of Lamar University. There is a swing set in the school yard and some bicycles parked near the side doorway.
[Warehouse under Construction]
Photograph of a warehouse under construction. The concrete floors are still wet and the wooden structure of the building can be seen.
[Christening a Ship at Levingston]
Photograph of a group of people standing at the bow of a ship for a christening at Levingston Shipbuilding in Orange, Texas in June of 1949.
[Billy garrett, 1949]
Photograph of Billy Garrett in front of a service stationin 1949. He is wearing a hat and drinking a soft drink from the Coca-Cola machine behind him.
[Gulf States Utilities Automotive Fleet]
Aerial view of the Gulf States Utilities Automotive Fleet. Automobiles and trucks are parked outside garages behind a warehouse.
[Gulf States Utilities Crew in 1949]
Employees at Gulf States Utilities in 1949.L-R: Jefferson, Perry, Howard, Lester, Pinder, Dailey, Hodges, Barber, Stahl, Woodard, Wilkinson, Harrison, Armstrong, Meeks, Steele, Gossett, Nicks, Murray, Rougeau, Thomas, Schultz, Bridges, Mitchell, Bland, Nantz, LeRoux, Cheschul, Osburn, Smith, Nick, Bolton, and Brown.
[Aerial View of a City]
Aerial photograph of a town with trees, roads, and houses.
[Aerial View of Stark Property at Hwy. 105 and 87]
Aerial photograph of the Stark property at Highway 105 and 87. Houses and barns are seen on the right.
[Aerial View of the Yacht Basin in Orange, Texas]
Aerial photograph of the Yacht Basin in Orange, Texas. Boathouses are along the shore and wooded areas are across the water.
[Aerial View of Orange, Texas]
Aerial photograph of Orange Texas along the Sabine River. In the foreground is the railroad tracks and storage buildings, a ship is seen to the left. In the background is the Port of Orange. The building in the foreground is an older Port of Orange. Those buildings have been replaced with a newer Port of Orange. Levingston Shipyard would eventually build on the island in center left. Above the island is the town Orange, and in the background to the discerning eye is Consolidated Steel, or American Bridge division of US Steel and today Signal International.
[Aerial View of Pinehurst Ranch]
Aerial photograph of the Pinehurst Ranch in Orange, Texas. A long driveway leads up to the ranch. Many trees and buildings are in the photo.
[Booklet Depicting Winter Storm]
Twelve-page booklet with photographs taken during a winter snow storm in Orange, Texas.
[Curtis School in 1948]
Photograph of the exterior of the Curtis School, a three-story brick building at Division and College Streets in Orange, Texas. Later it became part of the Heritage Center.
[Orange High School]
Photograph of Orange High School, seen from the corner of Fifteenth Street and Green Avenue in 1948. It is a three-story brick building. Large palm trees stand near the intersection and a traffic light hangs in the foreground.
[Orange High School]
Photograph of Orange High School in 1948. Large palm trees stand in front of the school located on Green Avenue.
[Stark High School]
Photograph of Stark Senior High School from Thirteenth Street in 1948. It is a two-story brick building. There are automobiles parked on the street next to it.
[Stark High School in 1948]
Photograph of the side of Stark High School in 1948. Automobiles are parked on the street.
[Stark High School in 1948]
Photograph of the front entry of Stark High School in 1948.
[Stark High School in 1948]
Photograph of Stark High School in 1948. The view is from the front and a fire escape with a slide can be seen on the building.
[Tiger Stadium in 1948]
Photograph of the field at Tiger Stadium at Stark High School in 1948. It was located at Fifteenth Street and Green Avenue. Photo is taken from the bleachers on one side of the football field.
Fleet Berthing Facilities, Orange, Texas
Photograph of a fleet berthing facility near Orange, Texas. There is a large pier with several large boats on top and behind it. In the center of the peer is a large tower with cables. In the background is a tree-covered hill and in the foreground is a stretch of water. Typed across the bottom right hand corner is, "Brown and Root Inc. Contract NOy 13243, Fleet Berthing Facilities, Orange/Texas, View of Pier 1 From Pier 2, 8/2/46, NO 64".
[Fleet Berthing Facilities]
Photograph of Fleet Berthing Facilities looking N.E. from Coopers Gulley. There are multiple buildings with cars parked in front of them. Two men and a camera appear on the bottom left of the photograph. Front of Photograph: "Brown & Root Inc. Contract No. 13234. Fleet Berthing Facilities. Orange/Texas. Looking N.E. from Coopers Gulley. 2/8/46 No.4."
[1946 Softball Championship Trophy]
Photograph of two men holding the Dr. Pepper 1946 Championship Softball Team trophy. A list of team members is held by the man on the left. It reads, "Robert Steele, Herman Nies, Jr.,Wallace Pachar, Ezra Gordon, "Tubby" Johnson, Roy Mazzagate, Michael Blanda, J.P. Hilliard, Lawrence Parkhurst, Michael Romano, Bruce McCleland, J.S. Rougeau, Burton Simar, Woodell Grubbs, Girard Stansbury, Junious Barber, Johnie Archer - Bat Boy."
[Deck of the USS Missouri on the day of Japan's surrender]
Photograph relating to the signing of the Japanese Instrument of Surrender on the deck of the USS Missouri in Tokyo Bay. Army and Navy officials watch on as dignitaries leave the deck.